Craig Beck is an internationally best-selling author with numerous life changing books published around the world. He is the creator of one of the most powerful life mastery products of all time - 'Manifesting Magic'. Craig Beck has created a system of total immersion that produces the education, strategies, and momentum for measurable and lasting change. He is also an expert in human behaviour and motivation with books available on Maximum Confidence and How to Stop Drinking.


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Manifesting Magic

Happiness, Peace & Purpose

Total Life Mastery

The Infinity Principle

The Wisdom of The Masters

Spiritual Mastery

Maximum Confidence

Unbreakable Self Confidence

Personal Mastery

The Hypnotic Salesman

Persuasion & Influence

Professional Mastery

Alcohol Lied to Me

Control Your Drinking

Health Mastery

Blood Glucose Diet

Rapid, Healthy Weight Loss

Health Mastery

Fragment of God

Answers to BIG Questions

Spiritual Mastery

The Abundance Matrix

Grow Your Wealth

Wealth Mastery

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"I would recommend Craig's books to anyone in sales. Unlike many other sales & psychology book authors, they gives you to the point techniques which you can instantly implement into your pitch. Craig Beck keeps it interesting with his enthusiasm and sometimes anecdotal approach to each persuasion technique he teaches.
Whether you want the edge professionally or personally you need to listen to Craig - he will change the way you think and communicate with other people
", Chase Taylor, Arizona USA

"OMG! Craig Beck reads flawlessly and knows how to modulate his voice and build the terror to crescendos. The peaks are plural - Beck repeatedly builds the tension to a fever pitch. If I were just reading the book, I would skip over many unpleasant details, and I would have missed how carefully the author chose all his words.", Nicola O'Brien Arkansas USA

"I had one of the utmost awakening experiences ever, after listening to this book. All the questions that has been nagging inside of me for years has been answered! You have to be 'ready' to receive this information. So true is the statement, "when the student is ready the master appears". I listened to it twice the same day i bought it. Craig Beck has a very clear and precise way of enabling you to 'get it'!! I feel totally enlightened.", Casiano, Maywood IL USA

"I have been a big fan of your books for a long time, I love your passion and energy. The Maximum Confidence stuff has literally changed my life.I didn't have huge expectations but really I have made more progress in my career in the last six months that I did in the previous six years - thanks Craig", Anne Bebon, California USA

"Craig Beck changes lives... of that there is no doubt. Whether you are ready for the message is another thing. He challenges a lot of very firmly established stories and makes you rethink a lot of things you thought were true. If you have always had that feeling that something is missing then this is a journey you should most definitely take", Melanie Briers London UK

Ever feel like there is something missing?

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So many people spend an entire lifetime not quite having enough… they get stuck in a job they don’t like, in a relationship that is loving and with not enough money to reach the end of the month – a lifetime spent dreaming of the life they really want.

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Control Your Drinking

The Stop Drinking Expert

Rapid, Healthy Weight Loss

The Blood Glucose Diet

Unbreakable Self Confidence

Maximum Confidence


"Nothing happens until something moves", Albert Einstein

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What do I get with membership?

You get access to the full collection of Craig Beck products. Plus over $250 worth of life changing bonus download and personal support from Craig. The longer you stay a part of the community the more areas of the club open up to you.

Can I try it for a month?

Sure, we offer a one month trial, six month options and also monthly memberships to the VIP coaching club.

How do I access the courses

Just as soon as you get started we will send you a username and password giving you instant access to the download dashboard. All products are yours to download and keep - no matter how long you stay a member. Download them to your PC/MAC and listen or watch any way you want. 

My main goal is to get my drinking under control, which club should I join?

The VIP coaching club will still give you access to some of the control alcohol course but it would be much more effective to join the Stop Drinking Expert. When you have your drinking back under control, simply drop us an email and we can switch your account back to the VIP club.

How do I cancel?

If you join as a monthly member cancelation instructions will be sent with your welcome email. Cancelling is quick, easy and automatic via the ClickBank (https://www.clkbank.com) portal.

Can I access the courses on my ipad or phone?

Yes, all the material is free of encryption and will play on any device capable of playing MP3 and MP4 content. For some programs you may need to download to your PC/MAC and upload to your Ipad via Itunes.