About Us: Craig Beck Bestselling Author, Speaker And Coach

Craig Beck is a bestselling personal development author, success coach and motivational speaker from the United Kingdom. Formally a well known, Sony award-winning commercial radio broadcaster, since 2012 he has been coaching people to make dramatic improvements to their lives by changing their internal programming and unlocking their full potential.

Craig is highly respected as a Quit Drinking Coach and Mentor through his Amazon bestselling book 'Alcohol Lied to Me', his online course (www.StopDrinkingExpert.com) and his international Quit Drinking Bootcamp's that have helped so many problem drinkers to get back in control of alcohol in one amazing day.

Unleashed is the 'full potential' training program that Craig claims is the most powerful and effective solution he has ever created. Designed from the ground up using his skills as a master coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. Unleashed helps people learn to love themselves more and start living life like they mean it!

Both the online course and the Unleashed: Live events are highly effective programs that show people how to start turning their life goals and dreams from long-term daydreams into real, physical experiences and events. If you have ever had the deep sense that you have not yet found your true purpose and passion in life, Unleashed is the most powerful step you can take toward finding and living it.

Craig Beck is available for speaking engagements, seminars and TV and Radio appearances internationally. He is available to speak on personal development, self-improvement, goal setting, alcohol addiction, and many other self-help topics. For more information please email [email protected]

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