The Secret To Smashing Your Personal Development Goals 

 December 22, 2018

By  Craig Beck

Your Personal Development Goals Smashed!

Self-improvement is like bathing, I suggest you do it often. Hitting your personal development goals requires consistent effort and work.

Learning is key, if you are not growing your knowledge you are dying.

Let me give you a great example from my own life on why knowledge is so much more than power when it comes to your personal development goals!

Knowledge is more than power

In the summer of 2009 my son and I nearly died. To this day I feel a considerable conflict of emotions about the day. I am proud that I was able to save my son’s life and I am devastated that I failed to see the danger before it was too late. I was still living in England at the time, and we had taken an annual vacation in Cyprus where we had the villa.

For a change of scene, we decided to travel to the west coast of the island and spend a few days in a nice hotel. We had stayed at this particular hotel before, back when my son Jordan was only three years old.

He had found the concept of a hair drying chained to the wall fascinated and played with it all week, so on our return, we tried to recreate the image.

My son Jordan
My son Jordan

The hotel had a fantastic swimming pool but what made it special was its own private cove and glorious sandy beach. We remembered having great fun there, the waves would come rolling in increasing in speed and height, as the natural funnel shape of the cove squeezed the water tighter and tighter.

Pool or beach, the big choice!

So while my ex-wife and my daughter opted for the tranquillity of the pool my son and I headed straight for the action of the beach. The perfect blue water was full of people, small children paddling and screaming with delight as the waves broke upon the golden sand.

Teenagers and young adults knocked a ball back and forth a little further out; it was a perfect scene.

I think the sheer number of people in the water made me either ignore or not see the red warning flags that had been raised to indicate that a dangerous riptide was occurring. Jordan and I were having a blast diving over the waves and chasing each other in the wonderfully warm Cyprus sea.

What we didn’t realize is that we were very slowly pulled out to sea.

We still had our feet on the sand at this point but every time we jumped up the current grabbed us and pulled us another foot deeper.

As we were moving together at the same speed, neither one of us noticed that we were quickly becoming the furthest people out. Quite soon after this point, I realized that I was on my tiptoes and just about managing to stay in contact with the seabed.

I understood that if I was nearly out of my depth, then Jordan was several feet from being able to stand.

Killer Beach Cyprus
Killer Beach Cyprus

When is it time to worry?

However, at this point I still wasn’t at all worried, I just shouted to my son who was a few feet away that we should go back in a little.

We turned and started to swim for the shore, we swam for about three minutes, and when I stopped to put my feet down, expecting the sand to now be comfortably under my feet, I went completely under the water.

Despite swimming hard for the shore we were now another six feet further out to sea, and I could no longer touch the bottom at all.

A vast sensation of panic rushed through my body, and I screamed at Jordan to swim as hard as he could.

We both dumped the breaststroke and through all our energy into kicking and crawling our way back.

After another few minutes of frantic swimming, I stopped once more to check the depth of the water and to see how much progress we had made. To my devastation, we were again even further out to sea.

I was tired and struggling to keep my head above water, I shouted for help, but I knew the noise of the rolling waves would mean you probably wouldn’t hear us if you were ten feet away. There were no lifeguards on the beach, and nobody was sitting keeping an eye on us.

At that moment I honestly thought we were going to die.

Even as I sit here writing about the incident, which was a decade ago now, I feel that horrible knot in my stomach that I experienced back then — the realization that my son was going to die and it was all my fault.

I didn’t care that I was going to die too, the only thoughts I had in those awful seconds of acceptance is that my son is going to drown and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

As if I ever need more evidence that your subconscious will come up with some pretty surprising answers if you ask the right question, here it was.

I certainly didn’t consciously come up with this idea;

Are You Smashing Your Personal Development Goals
Are You Smashing Your Personal Development Goals

I just started doing it.

I dropped down under the water until my feet hit the sand, there was about three foot of sea above my head by this point, but I could grab hold of my sons legs and then dig my feet into the sand and push him forward until I ran out of breath. At which point I would scramble to the surface and take another lungful of air.

I was using vast amounts of energy with each cycle, and despite the enormous effort, I was only moving Jordan about six inches closer to shore each time. But for the first time, I was heading in the right direction.

Over and over again I dropped to the bottom and nudged him forward; it took around twenty minutes of this before I could touch the bottom and keep my head above water at the same time.

Time slowed down

It felt more like four hours, but the relief of being able to stand again was overwhelming. I grabbed my son and dragged him to the beach where we both collapsed.

We lay exhausted for a few minutes without speaking. Eventually, I turned my head to Jordan and said ‘do you know what just happened’? He looked me in the eye and said ‘Yes Dad, we nearly died.’ I don’t think I will ever forget how I felt at that moment — a tidal wave of relief, pride, and guilt all at once.

