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Welcome to Craig Beck's multi-level wealth coaching program and tactical investment club. Information is profit and if you are serious about wanting extreme wealth... join the club!

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A self-made millionaire is ready to show you, step by step, the unusual way he went from flat broke to filthy rich, and how you can easily replicate it!


It's got nothing to do with working harder, longer, or any silly gimmicks. This is a complete coaching program designed to give you the tools to find your purpose, live with passion and attract extreme wealth!

It's Not All About The Money, Money, Money!

There is no point being rich and miserable. That's why the #1 self-improvement coaching program by Craig Beck, Total Life Mastery, will help you discover what you want most in life, then give you the proven tools and strategies to achieve it.

  • Overcome self-doubt and grow self-confidence.
  • Find your purpose and true calling.
  • Destroy limiting beliefs and get more out of life.

With this ten-part program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back, and truly take charge of your own psychology. Improve your health, master your finances and deepen your relationships in ways you never thought possible.

Plus Daily:

  • Daily stock market deep dives
  • Crypto ratings and reviews
  • Fear and greed reports
  • Diversified Profit+ investment strategy

Stock Market Analysis

Stock Market Analysis

The Extreme Wealth Club concentrates solely on pinpointing premium, fairly valued companies, functioning at the core of key secular growth patterns, like the expansion of online tech or the growth of the metaverse and virtual reality.

We buy these companies with positioning for the long-term. In truth, we call ourselves investors NOT traders, with our eyes set on what our bank balance will look like in 5 to 10 years; not what it will look like in the coming weeks and months.

Crypto News And Guides

Crypto News And Guides

There are nearly 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence today. The harsh reality is, that over 99% of them will fail.

Blindly FOMO'ing into crypto is no more effective an investment strategy than going to the casino.

Extreme Wealth Club members get the inside track into this exciting and profitable new financial vehicle. What Crypto is worthy of your investment and which to stay well clear of. 

Profit+ Investment Strategy

Not many achieve wealth day trading stocks, crypto, and commodities. The truth is the vast majority will consistently lose money until they give up.

Buy and hold investors believe that "time in the market" is better than "timing the market." We buy securities and hold them. The idea is that long-term returns will always overcome short-term volatility.

Our members also get advice on making their funds work for them to create secure passive income.

Lots of people are dreaming of squeezing more out of life. They want to climb the ladder at work, live without debt, treat their families to the more exceptional things in life. Many want to quit the rat race altogether and set up their own business. But fear and self-doubt get in the way. This course works because I teach how to change your response to fear.

All These Courses Included!


Millionaires and the super rich understand that extreme levels of wealth have nothing to do with life being fair, luck, or even hard work. Becoming financially free is a question of mindset and religiously following a precise system.

Ready to be the next?


This amazingly powerful course will give you the 10 most effective compliance techniques ever discovered, to smash through your targets and rapidly manifest your goals, desires, and dreams. All by harnessing the intelligence, skills, and power of other people. 


Craig will show you how to embrace and then release your inner demons - the lousy programming that has always held you back and prevented you living the life of your dreams. The secrets of this course will show you how to love yourself more and start living life like you mean it.


Unstoppable, by renowned motivational speaker Craig Beck, is a robust road map for success, happiness, and abundance. In this life-changing course, the recipe for living an exceptional life is reverse-engineered so you can follow the step-by-step success process.

Dirty Filthy Money... Really?


I learned how to become rich by creating automatic and recurring revenue streams. Money flowed into my life no matter where I was or what I was doing.

There is perhaps nothing better than getting back from the beach and finding out you made another 10K while you were swimming and catching some sun!

Don't misunderstand; this wasn't an overnight eureka moment. I spent months and years trying and failing. Sometimes I made such huge mistakes that I was at the point of giving up and accepting that I will never learn how to become rich.

Then, I started to understand that money is just an idea. Most filthy rich people didn't get where they are through luck or by being in the right place at the right time.

Wealth has a blueprint:

Wealth has a recipe, just like baking a cake. If you follow the instructions for a chocolate cake, guess what you end up with every time? You don't occasionally get a trifle or a cheesecake; it's the same result every single time.

My millionaire mindset is the same - it's a step-by-step recipe for wealth and abundance.
When I perfected my millionaire method, money began to flow into my life 24 hours a day, even while I was sleeping.

My boss laughed at me when I said I was going to quit and make millions doing what I love. He stopped laughing six months later when I resigned and moved to a sun-drenched island

Debt-free living

One by one, the credit cards got paid off, and debt became a part of my distant past. Free at last, I packed up and left gloomy, rain-soaked England and moved 2000 miles to a sun-drenched Mediterranean island.


