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Press, TV & Speaking Engagements

stop regrettingCraig Beck is available for Television, Press and Radio interviews & features. You may also book Craig to speak at your live event, conference or seminar. He is based in Cyprus (GMT +2) but frequently travels around Europe and the United States.

Subjects: Alcohol Addiction, Confidence, Self-Esteem, NLP, Spirituality & The Law of Attraction

Telephone: +357 96 889705

Email: [email protected] (dot) com


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  1. I have just finished the Fragment of God …I agree …how do we sustain the movement when we can con do it consciously how do we practically tap into the subconscious…

  2. Hi Craig,

    I am now onto my second book of yours the easy enneagram. Where do I find the downloadable documents to go with the audiobook on your website?

    Many thanks

    Catherine Henderson

  3. Mr. Beck,
    I recently purchased your audio book “the fastest way to quit drinking alcohol” on audible. Several times throughout the audiobook you mention taking advantage of your free subliminal audio MP3s. I am interested in using these but I haven’t been able to find any way to download them without paying the site membership. Can you send me the link where I can download these audio Files?

  4. Hi Craig,
    I bought and listened to your amazing book The Blood Sugar Diet and I’m delighted to say that I have lost 43 lbs in 4 months and never once hungry or bothered with any calorie counted. I am about 16 lbs from my ideal weight now but was wondering if you have any meal plans or recipe books/info that I cant access to help me, whilst I keep focus on the last stone and maintenance thereafter.

    I have recommended your book to 100’s of people via the NHS (Heath Unlocked forum) with over 46,000 subscribers I hope it will help spread the word and help may other people who dont understand about the effects of sugar/starchy carbs and insulin.

    I could go on for hours and hours but no doubt you already understand how I feel and the amazing life changing experience I have just had !

    Grateful thanks and very kind regards

  5. Hello, our anwer to you could not be delivered (Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 27.2 hour(s):). Could you, please, send us a functioning address? Thank you. Lucie Fabelova, Cyprus E-bike

  6. Mr. Beck, I am in the process of evaluating texts for my public speaking courses. I found your book in a search and would like to discuss it a little more with you. Is there a more direct, non-public way I can reach out to you?

  7. Hello, I’m currently listening to the law of attraction where can i find a downloadable copy of loana prayer. i hope i have spelled that right. and in what order should i be listening too the books in the series manifesting magic. Regards Ismael

  8. Hi Craig,

    I just finished listening to your audiobook The Secret Law of Subconscious Attraction. At the very end, you mention that we can download some audiobooks to listen for 21 days. I cannot find them.

    Thank you,


  9. Hi Craig,
    I am taking your course How to stop drinking with out will power and you said send you a email and I can get into the private Facebook [email protected]
    Thank You and Thank YOU for writing this course!!!

  10. Your website is not easy to navigate. I am trying to buy the membership and every time I click “Get started now”, it just brings me either to the top of the page or another persuasive speech. In this case, you’ve already got me, why isn’t it easier for me to give you money? Lol …

    Love your work, don’t get me wrong. I will figure this out.. but in the future … make it easier for others!

  11. Hi Craig I’ve just purchased your the now method a cure for anxiety, panic attacks, my problem is that I had a heart attack and now any twinge of pain makes me think I’m having another one and panic sets in sometime for days how do I stop it please

    • Lee…. You have a GIFT !!
      I can sort of relate ! – At age 25 I obtained (not through my choosing) an irregular heart beat, for the next 10 years I placed my life on hold… Worried that my life would end at any moment..
      Then at age 35 my anxiety went through the roof, the word ‘terror’ actually comes to mind (now 40). I had somehow lost control of my mind and life !!

      At age 38 I had an 8 hour heart operation to fix (not sure for how long) my irregular heart beat, then I had to turn my attention to my anxiety, as I wanted to restore balance… I began to ask myself WHY I had anxiety and where did it come from, the return I got was because I feared having a stroke because I knew an irregular heartbeat increases the chance of a stroke.

      For the last 2 years I have worked hard on ‘letting go’ of ‘what might be’… Anxiety is the ego and mind wanting to control the uncontrollable. I still have not so good days, but they only measure a level 2 out of 10, instead of a level 15 out of 10 !!

      Lee, I know (like you do) that you deserve better than this.. To move beyond will take a new approach and indeed a little loving patience. There is a huge link between GUT HEALTH and the MIND – so maybe intuitively feel what dietary changes might be required.

      HERE IT IS —>> Your attack was not worst case scenario, if it was you would not have inspired me by your words above.. I implore you to change the ‘Story’ about your attack (you said above – “my problem is…” –> I would allow the words ‘my blessing is…’

      You are not the mind, your are not someone who ‘suffered’ from a heart attack.. YOU ARE someone who can now go and use your time so much more lovingly than 95% of the walking population because you know what life is now worth. But most importantly, you need to bring your awareness to this beautiful present moment, the place where Anxiety cannot live 🙂

      Everything you do, be grateful for now you can see the huge value in it. The loving value that now exists only because of what you went though !

      I appreciate hearing your words Lee, you inspire me to live for the now 🙂

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