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Seducing Women Into Bed – Why So Scary?

Seducing Women? Men are from Mars and women are from Venus we are told. This bullshit theory causes more problems than it solves. One of the biggest problems guys make is assuming that men and women want different things.

We can also tend to assume that we want sex more than women. Or even worse that sex is something that women own and they are almost doing us a favor when they give it to us. Granted, some women do act like that but it is not the truth of the situation.

Breaking News: Women Want Sex Just As Much As Men – SHOCK!

In the past, if I managed to get a woman into bed I almost felt like I had managed to trick her into giving me something that she didn’t want.

My mental picture of what women want was so distorted that I didn’t believe that women wanted sex as much as me. They certainly never looked at a guy and just thought ‘I wish he would fuck me’. Let me tell you straight, women want sex just as much as men and often more so. If this statement is true you might be wondering why sex isn’t easier to get for most guys.

If women were programmed the same way as men then getting sex would be as simple as ordering a soda.

Imagine it:

GUY: Hey you are hot!

GIRL: You are not bad yourself

GUY: Want to fuck?

GIRL: Sure

Thankfully women are not wired the same way as us guys. Why am I happy about that? Because the utopia I have just described breaks the law of scarcity. And it would render sex all the more dull for that. If you could just walk up and have sex with any girl you wanted, how long would it be before the novelty wore off and sex became a little boring?

Seducing Women – Why So Scary?

Sure, initially and even for a few months you would be like a rabbit on speed but slowly it would lose its attraction. The thrill of the chase is more than half the pleasure of the seduction process. Getting a girl into bed is a game of chess. She is going to line up her defenses to prevent you getting access to her queen.

She does this not because she doesn’t want to have sex but rather she only wants to have sex with someone who is worthy. There is a genetic piece of coding inside any woman’s head that pushes her to only have sex with strong, powerful men. These guys are good father material and likely to provide strong, healthy offspring.

Of course, most women are not consciously thinking about getting pregnant every time they have sex with a guy. But this attraction preference is hardwired into their DNA.

The incorrect thinking that guys have about this game of sexual chess is to believe that the woman wants to win the game.

She doesn’t but equally, she is not going to make it easy for you either. You are both playing the same game, hoping to get the same outcome but success for the woman comes if you win. And not if you fail to disable her defenses.

If you lose this game she will not be happy that she defeated you. But rather she will be disappointed that you turned out not to be a strong enough player to win.

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