Using The Law of Gratitude To Attract Wealth 

 February 22, 2017

By  Craig Beck

Law of Gratitude & Attracting Wealth

Are you thankful for what you have in your life?

Do you recognize that on a daily basis when you get up in the morning?

You need to. Do you realize that the Millionaire Mindset always incorporates a grateful outlook? And this state of mind does not begin after the wealth has arrived but beforehand.

By intentionally applying the Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude, you act as though the Universe or divinity, depending on how you see it, exists to provide what you really want, when you ask for it.

You believe that you are worthy of what you get, regardless of what it is you get. You connect to what you have and behave commensurate to it.

Individuals who are without this sort of ongoing appreciation constantly end up poor, living in scarcity or not getting the lifestyle they want to have.


These people are the 80% that I refer to constantly throughout this course.

They regard themselves as lower on the totem pole of life and question why they can’t ever be greater than what they are.

The main explanation for this is that they are short of acknowledgment to what they desire and do not show to the Cosmos what they desire or deserve to have.

There is no question that you acquire what you call for and you get it in great quantity when you put a great deal of energy into it. By demonstrating thankfulness, you are demonstrating that the energy you exert accorded to exactly what you wanted; and you will get more of that you want.

You can explain to individuals by what they have and by what they get just by observing them and taking a look at how they dress, walk, and act. You can often tell if they have thankfulness by the way they show themselves.

This is why whenever you examine the habits of truly wealthy individuals; you discover these people get wealthier. They have a personal debt of thankfulness and show it daily.

By doing this, they are informing the cosmos that they are thankful they have all these resources and deserve them. The universe reacts by providing even more.


The Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude Works Whether You Believe or Not!


If an individual does have wealth but does not display appreciation, he or she will ultimately exhaust it. This is due to the fact that he or she is saying to the cosmos that they do not deserve it. When the cosmos identifies this, the cosmos stops providing.

However, if an individual does not have wealth but shows gratitude for what he or she has, the universe will notice that and will consequently give the particular person more of what that individual desires. By doing this, that particular person does not remain in scarcity for a long time.

If a man or woman is short of wealth and does not present thankfulness, he or she will continue to tolerate scarcity because they has not displayed they have the right to even more.

This is the reason that when we display thankfulness, we are nearer to Divine being or the Cosmos than anybody else. And we get the compensation for doing this.

For that reason, the more thankful we are when we get assets, the more assets we will obtain. And sometimes, these benefits will begin occurring even more quickly than in the past.

As you develop new beliefs and behave peacefully those thought and feelings with a display of appreciation for possessing those beliefs, the more you will be to getting that of which you believed or ask for.


Gratitude has many advantages in that it can keep you from feeling insufficient.


It can help keep your thoughts concentrated on the great instead of the negative. You can feel more abundantly by offering thankfulness. This is exactly why you should abide by the Law of Gratitude if you really want what you pursue.

Consider this. If your display of appreciation is powerful, the consequences that return to you will be substantial. If your personal debt of appreciation is continual, your accumulation will also be continual.

If you begin reducing your perspective of thankfulness, you will discover you will fall farther behind dramatically and wind up on the losing end of life. This is the reason that possessing appreciation is so vital. It is so vital that it was made into one of the universal ordinances.

If you imagine it, with no thankfulness, there is a missing link somewhere in our existences. We understand that a little something ought to be there, but may not recognize it until a person points it out.

The reality is that declaring, “thanks” for what you receive is a significant step to getting a kind of gratitude. But this isn’t all there is about the Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude.

Actually, there is an excellent interpretation of this law that states, “If you are to acquire the wealth and benefits you pursue, it is important that you must act upon and abide by this law.”


This suggests that if you do not follow the Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude, you will never get the abundant lifestyle that you really want. It is that straightforward.


Besides being thankful for what you get, what is the precise manner in which the Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude functions?

It may be explained as a normal concept that action and counteraction are alike and also contrary in the direction at the same time.

This suggests that anything we put our awareness or emotive power toward can be desirable or harmful for us. And this power will at some point appear in our existences. This is among the concepts you must recognize and learn about if you are serious about entering the 20%.

Neither the cosmos nor our subconscious mind label things as being good or bad. The two elements are handled the same. In this concern, what we put our concentration on is what we get back.

Good and bad things do not happen, stuff happens – it’s as simple as that.You may think your spouse cheating on you is a bad thing, but how do you know this end up being a disadvantage given enough time?

To become rich you need to be grateful for the stuff, all of it. Not just the ‘stuff’ that you subjectively single out as being ‘good’.

