Paris Terror Attacks

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015

Paris TerrorIt’s 5.49am in Darlington, England and I just woke up to find social media plastered with words of solidarity and French flags…

I am so shocked and saddened by what has happened, my heart goes out to the families of the victims.

Many will again ask the question ‘if there is a God, how can he allow this to happen’? The men who killed and destroyed life last night will claim that God is on their side, this they will believe to their very core.

I will say it again… God is not a person, and as such does not think, judge, expect or need anything from us. All those character traits are entirely human; God has only one emotion, which is love. God is love.

To kill in the name of God/Love is so insanely misplaced that it defies belief.

God doesn’t care what you do with your life, there can be no commandments, and there are no rules and no divine punishment. Not because he is not interested in your existence, but because all those statements imply a range of human needs exists within the deity. Why would an all-powerful God require our subservience if he doesn’t have the ego to appreciate it?

Tomorrow or the next day there will be a call for revenge… and the cycle begins again.

All acts of violence are a result of listening to the noisy screaming ego and ignoring the silent wishes of divinity which is only ever one thing… love.

God Bless Paris



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Thoughts Are Things

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015

Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are ThingsPrentice Mulford was one of the leaders of the New Thought movement. Mulford’s book, Thoughts Are Things served as a guide to this new belief system and is still popular today. Thoughts Are Things will help you use the power of your thoughts to improve your life and to bring yourself peace of mind. Learn how to think in a way that will help you succeed and make you happier in every aspect of your life.

Included in this volume:

  • “The Material Mind vs. the Spiritual Mind”
  • “Who Are Our Relations?”
  • “Thought Currents”
  • “One Way to Cultivate Courage”
  • “Look Forward!”
  • “God in the Trees or the Infinite Mind in Nature”
  • “Some Laws of Health and Beauty”
  • “Museum and Menagerie Horrors”
  • “The God in Yourself”
  • “He Healing and Renewing Force of Spring”
  • “Immortality in the Flesh”
  • “The Attraction of Aspiration”
  • “The Accession of New Thought”

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Alcohol Lied to Me

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015

The Intelligent Escape from Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Lied to MeCraig Beck is a well-regarded family man with two children, a nice home, and a successful media career; a director of several companies and at one time the trustee of a large children’s charity. Outwardly, Craig was a highly successful and functioning professional man in spite of a ‘two-bottles-of-wine-a-night” drinking habit.

For 20 years he struggled to control his drinking, all the time refusing to label himself an alcoholic because he didn’t believe he met the stereotypical image that the word portrayed. He tried countless ways to cut down; attempting ‘dry months’, banning himself from drinking spirits, only drinking at the weekend and special occasions (and found that it is amazing how even the smallest of event can suddenly become ‘special’).

All these ‘willpower’ based attempts to stop drinking failed (exactly as they were destined to do). Slowly he discovered the truth about alcohol addiction and one by one all the lies he had previously believed started to fall apart. For the first time he noticed that he genuinely didn’t want to drink anymore. In this book he will lead you though the same amazing process.

Craig is known around the world as “The Stop Drinking Expert” and many thousands of people just like you have quit drinking using his method. This updated edition of the best-selling Alcohol Lied to Me is new for 2014.

No need to declare yourself an alcoholic. A permanent cure, not a lifetime struggle. No group meetings or expensive rehab. No humiliation, no pain, and 100% no ‘will power’ required. Treats the source of the problem not the symptoms.

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