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The Persuasion Technique I Love The Most

laying the decoy

Laying The Decoy: The Persuasion Technique I Love The Most The decoy is perhaps my favorite of all persuasion and influence techniques, it is so wonderfully deceitful and sneaky. Let’s say I am out in the mall collecting for a charity or worthy cause. The charity organizers have explained to me that their average donation […]

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How to Make A Good Impression

make an impression

How to Make A Good Impression On People Everyone likes vanilla ice cream (or perhaps I should say nobody hates vanilla ice cream) but that doesn’t mean it’s the best flavor out there. Vanilla ice cream and magnolia wall paint are the go-to options when you are trying to please (or just not upset) as […]

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The Hypnotic Salesman I & II

Hypnotic Salesman I II

The Hypnotic Salesman The World’s Most Powerful Sales Persuasion Techniques Click here to download from By Craig Beck Over a decade ago came the Hypnotic Salesman: seven key principles of subliminal communication that teach anyone to sell directly to the subconscious, bypassing the part of the mind responsible for judging and evaluating. Originally designed […]

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