Personal Power & Taking Massive Action 

 March 12, 2017

By  Craig Beck

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Taking Massive Action – Is It Time?


Taking Massive Action… Yes, it’s correct that people who use their personal power do see benefits. Often, enormous positive results. However, most of those end results almost never last.

How many times have you heard of a morbidly obese person who takes massive action, uses all their personal power? They lose vast amounts of weight but the chances are you never hear about them again and the vast majority will put a lot of the weight back on.

If these outcomes do last, a lot of them wind up creating more (and new) challenges for those people. (You may have experienced this transpiring in your own life, maybe more than once.).

Why is that?

Shouldn’t taking massive action improve your life instead of producing more challenges and make life even more challenging than before? Sure, that’s what everybody tells us to believe.

As we have discovered earlier – in the “millionaire mindset” segment of the blog, most of us are driven by our inner “wanting,” which comes from a sense of lack inside us.

As a result, every action that we take in order to bring more abundance into our lives is also primary driven by – and fully immersed in the energy of – “wanting,” wanting and not having enough yet. For that reason, most of our action ultimately leads to some form of challenge or malfunction.

Actions that are motivated by desperation, fear … even impatience, retribution, or any other adverse emotion … can only result in more dysfunction and issues later on.

You may have perfectly good intentions behind your actions. But, if they arise out of a detrimental mindset and spirit, it will only produce more complications for you, ultimately.

In a few of the “law of attraction” books, they speak about the distinction between starting an “anti-war” rally and a “peace” rally.

That’s a fantastic illustration of our how our aggregate minds can keep generating more challenges and suffering, even if we have good objectives … merely because we don’t realize the significance of the energy and emotional states fueling the actions).

The most basic illustration of this phenomenon, that we’re all familiar with, is when action arises out of hatred.


Anytime we have done something while feeling angry, we have regretted our decisions and response not long after, if not moments later.

What we don’t realize is that all negative emotions affect all action in the same way. This is actually a fait accompli. However, we don’t always see the negative outcomes immediately after taking action. Because, oftentimes it shows up much later on, in some form of a negative predicament, individual, or experience.

Sadly, the majority of us don’t make the connection even then. So, a lot of us never recognize how this stuff works. And, we never know to fix it for our future actions. You’re probably come across popular phrases like … “Scared money always loses.” Or, maybe you’ve heard the reverse of it, which is … “The rich get richer.” (And the poor get poorer.).


There’s a very straightforward reason for this phenomena…

Wealthy individuals can usually afford to take their time, to perfectly and carefully analyze every situation (or opportunity) before taking action. The poor and the desperate usually don’t have that luxury.

So, they usually have to start from that awful place of wishing, needing, and an overall sense of deficiency. And, they are often forced into activity out of misery, and the worry and fear of what could happen if they don’t take action immediately.

Consequently, all of their action – from the first step – is saturated by anxiety, stress, unhappiness and a solid sense of deficiency. Each new step that they take is also polluted by the negative energy of the prior step.

Sadly, it’s not just the poor and desperate that function in this manner. This is how the majority of people in the world are – most of the time – when they take action.


Taking Massive Action & Personal Power

The end result is always more dysfunction. And, for most of us, there is no escaping this vicious cycle because we have no concept how this stuff operates.

We never recognize that every action-step we take, no matter how small, is going to affect the next action that we will take … and each of those will at some point influence where we end up in the future, and what kind of final result we get.

So, most of our actions continue to produce more (and new) problems for us – and for everyone around us.

An awful part is, when our decisions don’t work out – or result in causing more problems in the future, we don’t know (and most of us never will know) that the energy/emotion driving and motivation the action is one of the main reasons for the detrimental results.

The only thing that most of us have learned how to do is to look at the actual action-steps, tear them apart, and try to figure out what went wrong.


And, most times, we just keep scratching our heads, wondering what went wrong where.


I’m still relatively active in the Internet Marketing (IM) community, and I see this phenomenon happening repeatedly. It affects almost all beginners to the IM scene along with lots of online marketers who have been around for a long time.