I saved my son, but I couldn’t help but beat myself up for failing to protect him from the danger in the first place.

I later found out that the locals refer to that beautiful sandy cover as ‘Killer Beach‘ and at least two or three tourists die every year in the same spot. Swept out to sea by the deadly current that rages under the perfect cobalt waters.

The point of this story is a lack of knowledge can sink you. I now know that the way to escape a riptide is not to swim against it but to traverse across it until you reach a point where it’s not so strong. You may have to swim several hundred feet down the coast, but eventually, you will reach the end of the swell and be able to swim safely ashore.

Do you have the right skills
Do you have the right skills

Lack of learning nearly killed us

In short, my son and I could have very easily died that day purely down to a lack of knowledge. It was not that the challenge before us was impossible, but we did not have the skills to confront it.

So many people dream of a different life. Their personal development goals include escaping the rat race and running their own enterprise. They want to find their soulmate and have a genuinely beautiful relationship; they want to find their purpose in life and spend every day from now on doing what they love and getting paid for it.

However, the vast majority of people want someone to make it easy for them.

There is no shortcut to glory;

I would love to win the lottery one day, but I know that the chances are pretty low considering I don’t ever buy a ticket. What this says about me is winning the lottery is a ‘nice to have’ but not a ‘must have.’ It’s certainly not one of my true personal development goals.

If you are serious about smashing your personal development goals, you should have some pretty clearly defined goals, what I encourage you to do now is think about what you don’t know, that you don’t know. If you want to be a success at something you must learn it to the point where you could teach it to someone else.

We nearly died because we didn’t know enough

Mastery is key to success

Part of the process I take my Stop Drinking Expert members through is learning how the drug is manipulating them. Previously most people have attempted to quit drinking on their own, but virtually always by using willpower alone.

This is an approach to problem drinking that has a 95% chance of failure; it is exactly like getting caught in a riptide and opting to swim against the current.

I show problem drinkers how the illusion is being performed, and it’s a bit like going to see a magic show by Penn and Teller. The first time you see the illusion you are blown away, it looks and feels like you just witnessed real magic being performed.

However, when they come back onto the stage and show you exactly how the trick was done, it ceases to be magic and transforms into a piece of theatre. It doesn’t matter how long you live; you will never be able to see that same illusion performed again and see it with the same wonder you did the first time.

how to find your purpose
How to find your purpose

Personal development goals mastered

Often it’s the information that you don’t know you don’t know that is key to your success.

For example, I have had a YouTube channel for over a decade, I have occasionally made the odd video and thrown it up there. However, I have never seen a vast amount of success from my efforts and have never given it much thought or attention.

I will admit to being a little miffed at seeing people creating similar content to me getting ten times the views and subscribers but I could never work out how they were so much more successful.

smart goal setting
Smart goal setting

Always be learning, never, ever stop!

Then about three months ago a famous YouTuber with half a million subscribers messaged me. She said ‘I love your videos, they are amazing BUT what the hell are you doing with your YouTube strategy.’ She said that I was making dozens of fundamental mistakes in every video I uploaded and offered to coach me on what I was doing wrong’.

Since Natasha jumped in and repaired my massive gap in knowledge, my subscriber growth has accelerated tenfold. This is the knowledge that is hugely valuable. So I encourage you to take your personal development goals and objective and dismantle them into a thousand pieces.

I want you to find out how every detail of your personal development goals fit together, leave no nut, bolt or screw in place.

Are you ready to be shocked?

You will be surprised at what you discover, and when you identify an area, you need to expand your knowledge on, pursue it relentlessly. If you are serious about living to your full potential, there should not be a moment where you are not growing, learning and developing. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that another common trait shared by the vast majority of the world’s most successful people is they watch a tiny amount of television.

There is an excellent reason they call it ‘the idiot box.’

commit to growing
Commit to growing

The secrets of successful people

Successful people smash through their personal development goals because read a lot of books, take a lot of courses and subscribe to something called Automobile University. If you have any sort of commute to work, this is the perfect opportunity to be learning and driving yourself forward. However, most people listen to pop music or the nonsense coming out of the radio.

I was a commercial radio broadcaster for over a decade, and I can tell you that you can write on one page the value information I delivered over that period. Most of what I was told to talk about was celebrity gossip and speculation about who would win X-Factor this year – total garbage.

Dump the junk

Any spare opportunity you get should be spent excitedly learning. The results are outstanding, it is said that if you listen to a personal development goals audiobook every day on the way to work and then again on the way home. Within a few years, you will have learned as much as a standard university degree course.

If you are ready to take your personal development goals to the next level. Click here to join me for a free online training about unlocking your full potential and living with passion.

Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores.  

Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

Craig Beck