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3 Vaccine Stocks To Buy Now | Stock Market Picks By Craig Beck


3 Vaccine Stocks To Buy Now

Welcome to the first-ever edition of Stock Market Oracle, my stock to buy now picks service.

My objective here in this show is to give you the information that I worked very hard to create my own stock portfolio.

Big disclaimer, of course, this is not investment advice. And if you do, take this advice and invest in the stocks, I’m assuming you’re doing it with a virtual money account, and you’re not using real capital because if you do, that risk is all yours.

About me

Okay, let me tell you a little bit about me, and why I’m here doing this, right. I’m not an ex-banker, I’m not an ex money, man. I am not an ex stock trader or anything like that. What I am is a serial entrepreneur, I have created several multi-million dollar products over the years. And those products have enabled me to live a very comfortable life.

I’m a British guy come from the northeast of England, come from a working-class background. My dad was a butcher on a market stall in the northeast of England.  I come from very humble beginnings. But these products and services that are designed and marketed over the years, have done very well. And because I don’t like living in the cold, and in a country where it rains 360 days of the year, I now live on a Mediterranean island in the sunshine. Which is beautiful.

Craig Beck Blog

It is the dream.

But let me be honest with you, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. Because I don’t go to work. I’ve got no boss, there’s nobody to tell me what to do. So that’s fantastic.

So about five, six years ago, we started to educate myself in stocks and shares. And I would love to tell you that I had the Midas touch for it. You know, as soon as I started doing this, I was making money hand over fist. The truth is I lost a lot of money by stupidity by naivety. And by falling into the same traps that all newbies and beginners do.

I lost $100,000 in my first foray sitting here at this desk. And that was purely down to not taking the emotion out of what I was doing. Having that arrogance having that cockiness, that gut feeling i was going to win big with stocks and shares having that gut feeling that a company’s just about to take off. And just absolute naivety and stupidity lost me a lot of money and had to go straight back to the drawing board and think, why have I got this so wrong?

I’m an intelligent guy. I’ve created a lot of wealth. In my lifetime. Why have I messed this up so badly? And I realized that to be successful at this, you need two things above anything else. And that is discipline and patience.

As Warren Buffett says the stock market is a fantastic device for removing money from impatient people. discipline and patience are key. This isn’t a linear process, I didn’t just sit down and work this out and come up with this system. This has been five years of tweaking and changing and going back to the drawing board. And then coming to my computer screen and like this and seeing just straight lines of red.

So this has been a five-year process. And what I’ve done is I’ve created a filter system. Now for me to buy a stock these days, it has to pass through my 12 secret filters.

get rich

My stock market secret sauce.

These are these 12 little boxes that must be ticked in order for me to invest in a stock. Now, for a stock to be recommended for me to put money in, it needs to take at least 11 of the 12 boxes. And sometimes that’s really frustrating. Because my gut is screaming at me saying buy this stock, you’re gonna make a lot of money, Craig, it’s about to take off, get ready. But it’s only ticked eight boxes or nine boxes or even worse 10 boxes. And I have to force myself to walk away and say it doesn’t fit the system.

If you follow the system of 11 or 12 boxes only, you get consistent returns. Now wait, that doesn’t mean that every stock ticks all 12 boxes goes on to make you a ton of money doesn’t work like that you know that sometimes you will have stocks that underperforming over performance some stocks will do extremely well and some won’t despite having 12 boxes ticked. something will go wrong in the company they have a bad set of numbers.

Something external will happen like Coronavirus, an example being Southwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines What a great company churning over a decent profit month after month, year after year. One of the best airlines in the business a stock code LUV by the ways, but who would have known that Coronavirus would come along and decimate the industry.

Vaccine Stocks In Today’s Video

In today’s video, I want to talk to you about vaccine stocks. All right because Coronavirus has decimated the world, it’s caused so much destruction.

And we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet as to the damage it’s going to do to our economies. It’s an absolute disaster. And there are three reasons for that one, this is a really nasty virus that causes a lot of illness, a lot of damage and death. Secondly, the media, the media have loved this virus. It has been manna from heaven. I’m telling you now every single journalist in the world woke up with an erection every morning because of this bloody virus.

They have loved it every second, they are using sensational language, they are spreading fear, they are spreading panic, and they are enjoying every second of it. I say to you now that the media, the press, the newspapers, the rolling news channels have blood on their hands.

And the third reason is incompetence by political leaders.

escape the rat race

So we got a real clusterfuck going on.

Yes, Coronavirus has caused a lot of damage and the only salvation is in the vaccine. But which vaccine, there are 200 vaccines in production. I want to give you the three that I think are the ones to watch.

And this is kind of a little bit strange. But this is probably the only time I’m going to break my own rules.

Only one of these vaccine stocks I’m going to tell you about in the video passes my strict investment filter. The final vaccine stock I talk about in the video is it. It’s the one I think is the one to go for.

But even though it passes 11 of the 12 it’s still highly speculative, because we are dabbling in an area here that who knows what can happen. This is we’re in unprecedented times, aren’t we?

This is Uncharted water.

However, I have heard some strong rumours about the arrival of the vaccine. The media loves doom and gloom so they are busy trying to spread as much fear and panic as possible. But, I am hearing from some very reliable sources that the vaccine will roll out in November this year.

If that’s true, now is the time to be looking at vaccine stocks to buy now. Watch the video and I will reveal all, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel on YouTube.




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