The Law of Attraction: What is It and How to Use It Effectively 

 July 20, 2018

By  Craig Beck

If you doubt the power of your mind, consider the full-feature movies it shows you every night as you sleep. Or, how it calls up hundreds of memories after a one-second sniff of a Christmas tree.

It’s able to accomplish this feat while you focus on hundreds of life’s details. It’s a pretty fantastic piece of equipment. Many of us do not use it to its full potential. When we do, it can change everything.

This is a simple concept behind the Law of Attraction. Using all the power of our equipment, though simple by design, escapes some people. Like flexing a new muscle, incorrect movements don’t work.

Then. it’s easier to give up than try a different approach. We know that working our muscles improves our bodies over time. Doing this one time does not. The Law of Attraction is not an instant answer to all life’s problems.

With practice and understanding, it offers us a path. The more we use it, the easier it is to find what we need. We can read about the Law of Attraction to understand it, but we often need help in using it.

Here are some the basics and how to use them effectively.

If You Think You Can’t Change Anything-You Won’t

One of the most amazing people in modern times was Stephen Hawking. Where most would give up, he did everything he set out to do.

He was dismissing of those who thought predestination was the order of the universe:

“I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street”, he said.

It is easy-and a mistake to believe that change is both impossible and possible. We can give ourselves permission to change. But, we first must let go of the belief that we can’t.

Once we give ourselves permission to create our future, miracles can happen.

What Are You Asking For?

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”. These are Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words on the power of the universe.

And, if you consider your accomplishments, you’ll remember their beginning. If you have a loving partner in your life, you have everything to do with that.

If you are successful at your job, it is because of your decision to do so. If you have a goal in mind whether it’s more money or better health, you must likewise commit to this.

Complaining about lack of money is a dead end. No one ever became rich by believing they are a victim of life. Each time we’re not good enough, we tell ourselves and the universe we aren’t worthy.

Changing our thoughts isn’t easy. For some, this is the most difficult thing to let go.

The Power of Gratitude

Joy, love, or money is not going to make you happy. You must be happy first. Wherever you are in life, being joyful and grateful for what you do have is crucial.

Think of entering a room of people, and someone greets you with a smile. Their kindness draws you to them. They make you feel welcome.

Then, consider entering a room where you see a person who doesn’t notice you. No smile, no warm greeting. Do you have an interest in approaching the person?

Now, think of yourself. Are you welcoming? Do you approach your day with eagerness or bitterness? Those who are grateful for each day, and for what they do have in their lives are much different than those who don’t.

It’s not that the universe “decides” what you’ll get. Our essence is a magnet.

Complaining and bitterness bring more of the same. And, the universe matches like gifts to those who have a genuine gratitude for life.

Show Up for Practice Every Day

There is no path to success without experience and practice. Whether it’s playing baseball or writing music, we must dedicate each day to the skill.

No one becomes a professional by chance. The same is true for those who are successful at the Law of Attraction.

The art of bringing dreams to light starts in your mind. When untoward thinking endangers positive emotions, we must learn to stop it. When we tell ourselves we can’t, we must replace the conversation with motivation and love.

This work is reversing something we do every day, all day long. We have to stop instructing our subconscious to take what little we can get.

For some, meditation works to relax our minds. Visuals such as writing a check for the money we wish for works. Affirming words and emotions can replace the negativity that is camping out in our heads.

It’s work to keep it going every day. But, it’s a labor of love. Loving ourselves enough to signal abundance is worth every effort.

How Meditation Works with The Law of Attraction

This centuries-old practice helps clarify thoughts and promotes creativity. And, there’s science to back up the benefits.

Most of us have so much going on in our lives we become unable to act. For some, making a simple decision can put us in a state of stress. We focus on the many negative consequences of our choices.

So, we handcuff ourselves to inaction. We can clear our heads; it only takes a few minutes. With no distractions, we can focus on our breathing.

Most people will note immediate relief. In five minutes our breathing slows, blood pressure reduces, and stressful thoughts disappear.

Attract Goodness

The power of thinking can serve us well as long as we care for it. Experts instruct we start with a five-minute session each day.

Then, as we get better at it, ramp up the time by adding a few minutes. Once we become able to clear out negative emotions, we are open and honest.

Our message to the world, and to the universe, is now clear. We attract goodness because we are worthy of it. We always were.

Living the Law of Attraction starts with you. Ready to learn more? Start with a free webinar here.

Craig Beck

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