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Public Speaking Advice

Public Speaking Advice 101

Public Speaking AdvicePublic Speaking Advice: The craft and practice of speaking in public is deeply embedded in civilizations across the globe. The spoken word is of great value and it has been for centuries. This fundamental form of interaction has helped humanity progress through the ages.

Before writing was integrated as a technique of communicating, oral presentations were of the utmost value. Many important written works were memorized and recited over and over again for audiences to enjoy.

Poetry evolved as a necessary method of effective memorization. Those who created oral presentations and stories would rhyme the words so as to make them easier to memorize. This practical literary device has stood firm over time into an art form of its own.

The spoken word was of great influence on numerous civilizations over time. Public conversation, debates and discussions had a deeply felt effect in nearly every aspect of life. Faith, politics and entertainment are just a few examples of places that relied on oral presentations.


Today, public speaking continues to be a driving force in many different realms of our every day lives. Oral presentations continue to inform, influence and entertain us. We count on spoken words in our most basic dealings with family members and as a mode of connecting with each other on a global level.

The developments of technology have given rise to efficient communication on a grand scale. Word-of-mouth previously took days, several months and even many years to travel successfully. Modern technology offers methods of proliferating spoken words across the globe in a split second.

However, social media and instant messaging means that less and less people are learning how to be a really competent public speaker. With a little time, effort and determination this presents you with a golden opportunity to step above many of your colleagues and peers.

With some of today’s public speaking technologies, like video conferencing, the presenter can deliver a video presentation to hundreds or even thousands of people without facing the audience at all. Telecommunications has led the way for effective communication to the masses with minimal or no contact, but you still need the basic skills no matter the platform.

Something does get lost in the process. The audience is an extremely valuable resource in an oral presentation. The loss of this advantageous resource can leave some speakers at a loss. Others may find the prospect of talking to a camera preferable to speaking to a live audience.


targetThe delivery of your message can be accomplished by technologies. You may find yourself gazing into a blank lens that offers zero response. Other occasions may call for you to put together a stellar oral presentation to a small number of co-workers.

Some events may call on your capacity to educate the listeners. Your concise informative speech may need to be designed to covey an essential message about health and safety issues in the work environment. You may be in charge of influencing a number of people to vote on a specific matter.

Other occasions are more personal. Maybe you need to deliver an unforgettable speech at your best friend’s wedding. You may simply want to hone your skills in order to properly show your thought and feelings to friends, loved ones and associates on a day-to-day basis.

Public Speaking Advice Step 7: Determination.

Being determined in whatever you do, can take you to amazing places along with it. Therefore, you should be determined in providing your audience a presentation that they will truly never forget. Your determination to succeed can help you in preparing for it. Apart from that, you should study well, and tailor the content of your pitch to appropriately match with your audience wants to hear.

Public Speaking Advice Step 8: Be relentless.

You cannot count on an overnight results in public speaking. If you wish to become really good in it, you need to work hard, as well as spend a lot of time putting yourself into situations where you can practice. Aside from that, you should also hone your skills by attending more training in public speaking. Moreover, you can also get it contact with a specialist in the field, so that he or she can guide you.

Naturally, ramping up your self-confidence and self esteem can help greatly in this regard. There are lots of downloads available to help with this at and

Public Speaking Advice Step 9: Become more passionate in your subject.

If you really want the people in front of you to listen to what you have to say, then you must show them that you are crazy interested in it. Therefore, you should take note of the sub-topics around this subject matter that you really love. This will allow you to speak with width and depth. By doing that, you can show your audience that you are one of the true experts to check out when it comes to the matters you are speaking about.


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