The Secrets to Attracting Love

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Attracting Love

About 31 million adults are single in the US. If you think you’re the only one having trouble attracting love, you’re not alone.

Finding a soulmate is more than just being confident or knowing where to look, it’s about reassessing you.

If you take the time to know yourself, and what you want, attracting love will come naturally.

Love Yourself

We either hear this a lot or not enough, it seems. But what does it really mean?

Does it mean to be narcissistic? To think “I’m the best at everything?” Or, “I’m better than everyone?”

Not at all.

These are toxic mindsets that will make attracting love nearly impossible.

Instead, “love yourself” means you need to really and truly understand that you are a valuable person. That you do have desirable qualities.

You would love another person for these reasons. Why not yourself?

Have Realistic Expectations When Attracting Love

Fairy tales are archetypes of an ideal situation.

No one should expect anyone to actually be a princess or prince, yet society continues to pursue this myth.

Having realistic expectations doesn’t mean “settling.”

Far from it.

Being realistic means knowing that we all have flaws, life is imperfect, and accepting the beauty of that imperfection will lead to greater happiness in the end.

Forever seeking your prince or princess will only leave you with years of regret.

Be “OK” With Being Alone

Being alone isn’t a bad word, yet it continues to seem that way for some reason.

People that aren’t perpetually in a relationship are somehow seen as “flawed” for some reason.

But why?

Did you suddenly become damaged goods when your last relationship ended?

Did you suddenly become a “toxic” person overnight?

Of course not!

Being alone is just as valuable as a relationship… simply different.

Be comfortable being single for as long as you want. Attracting love will manifest itself when the time is right rather than rushing into a forced (toxic) relationship.

What Do You Want?

Attracting love first means that you need to know what you want.

“I want love!” you might be screaming.

We know that, but how does that love manifest in your life?

Do you want constant adoration and praise?

Do you want lots of “alone” time?

Do you really want a picture perfect family, or do you prefer an adventurous relationship?

Sit down and honestly think about the type of love you want to attract in your life, not what the movies tell you to want.

You’re an individual, not a character. Start thinking like one.

What Is “Real” Love?

Attracting LoveWe all think we know what “real” love is.

We can imagine it or have direct experience of it, yet we continue to mistake it from time to time in bad relationships.

We like the feeling of infatuation, lust, or excitement. It feels good. Let’s face it.

And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying those moments.

But that’s the thing… they are just moments. Fleeting in time.

Real love lasts beyond the butterflies.

Real love is a sense of belonging and fulfillment that persists long after the rough spots.

When you find that real love, you’ll have found not only your soulmate but yourself.

Attract what you really want in life, not what others tell you to want.

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About The Author: Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores. Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

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