Nevertheless, this epidemic of “massive action” creating “massive failure” and more complications continues – for the majority of people.

You don’t have to be one of those people any longer. You are aware of how this works now, and you can break that cycle. The moment you do, another major blockage from your river of abundance gets pushed away.

Okay … this all sounds great … but what do we do when “bad things” happen that call for our prompt attention and action?

Yes, detrimental issues, complications, or challenges can arise in your life. And, they possibly will in the near future.

At the moment, many of us are trained to simply respond in the same way we always have … by experiencing a harmful emotional state, and then immediately taking action while we’re consumed with that damaging sensation.

That has been our conditioning up to this place. But, now you know better. You are aware of just how powerfully your actions can impact the future results. So, the new way of doing things … the new way of taking action … is to engage in bringing that new knowledge into every little thing you do.

The next time you are confronted with a problem that calls for taking some form of action, you can use that as an opportunity to practice taking inspired action instead of desperate action.


All it takes is one small moment…

To stop, take a quick breath, and then shift yourself internally so that you’re coming from a more beneficial place instead of reacting from a detrimental place (of anger, anxiety, stress, etc.).

We already understand that we should not take any action – nor make any choices while we’re feeling upset … and, that we should take a minute – or more … and come back when we’re calmer.

Well, that’s excellent advice for all situations that at first cause a negative reaction inside you. You should never take action from that adverse psychological or mental state. And, even during those circumstances that require instant action, you can still take a moment to allow yourself to come from a preferable psychological and emotional state.

As, I mentioned above, this is a practice. You have been doing things one way for most of your life. So, it will take a few tries before you start doing things the new way. That’s normal. And, you know that it’s worth doing.

Personally, I still have moments where I flounder, where I’m not able to catch myself before acting … or while I’m right in the middle of responding

When you first start practicing this new way of behaving and responding, your ego won’t like it very much. Truly, the ego likes to generate more problems and drama. And, by practicing this new “mindful technique” technique, you are taking the energy away from your ego.

So, it will try extremely hard to slip into your actions, to jump out screw you up. It won’t happen frequently, or at all. But, if it does happen to you, you will now be aware of that too, because I’ve tipped you off.


I know this because I clearly recall my ego doing this to me.

When I first figured this stuff out and started practicing this, I remember certain scenarios where I snapped at or became very hostile toward a few friends – either in person or over the phone. When all they were trying to do was help me resolve a predicament or fix a problem.

The ego likes to take everything personally. It loves to be right, to prove others wrong, to become resistive when approached, and lots of other “enjoyable” things. (Not!).

Now, remember, that here too, you have to take a second – after you recognize that your ego is attempting to take control – and breathe so you can approach even your ego in a non-reactive and detrimental manner.

It doesn’t help matters much if you decide to become angry at your ego – or at yourself – for becoming angry! (That’s what your ego would want you to do, by the way).

Bear in mind that even when your ego sneaks in there temporarily and messes you up, you don’t need to curse yourself (or your ego) for it.


Because that too is fine.

Remember, this is a practice. And, you’ll slip up sometimes – especially when you’re first starting out with this. (And, your ego may attempt to mess with you sometimes.)

For me, it doesn’t happen very often anymore. That’s because, each time that you practice taking action purposely, you will get better at it. And, pretty soon, nearly all of your actions will be motivated by – and surrounded with – the right energy, instead of the negative and reactive energy. (And your ego will become fairly feeble).

The truly cool thing is, you don’t need to wait for a negative circumstance to crop up, in order to practice this new way of making the best use of your personal power.

You can do this with every activity that you take on. Even with endeavors that seem to be boring or uninteresting. You can pause momentarily before every action, ponder it, or even sleep on it if the problem allows it. After that, take action from a better more powerful place inside.

The difference between the 2 ways of taking massive action may seem subtle at the moment, particularly when you’re first starting out on this Millionaire Mindset journey. But, the results that will echo well into the future will be mind-blowingly significant.

Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores.  

Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

Craig Beck