The Laws of Attraction Finally Revealed

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The Laws of Attraction start with this basis; life is not meant to be a struggle, it doesn’t need to be hard and everything you need is already available! Yes, I The Laws of Attractionknow you are thinking ‘this is just more personal development positive thinking bullshit’ but let me tell you that none of this has anything to do with positive thinking, vision boards, mission statements or any other new age nonsense that has been dreamed up by some marketing team sitting in a plush Hollywood office.

If you give the steering wheel of life to the captain instead of the deranged stowaway then there are calmer waters, plainer sailing and much less icebergs in your way.

To get the life you want then you just have to let go of the wheel and let someone else drive for a while. Stop deciding that things are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ and trust that there is a part of you that knows what to do and doesn’t need any advice or guidance from you.

What we have all been doing is jumping into the river of life and desperately trying to swim upstream. Our ego has assured us that if we can defy all the odds and arm-wrestle life into submission then we will arrive at a place called ‘happiness’. As though it is some mystical town situated up river that only the strongest swimmers can get to. Your soul and the whole universe wants to go down the hill and if you stop kicking and go with it you will find it’s not only easier but it’s almost like every element in the world suddenly joined forces to help you.

The whole purpose of this book is to encourage you to stop kicking and trust that someone or rather something will be there to catch you. What I used to do (and probably what you are still doing) is so ineffective that once you see the truth you will be shocked you could have ever got it so wrong. In the past if I thought I wasn’t earning enough I would start to worry about how I was doing financially.

The Laws of Attraction

Craig Beck VIP ClubIn the past I have moved us to a cheaper home, cut down on vacations and even traded in the family car for a cheaper or more economical model. This sort of reaction to life is what I call ‘kicking’, it is a negative ego created emotion that comes from the starting point of that there isn’t enough to go around… BUT if we kick hard enough we might be able to get to a place where there is more.

Kicking of any sort breaks The Laws of Attraction and only ever moves you further away from where you really need to be going. Whether you are embarrassed about the shape of your body or worried about the state of your finances – these ‘states’ of mind are all kicking you further toward the things you don’t want. Bob Proctor once said ‘thoughts become things’, and it is the sentiment behind law of attraction books such as The Secret. I don’t think this statement is entirely true, it’s not what you think that becomes real, but rather it is what you believe.

The Laws of Attraction state that if you believe that you are overweight and your body is disgusting then this will be the manifestation you inadvertently create. You will always remain in the state of being unhappy with your body because this is the program you have sent to be completed.

You have to stop kicking and I mean today, right now!

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