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About Craig Beck

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Craig Beck is a broadcaster, author and success coach with over 25 years experience working for radio and television stations across Europe.

Craig has always been fascinated with what makes Unstoppable people tick. Trying to understand and replicate what goes on in the minds of genuinely successful men and women has been his lifelong passion.

A qualified hypnotherapist and master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming he has launched numerous life-changing personal success coaching programmes. 'Unstoppable University' is the latest taking the internet by storm.

As well as having written many spiritual & life mastery books, Craig is also known as ‘The Stop Drinking Expert‘ and has helped tens of thousands of people around the world to escape the pain and misery of alcohol addiction via his books 'Alcohol Lied to Me' & "Escaping The Evil Clown.'

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Let's be honest... men are not supposed to admit that they are scared of anything. Especially not women, society demands that men act like prowling wolves!

Lesson one... forget that! Virtually all guys wish they were more confident around women. However, 95% of men will never do anything about it. Many of them will end up in poor quality relationships and all because they are too afraid to admit they need some coaching.

I promise, absolutely no cheesy lines or stupid gimmicks. Confidence is king and that's what I will teach you, quicker than you could ever imagine... more >>>

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