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Creative Writing: From Think to Ink

Posted by on Oct 14, 2016


Creative Writing: From Think to Ink

By Simeon Lindstrom Narrated by Craig Beck

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Creative WritingPlenty of writing advice out there is focused on the nuts and bolts of writing. How to do it, when, how to market it and where, etc.

But this is not that sort of book. If you want to learn to write more compellingly, with more skill and expertise, you can do it, easily. The really tricky bit, though, is understanding why.

Uncover this “why” for yourself and you get in touch with the inexhaustible engine of your creativity, the human core of why we bother to create at all. Get to know this root well and you will not need gimmicky books full of writing prompts to blast away your writer’s block. You will not need “inspiration” or 31 awesome tips and tricks.

When you were a baby, something made you open your mouth and speak. Understand the thing that inspired you to do this, and you’re more than halfway to being the creative, productive, and generative human being you were destined to be. When you were a tiny baby, your head was full of mostly nothing and the world was new and unknown. You barely had the skill to move yourself around the environment, and you most definitely lacked the skill to do what humans are most known for – communication.

At the root of all creative expression is a deep, inborn, and very human desire to be heard and understood.

Ask yourself this simple question: why write at all?

Once you’ve managed to answer this question for yourself, you’ll have found something that will be incredibly valuable to your writing career, wherever it takes you: your purpose.

Tapping into the deep roots of why you are compelled to write at all is a brilliant way to unlock your true motivations and your ultimate reason for that urge to take what’s in your head and put it out there in the world.

Remember, all change and growth begins with the creativity of imagining something different. It’s quite likely that opening the door on your innate creativity will invite all sorts of new skills and insights into your life, not just the verbal ones.

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Submissive Love: A Novel of Sensuality & Discipline

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016

Submissive Love: A Novel of Sensuality & Discipline

By Carolyn Faulkner | Narrated by Craig Beck

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Wealthy, easy on the eyes and overwhelmingly male and dominant, Arik Southgate was everything I’d ever wanted in a man, and, surprisingly, he seemed to want me, too. After my recent disastrous relationship, it felt good to be an object of desire again. He made me feel as if I was the only woman on the planet for him – he paid attention, close attention – to me, and he didn’t hesitate to call me on what he considered to be bad behavior.

I’d never had anyone spank me before, and perhaps I should have started out with someone who wasn’t three times my size. Before I knew it, he proposed marriage, pulling a “yes” out of me in a very sneaky, very sensual manner.

He’s more than a handful in many ways, but then, so am I. As much of an alpha as he always is, I always feel loved and protected, even when my bottom’s on the line.

Disclaimer: Hot and romantic, be advised this sexy love story contains spankings, erotic sexual scenes and a dominant/submissive relationship.

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The Dragonward: The Godsfall Trilogy, Book 1

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016

The Dragonward by Michael Meyerhofer : Narrated by Craig Beck

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The DragonwardThree years after the War of the Lotus, alliances have already begun to unravel. As Rowen Locke struggles to maintain peace, troubling news reaches him from every corner.

Persecution of the Shel’ai has reignited in the south, spurred on by a fanatical priest. To the north, the Isle Knights are withering under the leadership of mad Crovis Ammerhel. Old friends fight each other when not drowning their sorrows in taverns.

A new threat emerges from across the sea, dispatched by the same exiled Dragonkin who have been plotting their revenge for centuries.

Rowen and his companions soon realize that the target is the Dragonward itself: their one and only defense against an evil so vast even Knightswrath could not vanquish it.

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