These days life is very different:

I never go to 'the office.'
It's been seven years since I was last stuck in a commute.
Every month I travel, staying in luxury hotels around the world.
I have more money than I know what to do with.
Plus I have never worked so little in my whole life.

What's The Catch?

A lot of people ask me 'hey if you are so wealthy, why do you have to sell this program'?

I don't!

I don't do anything because I 'need' to, only ever because I 'want' to. These people still believe that earning money has to involve doing things you don't enjoy.

Doing what you love and becoming rich are linked. Because when you only do things you are passionate about success comes easy.

  • Success buys money.
  • Money buys freedom.
  • Freedom buys happiness.
  • Who else wants to get Total Life Mastery?

I don't teach people how to become wealthy because I need the money. Those days are long gone. I do this because I LOVE it!
I bounce out of bed every morning to teach this life-transforming information. I will never retire because I never do anything that I consider to be 'work'.

This is the dream I am offering a select few with my Total Life Mastery Coaching Program.

WARNING: Over 80% of the people who discover this website will have already pre-decided that this is too good to be true. Don't be one of them. That is pure scarcity thinking and it will keep you out of the elite.

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Decide Now And Get Total Life Mastery:

Get a life full of wealth, abundance and freedom:

Everything that is in your life today is there because of your beliefs. By the age of 18 research reveals that you been told 'no' or,' you can't do it' 147,000 times. 

All of your self-doubts are a misfiring program.

Are you ready to delete them in three simple steps using the law of attraction?

How to take the handbrake off your life:

There has never been a baby born and rushed to ICU with a severe case of low self-confidence! You come into the world as a limitless bundle of pure potential.

Over your childhood, you learn to put the brake on yourself. I show you how to identify these self-limiting beliefs and how to start living life like you mean it!

Learn how to persuade and influence other people

Discover the secrets of a master hypnotist and persuasion professional and gain an advanced and in-depth understanding of why people do what they do?

Don't underestimate how much this knowledge will change your life... you almost become bulletproof from the effects of negative people in your life.

Find your purpose in life... then live it with passion!

So many people spend a lifetime trapped in a routine that doesn't truly fulfill them. They believe that life is just something that happens to them.

This is 100% pure grade garbage. Life is something that happens for you - just as soon as you get started the way you view everything is going to get an upgrade.

Create beautiful and magical relationships?

The quality of your relationships is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you are currently only meeting the 'wrong people' or are in a miserable relationship, we will fix this quickly by changing the way you value yourself.

It has nothing to do with other people - it's entirely in your control, exciting right?

Destroy fear and get what you REALLY want in life

Are ready to learn Craig's famous 'FEAR TECHNOLOGY' system. You are about to become a comfort zone smashing machine with this secret technique.

No matter whether you want to escape the rat race, go pro with your hobby, get the big promotion at work or set up your own business it will all be 100% possible now.

"There has never been a more powerfully effective 'full potential' training program than Total Life Mastery"

Daniela Fisher, San Francisco

Craig has given me the “tools” and “map”.

I knew I was stuck and have given up. I wanted to bring back the old Daniela that was driven and passionate but didn’t know where to start.

Craig has given me the “tools” and “map” I needed to get back on my path and even better, he helped find a new one! Dreams don’t work unless you do!

Thank you

Gary Vantellis, London

This course is the best investment I ever made.

Very practical and realistic. No nonsense. I’ve found it extremely helpful. Craig is very enthusiastic and engaging, would love to go to his live event.

This course is the best investment I ever made, I know the path it leads to and that's got me excited.

James Howard, Nashville

Craig is one of the best in this field.

This is a great course, Craig is one of the best in this field and he explains it in great detail with no BS, just black and white and straight to the point.

This has opened my eyes and inspired me to actually get off my ass and start working on my dream job, something that I have always wanted to do. I am now putting the wheels in motion and it’s all thanks to Craig. 




Complete 4 Course Mega Pack

  • Millionaire Mindset (worth $250)
  • Bulletproof Persuasion (worth $150)
  • Unleashed (worth $250)
  • Unstoppable University (worth $150)

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Complete 6 Course Mega Pack

  • Millionaire Mindset (worth $250)
  • Bulletproof Persuasion (worth $150)
  • Unleashed (worth $250)
  • Unstoppable University (worth $150)
  • Law Of Attraction (worth $250)
  • The Complete Collection (worth $1200)

Only $2150 $297


Why not upgrade to the 'Ultimate Edition'?


Are you serious about making MASSIVE positive change in your life?

Upgrade to the Ultimate edition and get access to bonus courses AND the complete Craig Beck collection... that's right: every book and audiobook in the back catalogue.

PLUS! Every new book and audiobook released in the future!

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