The significance here is on applying affirmative power out to the world. By doing this, we are paying attention to what we desire and not on what we do not desire.

You may not understand this, but gratitude is extremely effective. It has a great deal of high-energy beneficial resonance of thought. This is why I pointed out above that possessing appreciation connects you to the Cosmos or Divinity, according to how you view it.


In the absence of gratitude, you have no energy, because they both link up side by side.


And by utilizing our thoughts for constructive traits, we are in truth utilizing the potential we have to manufacture the real world we yearn for.

So when we show thankfulness, we are in reality creating superior energy affirmative resonances of thought. This strong vitality can only result in a single manifestation, a great success.

Whenever you do anything in life, you present the thankfulness to make it perform. If you establish objectives for yourself, you ought to show thankfulness for having achieved the objectives you set down.

When you do write your intentions down, think about them as having been previously obtained and be thankful for receiving them.

Your thankfulness will be so potent, so stimulating, that all the individuals around you can’t help but recognize that about your character.

Those who are not prosperous or do not get what they want in life are in truth experts at driving away the financial success they want so badly. They break the universal code of gratitude.

This is similar to kicking your boss in the ass and expecting a pay rise as the outcome of your action.

As a matter of fact, there are 5 crucial oversights or means of thinking that the 80% make with appreciation and gratitude that results in them not getting the level of wealth that they really want in life.

These 5 ways consist of:


  1. Wealth Scarcity Assumptions:

Some people question if there is sufficient to go around for everybody. If your mindset that the cosmos has only a finite inventory, you are going nowhere in life and will never ever develop into anything.

This is a significant misconception in life. In reality, there is sufficient wealth in the world. It is unlimited. Divinity guaranteed us that we would have wealth endlessly if we decided to possess it. The world is energy.

Energy is endless. Consequently, what we desire emerges from energy. It only goes to prove that the world will never lack anything we really want. It will consistently offer us with what we desire when we desire it. We simply need to ask.


  1. Non-resistance to what is:

chocolate cakeThis is an unfounded notion or fundamental that a lot of people have. It keeps us from possessing the thankfulness we need to have. When we presume with non-resistance, we are in truth getting the attitude that whatever takes place, takes place. We don’t battle with the events of life, we just let it be.

In other words, men and women who feel this way assume they are worthy of what they obtained or strongly believe that was the way it was meant to be.

Consequently, they confine themselves to what daily life has to give. If it consists of a thing they can’t do anything about, they just let it be and claim that is the way it was determined to be.

In this particular case, you can use the law of opposites and believe that there is good in the predicament rather than negative.


  1. Failing to find their purpose:

A lot of people have the tendency to link contentment with being happy and having wealth. But there is a distinction. When you are content, you take what is.

You can be contented without being thankful. This is due to the fact that you accepted factors exactly the way they are and you did not dispute them or battle against reality.

Happiness, alternatively, is a condition of pleasure or thankfulness. It is an extremely favorable and desirable psychological fuel. By being content, you are really restricting yourself to what you can have in your life.

It is essential to be more than happy and completely satisfied now. It you do, you will have thankfulness and will be in the stance for much wealth.


  1. Amnesty:

You may not know this but forgiveness is also an aspect of the Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude. This indicates you have to absolve anybody who did negative things to you previously as well as in the present, along with in the future. This is particularly important if you have a dislike against somebody for a very long time.

The technique you know you forgive them is by asking yourself if you can either wish them well or be thankful for them. If you can honestly answer “absolutely,” you have without a doubt absolved them.

Amnesty is so crucial to our aspirations in life that if we do not do it and keep any animosity, worry, or any irritation inside, it can truly impede us from acquiring what we desire in life.

Finally, we should learn how to absolve our own selves for what we do to other people and our own selves. If we can examine ourselves in the mirror and say we love ourselves, we are on our way to experiencing the lifestyle we desire.


  1. Cease over-thinking:

Sadly, many intelligent people are cursed by the power of their own brain. These people would like to refrain from thinking after they get a thought in their mind. I used to drink two bottles of wine a day to try and shut off my thinking mind. This I don’t recommend unless you are happy with death being the solution to your overthinking.

The problem for people in the 80% is they do not harness the power of their mind. They do not intend to surpass thinking and actually act upon the things they think about. They go into the procedures of considering, pondering and planning. However, they never take action and follow up on what they feel.

If you want broad-based prosperity in your life as well as wealth. You should follow the Millionaire’s Law of Gratitude and when you do, you can get whatever you desire in life and be content accomplishing it.

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Craig Beck

About The Author: Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores. Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

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