Why The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People

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The 3 Little Known Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Do you have a persistent nagging sensation that you are here to do something important? Have you found that no matter how much money you spend you still have a lingering empty feeling inside?

You should be listening to this feeling because it is the voice of your true potential trying to nudge you to take action.

Sadly most people keep pushing this voice down. They cover it with work, alcoholism, drug addiction and the drudgery of the day to day rat race. What I am here to tell you is, if you will just pause long enough to listen to this silent voice it will direct you to the life of your dreams.

You have probably heard of The Law of Attraction via books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Perhaps you have even tried to use it? If you did the chances are good that it didn’t work out quite the way you hoped it would.

There are three common but little known secrets that prevent people using the law of attraction to manifest more abundance, wealth and love into their lives.

The illusion of time

The Law of AttractionThis is a tricky one to accept, but time as we generally refer to it in day-to-day life does not really exist.

Time implies something linear exists in our world, a bit like watching a movie on one of those old VHS videotapes. When you insert the tape into the machine and press play, you watch the pre-recorded events unfold. The end of the movie already exists and if you so choose you can fast-forward the tape to a future point.

Equally, if you miss a bit of the action, you can hit the rewind button and go back in ‘time’. Life appears to be similar to the format of a VHS videotape because we can remember the past and we assume that there will also be a future.

However, we cannot rewind life because what happened before this precise moment does not exist anymore. We cannot fast-forward life through the bad points because the future does not exist either.

If VHS movies were actually like real life, then the tape would be blank when you inserted it in the machine. The machine would create the story appearing on the screen at the moment you viewed it and then instantly erase it as soon as the image leaves the screen. At the end of the movie, the videotape would once again be completely blank.

The past and the future are virtual creations of our ego and nothing more. Everything is happening now, in this moment, and only in this moment. We have no fast-forward and no rewind buttons.

When we forget that time is just an illusion, we start trying to control aspects of reality that simply don’t exist. We hope for a better future, we dream about reliving the glorious victories of our youth. These wishes will never be fulfilled because they are all located in a time period that will never be.

This is not something new to people trying out the law of attraction or cosmic ordering. For thousands of years, people have been praying to God and all the time placing their requests in a time period that doesn’t exist.

They ask to win the lottery on Saturday, to be able to pay the bills next month or for something as general as for life to be better in the future.

When I was a child, my parents used to regularly take me and my brother to a country pub in the North East of England called the A1 (named after the famous road on which it was situated). Above the bar was a polished brass sign; it said ‘All drinks free tomorrow’.

Of course, the comedy being that if you come back tomorrow the sign will still say the same thing. Tomorrow and yesterday do not exist in this moment and nobody ever got a free pint of beer in that pub.

I appreciate that this illusion is the most complicated one to accept because it defies everything we have seen unfold before us. We start at birth and we struggle through life as long as we possibly can until eventually we die. It’s hard to deny this is the reality because we have seen many people be born, live and then eventually pop their clogs, as the saying goes.

Purely from the point of view of using the law of attraction, it is much more helpful to see this as nothing more than an illusion.

The fact that you were alive yesterday and you may also be alive tomorrow has no relevance to what happens to you right here in this moment (the only moment that will ever exist). The unseen reality is that you are more like a creator choosing to manifest life second by second.

Every moment that appears, you create and then destroy instantly. You do this millions of times over a lifetime.

If it makes it easier, try to view your time on earth as a period in which you experience thousands of different lives. Each day represents a new life, a new opportunity to manifest. Today cannot touch yesterday or tomorrow. It is only valid for 24 hours. Think about this: tonight you will go to sleep and while you are dreaming. Your central nervous system will destroy, discard and replace millions of cells in your body.

By the time you wake up tomorrow morning, a percentage of who you were today will have disappeared forever. A similar percentage of you will be taking its first ever step on planet earth in the role of you. Fast forward a few months and virtually every part of the ‘you’ that exists today will be gone, replaced by entirely new cells.

Let go of the past. You were not there anyway. Forget about the future. You will never get there either.

The illusion of scarcity

laws of atraction vaultAs a species we struggle with this. We even teach our children that money is hard to come by and should be saved for a rainy day.

It would be better if we looked at money like water. It flows all over the planet and everywhere it goes it’s useful, it makes things happen and it’s passed along. We could say that water doesn’t belong to any of us or that it belongs to all of us.

When water is flowing and moving, it cleanses, it purifies, it makes things green, it creates growth, it nurtures. But when water starts to slow down, is held back and starts to be still, it can be toxic and stagnant to those who hold it.

Many believe that you are a better person if you are poor and that if you become rich. You also become greedy and unclean at the same time. The truth is, money doesn’t really exist. Money is just traded for power and it is power that we believe corrupts, as the saying goes.

The desire for money and power comes only from fear, and fear is purely a construct of your ego. The fragment of divinity within you is not afraid of anything.

Living in a scarcity mindset is a powerful block to the law of attraction and ultimately to you living a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life on earth.

The illusion of blame

Any excuse for your misery that points the finger of blame at someone else is a block to manifestation. Claiming you are hopeless in relationships because your parents never showed you any love as a child may or may not be true, but the act of holding onto the blame is the action that is causing you problems today.

Holding on to resentment is like holding onto a red-hot stone with the intention of throwing it at the person you blame. You are the one who gets burnt.

“Take private responsibility. You can notice the circumstances, the seasons nor the wind does change, only you yourself can change” ~ Jim Rohn

The most widespread misconception in contemporary times is that we firmly believe that we have a right to a fantastic, perfect life.

Increasingly, we are breeding generations that are cursed with a terrible sense of entitlement. That somehow, somewhere, someone (definitely not us) enriches our lives with constant joy, interesting careers, fantastic options and a chilled family life in addition to joyous personal partnerships that only exist because we exist.

Is it not true that your parents think you are lucky because you had so much more than they did when they were growing up? If you have children, you probably now witness the same evolution of materialism unfolding again. The collective ego of the world is snowballing as our children watch the super-rich on TV every week.

I am pretty sure that my daughter thinks that the Kardashians represent real life and her cruel parents are deliberately exposing her to relative poverty just to be mean.

The life you want will never be found in an external location, nor will it be delivered to you on a silver plate. The reality is that there is just one person who is accountable for the quality of your life.

That person is YOU.

zero limitsIf you want to succeed and accomplish your intentions, you need to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

This includes your level of efficiency, the results you generate, the quality of your relationships, your state of health and wellness and physical fitness, your salary, your debts, your emotions—everything!

The majority of us have been so conditioned, however. That we blame everybody, anything beyond our own selves for the factors in our lives that are not good. We blame our moms and dads, our educators, our boss, the Internet, our partners, the weather, politics or economics.

Does pointing the finger of blame change anything in your life? Absolutely nothing. Therefore, the only thing you need to do, if you want to transform something in your life, is to take 100% responsibility for it and your feeling about it. There is no other approach.

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