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Take responsibility for your actionsTake responsibility for your actions – If you want the life of your dreams then 100% responsibility is one of the aspects that I talk about in my new book The Law of Attraction. Any excuse for your misery that points the finger of blame at someone else is a block to manifestation. Claiming you are hopeless in relationships because your parents never showed you any love as a child may or may not be true but the act of holding onto the blame is the action that is causing you problems today.

Holding on to resentment is like holding onto a red-hot stone with the intention of throwing it at the person you blame. You are the one that gets burnt.

“You must take private responsibility. You can notice the circumstances, the seasons nor the wind does change, only you yourself can change “~ Jim Rohn

The most widespread misconception in contemporary times is that we firmly believe that we have a right to a fantastic perfect life. Increasingly we are breeding generations that are cursed with a terrible sense of entitlement. That somehow, somewhere, someone (definitely not us) enriches our lives with constant joy, interesting career, fantastic options and a chilled family time in addition to joyous personal partnerships that only exist because we exist. You may do this only if you are actively working for these objectives.

Is it not true that your parents think you are lucky because you had so much more than them when they were growing up? If you have children you probably now witness the same evolution of materialism unfolding again. The collective ego of the world is snowballing, as our children watch the super rich on TV ever week. I am pretty sure that my daughter thinks that the Kardashian’s represent real life and her cruel parents are deliberately exposing her to relative poverty just to be mean.

The life you want will never be found in an external location nor will it be delivered to you on a silver plate. Assume responsibility for your actions because the reality is that there is just one person is accountable for the quality of your life.

That person is YOU.

If you want to succeed and accomplish your intentions, you need to take responsibility for your actions and your life. This includes your level of efficiency, the results you generate, the quality of your relationships, your state of health and wellness and physical fitness, your salary, your debts, your emotions – everything!

The majority of us have been conditioned, however, that we blame everybody, anything beyond our own selves for the factors in our lives that are not good. We blame our moms and dads, our educators, our boss, the Internet, our partners, the weather, politics or economics. Does pointing the finger of blame change anything in your life? Absolutely nothing, therefore the only thing you need to do, if you want to transform something in your life, is to take responsibility for your actions and your feeling about them. There is no other approach.

I found the following simple formula by Jack Canfield:

E + R= O.

Event + Response = Outcome.

The idea is that each outcome is determined by the activity and the response. It does not matter if it is success or failure, riches or scarcity, health or sickness, fun or frustration. If you believe the outcome is bad, there are only two possibilities:.

You can choose to give the event the ‘blame’ for the lack of results. Simply put, you can blame everybody: your partner, your children, the general public, your boss and the incompetence of the government or the lack of encouragement you get from your family. These factors exist, no question, but if this were the determining factor in whether you succeed of fail then nobody would be wealthy.

Dreams lives are not handed out on silver plate. Take responsibility for your actions and get the life you really desire.

Bill Gates would never have established Microsoft. Steve Jobs never would have set the Apple Mega Corporation rolling down the hill. Do you really think millionaires are just people who grew up with perfect parents and 100% support and encouragement? Gates & Jobs definitely have had the same conditions and become hugely successful nonetheless. You can join them, if you take responsibility.

Blaming others effectively set yourself limitations about what you believe you can achieve. Remember ‘whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t – you are right’. Apportioning blame means that you are giving up or maybe even you are afraid of success. Lots of people leave the so-called limiting factors behind them, so it cannot be the variables that limit you. The reasons on the outside are not the ones keeping you beyond success; it is always YOU and what you believe about yourself.

We defend ourselves even with self-destructive habits (like cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption) with inexcusable reasoning. We tell ourselves that we deserve a nice glass (or more often a bottle) of wine at the end of the day because we have worked hard. Treating ourselves to a carcinogenic glass of poison as a reward for hard work is complete insanity but we have become so good at avoiding the truth we can no longer see what is in front of our face.

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