The Powerfully Confident Woman

The Powerfully Confident Woman – How to Love Yourself First

Powerfully Confident WomanImagine how much better your life is going to be when you have an unshakable belief in yourself, pure self-confidence!

Over 80 percent of women suffer low self-esteem is some way that prevents them living the life they truly deserve.

World-renowned confidence coach Craig Beck shows you how to quickly develop powerful new beliefs about who you are and what you deserve.

  • Develop an unbreakable inner belief
  • Speaking with authority
  • Accelerate your way up the career ladder
  • Enhance all your relationships
  • Attract and get the man of your dreams
  • Discover what men really want in a woman
  • Manifest the life of your dreams

Strong self-confidence really is the secret to living a fulfilling and successful life. Everything from your career and wealth through to your relationships and happiness are all directly linked to how confident you feel.

The Powerfully Confident Woman

The Powerfully Confident Woman has already given thousands of women around the world the gift of unshakable inner belief and the power to manifest the life of their dreams, why not decide now and be the next?

The dictionary defines self-confidence as being in a state of having a belief in one’s own abilities. But in reality, confidence is so much more than that. Take two equally qualified women and put them through the same job interview process… the one with more confidence will win nearly every time.

I know this from first-hand experience, have you ever witnessed someone at your place of work get a promotion that they were far too inexperienced to rightful achieve? Have you witnessed the water cooler talk moments where jealous colleagues berate the recently promoted newcomer who ‘simply must be sleeping with the boss / have something over on the boss / be related to the boss’?


I am the guy they were talking about, I have repeatedly landed jobs and promotions that I was barely if at all qualified to get. I confess this not to brag but purely to demonstrate that confidence is a powerful asset.

Salesmen know that people don’t buy the product itself, they buy the salesman. If you have belief in yourself and what you are pitching this makes a monumental difference. I firmly believe that with enough self-confidence and perseverance you can enter the top 5% of society and start living the life of your dreams.

Confidence Is A State Of Mind

But wait… why is 95% of the population not already operating in this life-enhancing state of mind?

We are born with virtually no skills beyond knowing roughly where to get milk from. We are not born knowing how to use a knife and fork and equally, we also don’t know how not to use a knife and fork. We are completely unaware of our own lack of knowledge and this means for many years we will be a filter-less sponge for information.

If we are taught that the feet are used to control a knife and fork this will be our reality until we are old enough to notice that everyone else is using his or her hands. We not born confident or lacking confidence – neither state currently serves any purpose, when was the last time you heard a midwife declare ‘my goodness this baby is a confident one’?

We are supposed to develop this ability during our formative years. But confidence brings along with it some trouble for our educators to deal with, and quite frankly they could do without any more on their plate.

We in the western world educate our children in a very methodical, boring and often-ineffective way. We essentially tell them facts and insist they remember them. We then set them an examination to make sure that they have indeed remembered what they have been told. If they pass then they are considered to be intelligent.

If they fail then we label them with some negative description ranging from stupid to disappointing.

Failure Is Our Best Teacher

The evidence that this one size fits all technique of teaching doesn’t really work is best seen in some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world, who for the most part were highly unsuccessful at school (in the academic sense of the word). Teaching like this requires the student to accept as the truth everything the teacher says.

If a child applies his or her own filters to some newly acquired information and questions the logic of it, they are often rebuked and labeled as ‘being disruptive’.

When the objective of the lesson is for the student to accept the submissive position that they are an empty vessel, merely waiting to be filled with information. The last thing the teacher wants during this process is for the ‘empty vessel’ to have the self-belief to start questioning the information.

We are taught to suppress our self-belief and assume that the other person knows better than us. We are breeding submissive sheep and not strong-willed and confident children, so it would be foolish to expect anything more of our adults.

You see, confidence is not found in an external location it actually comes from within us and is a state of mind, a reflection of how we value ourselves. Our default position is to see ourselves as perfect.

We come into the world with no negative judgments upon ourselves. Everything we learn to question about ourselves is exactly that, learned. We are repeatedly told that other people know better. Our teachers, our parents, our religious leaders and even such a broad proposition as ‘our elders’ are said to know better.

Once we accept that we are inferior we start to hide behind the permission of other people. We look for their approval and encouragement and if we do not get it we start to apply labels to our behavior and our character in general.

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