The Difference Between Wanting And Needing


The Difference Between Wanting And Needing

The emotions of wanting and needing, create completely different vibrations. It is the not your conscious desires that get you what you want but instead it is your internal beliefs that automatically and invisibly align with events, people and things of a similar frequency.

If you go out looking for friends you will find them few and far between. But if you go out looking to be a friend you will see them everywhere you go.

The act of needing creates a vibrational frequency of scarcity, which can only attract more poverty in this area of life. Conversely, when you want something but don’t need it, the internal implication is that if you are so laid back about it, you must already have plenty in your life. The frequency emanating from this position is one of wealth. The law of attraction, therefore, dictates that you can only pull in more abundance in this instance.

Zig Ziglar used to say ‘you can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want’. Zig would say this as a matter of fact, as though it was the undeniable truth.

Of course, that is precisely what it is.

wanting and needingOne of the first lessons I teach over at my Millionaire University course is that you do not get rich by going after money.

This is perhaps the most common mistake of people looking to increase their wealth. It is entirely logical to assume that you should focus on the thing you want more of but to do so is to fail to consider what vibrational state you are creating by doing so. If you don’t have enough money in your life then fixating on money is only going to create a vibrational state of scarcity within. As a result, you end up attracting into your being more of the things you don’t want.

Passengers then leap to the conclusion that the system is stacked against them. They throw a pity party and declare that only corrupt individuals get rich.

Next, to justify their failure and make it more palatable they come out with such pronouncements as ‘there are more important things than money’ and ‘I am not going to stoop to their sort of greed just to get more money.’ Stating that love and family are more important than money sounds like a very laudable and lofty statement to make.

If you have an abundance of money, you may even feel a little twinge of guilt when someone makes such a statement in your presence.

However, a fundamentally flawed assumption is at the root of this grand statement. Claiming that love is more important than money is a bit like saying it’s better to have hands than feet. Yes, maybe it is but why not have both? The assumption here is that you must choose either love or money but not both.

Such holier than thou declarations are nothing more than cleverly veiled excuses.

Here is the truth about wanting and needing wealth.

Money is not the indicator of success; money is merely the byproduct of success. If you want to create a business that makes you wealthy, then come up with a solution to a common problem people face every day. The more people you can serve and help the more successful your enterprise will be, and ergo the byproduct of this achievement will be a steady torrent of money flowing into your life.

The passengers in life have a scarcity mindset, especially around money. They tightly grip the small amount of savings they have and protect it with their life, in the belief that money is hard to get. This sort of fear means they will miss many of the opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis. The driver, on the other hand, took a risk and sacrificed the money he or she had to train and invest in themselves.

Wanting and needing create different outcomes

No matter how much the passengers look at the driver in envy, they would never be prepared to sacrifice what little they have today for the possibility of a better future tomorrow.

This mindset means that the single mum may choose not to buy the $20 book that could have inspired her to set up a successful home-based business. The risk adverse employee decides not to spend $500 on a training course that would put him in the position to apply for a promotion and the $15,000 pay rise that comes with it.

In all areas of life apply the principle ‘I want it, but I don’t need it’ and then get to work on being a provider to other people. When you become Unstoppable you switch from being a consumer to being a provider.

This is a powerful way of thinking because it opens the door to countless possibilities and opportunities to help other people. Instead of hitting an obstacle in life and thinking ‘I wish someone would invent something to make this easier,’ you become the sort of person that thinks ‘how can I make this easier for people.’ Now your focus is on serving others, your vibrational state changes to one of abundance and giving.

The universe responds by acting in a generous reciprocal way with you. Money, happiness, peace, and purpose all start arriving in your life purely as the automatic byproduct of your actions.

The Difference Between Wanting And Needing – taken from Unstoppable by Craig Beck

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