October 20

Stock To Buy Today – 20 October 2020 | Stock Market Oracle


Stock To Buy Today – 20 October 2020

We take a look at two stocks today in my screencast.

First up is Southwest Airline (LUV) – everyone who knows me, knows that I have a soft spot for all things aero.

I love to travel, I love aircraft and in the past, that would almost certainly have had an effect on my decision making. Not any more!

All stock investments are run through my 10 filters (see below).

Next up we look at the LKQ Corporation.

Chances are you have never heard of this company. They are involved primarily with the distribution of car parts.

The asset is trading with a P/E scale of 12.82, which matches up to its sector’s standard of 15.71. Over the previous year, LKQ’s Onward P/E has been as elevated as 16.46 and as modest as 5.50, with an average of 13.51.

Financiers must also keep in mind that LKQ maintains a PEG correlation of 1.01. This prominent measurement is similar to the widely-known P/E ratio, with the distinction being that the PEG ratio also takes into consideration the firm’s anticipated revenues growth rate. LKQ‘s sector has a typical PEG of 1.03 today. Throughout the previous 12-months, LKQ’s PEG has been as strong as 1.09 and as low as 0.37, with an average of 0.92.

We must also emphasize that LKQ has a P/B correlation of 1.83. The P/B ratio pits a stock’s market price versus its book value, which is described as overall assets minus absolute liabilities. This stock’s P/B appears appealing in contrast to its sector’s standard P/B of 2.23.

Over the previous yr, LKQ’s P/B has been as strong as 2.28 and as low as 0.84, with an average of 1.83.

Market value financiers also like the P/S percentage, which is determined by merely splitting a stock’s cost with the company’s revenues. This is a well-known measurement because revenues are more difficult to manoeuvre on a revenue statement, so they are frequently thought of a superior efficacy sign. LKQ has a P/S ratio of 0.82. This measures up to its sector’s regular P/S of 1.


Lastly, investors must keep in mind that LKQ has a P/CF ratio of 10.91. This data factor considers a company’s working capital and is often used to locate businesses that are underrated when looking at their firm revenue overview. LKQ’s P/CF measures up to its sector’s average P/CF of 12.18. Inside the last year, LKQ’s P/CF has been as elevated as 14.28 and as low as 4.99, with an average of 10.83.

These are just a number of the numbers taken into consideration in LKQ’s fantastic Value mark. Even so, they help demonstrate that the stock is probably being underrated right now. Add this to the durability of its revenues overview, and we can plainly see that LKQ is an outstanding value stock at the moment.

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Stock Market Oracle: Ten Filters

  • Wall St. Opinion
  • Insider Activity
  • Online Data Flow
  • News Sentiment
  • Investor Sentiment
  • Hedge Fund Activity
  • Company Technicals
  • Company Financials
  • Analyst Intent
  • Price Target Minimums


  • 0-8 Filters Passed
  • 9 Filters Passed
  • 10 Filters Passed
  • FAIL: No Investment
  • PASS: Cautious Investment
  • PASS: Standard Investment




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