How to Master Tinder Conversations

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Tinder Conversations 101

17% of relationships that formed in the past year started on an online dating site.

If you’re using Tinder to meet women, you have awesome access to a huge number of potential partners.

Over 3.5 million women are currently using Tinder.

But, whether you’re looking for a hookup or for something more long-term, if you can’t master Tinder conversations, you’re not even going to get that first date.

Here, we’re showing you the top 5 ways to master Tinder conversations.

1. Make It Unique

When it comes to Tinder conversations, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.

It takes so little effort to write an individualized message based on a girl’s profile, but it’s so worth the effort. Comb through her photos and her bios. Make your initial message something related to the information she’s sharing there.

Don’t be one of the million guys who starts with the same line: “Hey, what’s up?”

2. Make Sure Your Bio Is On Point

This may not seem like it matters when it comes to your Tinder conversations, but trust us, it does.

Why? Because you’re essentially having a conversation with a stranger. When you’re talking to someone you don’t know at a party, you may compliment their outfit.

But when you’re online, you only have the photos in front of you to give you conversation topics.

A good bio gives her plenty of questions to bring up, and leaves a little to the imagination, as well!

3. Use Her Name

If you’re using a woman’s real name in your initial message to her, or in more “intense” messages afterward, she’s much more likely to be interested in you.

Plus, it sends the message that you’ve really taken the time to read through her profile and to get to know her.

You’ll instantly make her feel more comfortable, which means she’ll be up for some serious chatting.

4. Don’t Mess Up Your Spelling

It may seem petty, but using correct grammar and spelling in your Tinder conversations can make all the difference.


Because it shows you’ve made an effort in your conversations. It also suggests that you’re not lazily copying and pasting the same messages to ten different women.

Plus, these days, women want a man who is educated. Sloppy spelling only indicates that you’re a loser.

5. Make Her Feel Something

Sure, sexual tension in conversations is important. But, before you learn how to build sexual tension in Tinder conversations, first you’ll need to create a genuine emotional connection.

How is that possible online?

You can make a woman feel excited by paying her an unexpected compliment, intrigued by asking her a random question, or make her laugh by cracking a joke.

Your message shouldn’t just leave an impression. It should make her feel something.

You’re Ready To Start Your Best Tinder Conversations Ever

Now, you’ll never have to worry about awkward silences, even in Tinder conversations.

For more dating and hookup tips and tricks, check out our blog or contact us with questions and to learn how to seal the deal on your next date.

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