The Switch: The Secret Law of Subconscious Attraction

The Switch: The Secret Law of Subconscious Attraction

By Craig Beck

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The SwitchDiscover the secret behind the secret, and become a master of manifesting everything and anything you desire using the law of subconscious attraction.

In this unique audio series, master hypnotist and best-selling success author Craig Beck reveals the little known techniques required to remove all the problems and obstacles in your life and replace them with the stuff of your dreams.

In The Secret Law of Subconscious Attraction, you will discover that the universe is currently choosing to ignore many of your hopes, dreams, and desires.

Craig will explain how you can only get what you want out of life if you also subconsciously believe that you deserve it. Find out how you can “flick the switch” to allow your wants to become beliefs and have the universe automatically deliver your dreams to you.

  • Easily remove problems and bad habits
  • Attract wealth and abundance
  • Improve your relationships
  • Gain health and fitness
  • Develop a positive mental attitude
  • Find happiness and peace of mind
  • Create the life of your dreams

This is the ultimate guide to doing big magic and manifesting your dreams through the power of the law of attraction.

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Craig Beck

About The Author: Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores. Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

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