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What Do Women Find Attractive: This is sort of a no-brainer, but a lot of men don’t make the effort to sit down and think about this. I sure didn’t, but I had the benefit of organically acting this way, so it didn’t really affect me, similarly that it does not affect all of the men out there who are great with women.

It makes sense that no one would really think this through.

When we see a female that we are physically attracted to, the thing that excites us is her physical aesthetics, not her stellar character. Even if she has an outstanding character, you have no way of knowing that if you’ve just met, so what do you do? You tell her how good she looks in that dress, those shoes, whatever.

Just don’t do this. A beautiful woman, unless she is mentally volatile, understands that she is attractive. You don’t need to tell her that right off the bat because she knows. Yes, girls do like you to verify qualities about them that they think you feel are important, and you ought to do that, but never ever with a girl you’ve just met.

Remember, women want to be with a guy they view as greater in the social ladder. Are all those guys who leer over her beauty seen by her as higher or lower on the totem pole?

Before you answer that, I’ll walk you through it. If you just seem so dumbfounded by how beautiful this woman is, even if she is stunning, what does that communicate with her? It demonstrates to her that you do not have an abundance of beautiful women in your life. Possibly that’s true, but you don’t need to publicize it.

What Do Women Find Attractive… The BIG Question

Imagine for a moment that you do hang out with really hot girls all the time. How impressed will you be with aesthetics generally? Not very. Why not? Because you are around it all the time.

Are you impressed when your car starts? Are you impressed when an elevator stops on the correct floor? No way, unless you are driving a real piece of garbage, in which case, by all means, be impressed.

But those things are remarkable in their own right. If you took a time machine to the 1700s and picked up the first guy you saw, I guarantee you he would be completely astonished by the power of the gasoline engine and by the accuracy of the elevator, because he is just not accustomed to seeing those items.

You, however, probably have daily experience with at least one of those, so it’s no big deal.

How Do You Think Of Beauty?

This is how you should think of beauty: as something that is an ordinary component of your life. Incorporating this mindset into your life will drastically improve your relationship with females because stunning women can smell a guy with no game from a mile away.

They know when they are being drooled over, and they don’t think drool is attractive, so don’t do it.

But enough philosophy. Let’s get back to that question I asked before. Does a beautiful woman see the men who ogle over her beauty greater or lesser on the totem pole than she is? If you said “higher”, please go over the prior couple of sentences, because you are completely wrong.

What Do Women Find Attractive? Here is this practical piece of guidance: don’t praise a woman’s physical appearance if she is really beautiful and if you don’t know her well. If you do, she will just toss you into the category of “guys who will do anything because I am hot”, even if you planned on not doing anything for her and even if you are actually a really fantastic individual.

Because to her, those 2 things, ogling over her appearance and bending over backward for her go hand in hand.

You will get thrown instantly into the Discarded pile.

They fit into the category of “routine”. Routine is always negative. Don’t do anything that will toss you into that category, because as soon as you’re in, it’s extremely difficult to climb out. If you must compliment her, praise her individuality, her vitality, whatever. If you compliment an article of clothing, make sure that it is NOT in connection with how it looks on her, but instead what qualities it has that are objectively cool.

Here is an example:

  • BAD: You have very pretty eyes.
  • BAD: You have wonderful eyes. I really like that deep turquoise color.
  • GOOD: I like your eyes. They have a fierceness to them.
  • GOOD: I like your smile. It’s really warm and inviting.
  • GOOD: Man that’s an intense dress! It makes me want to get up and dance!

Do you see the distinction between complimenting a physical attribute and praising physical appearance?

And be honest! Find anything about a girl that you actually find cool or interesting. Like I said before, girls love it when you are “real”, so be genuine!

There must have been something other than this women tits and ass that drew you to her. If you are at a nightclub or pub, there is lots of that. What is so unique about this particular woman?

In fact, it may be good to praise an attractive woman if it’s for something worth praising (see above).

Never compliment her actual appearance. Just don’t do it.

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