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Stop Drinking Expert Review

I don’t often share the letters I get but I was so moved by this one…

Dear Craig,

happy sober solutionI am writing this letter to thank you. I have attempted to write this letter several times before.

When I reached the 3-month-mark of sobriety I had a vision that when I hit the one-year- mark I would write and thank you. I thought if I could make a year then I would be in the clear for life, finally rid of the debilitating hold that alcohol had over me for a long, long time.

When I reached the one-year-mark I felt a huge amount of relief. I attempted to write you to thank you but there was a fear that there was nothing I could say that would begin to thank you for the words that you wrote (actually spoke, as I listened to the audiobook) in Alcohol Lied to Me. I felt that my story was too generic.

You have helped so many people, I was sure you had heard so many stories, mine would be lost in the noise. I couldn’t find the proper words to thank you. So I didn’t finish the letter.

Then I thought “I will write him at the 2-year-mark!” The 2-year-mark came and passed. I still couldn’t find the words. For the last 6 months, I have had “write CB letter” in my iPhone reminders. The alert has gone off and has been reset to a future date more times then I can count.

My story is nothing too unique. I am 38 years old. I started experimenting with drinking at 15. I started relying on it by 20. I started needing it by 25. I started fearing it by 30.

At 35 years old, after one particularly excessive 3-day-weekend of heavy drinking where I drank 4 fifths of vodka. I knew a simple decision had to be made; do something about my drinking or let it kill me. I was ready for a change. My leverage moment had been met. My luck met my preparedness. I knew I had to find out how to stop drinking and that’s when I found your books and the Stop Drinking Expert website.

When I happened upon your book on iTunes. After listening to it I thought: “This sounds like me. This is what and how I would write it if I was on the triumphant side of this battle.” Everything you said sounded like what I had experienced, verbatim.

I could write 10 pages talking about how much your words in the book meant to me. How it empowered me to change. How your words finally made me realize that alcohol no longer held any benefit in my life.

Last week I hit the 3-year-mark of no drinking and in that time I have never had a single craving to drink.

Stop Drinking Expert Review

While it is true what you said that I have experienced several odd moments of “loss” while doing things I always used to associate with drinking (parties, dates, socializing with friends, holidays…. hell: EVERYTHING), I have always recognized this as a matter of, so to speak, learning how to walk again.

fat guy fridayI know the reason that I have been able to concur the hold drinking had over my life is that I have always been supremely confident that alcohol holds ZERO benefit for me. In the 3 years without alcohol, everything has changed. I’ve lost 50 lbs (also with the help of Fat Guy Friday).

My career has never been better, my dating life has never been healthier, my relationships with friends and family has never been more honest. But most importantly, I am, for the first time, learning how to deal with the stressors in my life properly, without hiding inside a bottle.

I am finally able to write this letter to you because it took me until last weekend to gain this perspective of how far I had come in 3 short years.

Last weekend I attended a wedding with several old college friends who I had not seen in almost 5 years.

I was instantly reminded of my old life. I received many compliments on my weight loss and my sobriety. At one point one of my best friends from college came up to me and started telling me about his Mother who is in ill-health. This quickly turned into a confession of how he is hiding his drinking from his wife and consuming 1 to 2 fifths every night after she goes to bed.

This massive hulk of a man friend of mine (towering over me at 6’5’, 375lbs) had tears racing down his cheeks in the middle of a wedding reception telling me how miserable he is and how he has almost called me so many times looking for help to stop drinking. I felt sick to my stomach because I could see that he was feeling the misery I was feeling 3 years ago.

This encounter positively made me realize how far I’ve come. Sometimes it just takes some outside perspective to show you.

So all of this leads up to simply say: Thank you, Craig Beck. You truly are a hero to me.

No two ways about it.

I know that without your book I would be dead or on my way out. I simply couldn’t physically handle another 3 years of what I was doing to myself. You helped me find something in me I didn’t know was there. Life is better than it has ever been. The future is bright. I have a confidence that if I could conquer drinking then I can achieve anything.

Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for turning it into an audiobook for a guy who can’t read books without pictures.

Thank you for patience in receiving this letter that you didn’t know I was writing. Thank you for everything.

My deepest gratitude,



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