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Mystery Pickup Artist: It’s been more than 10 years since the publication of The Game, Neil Strauss’ infamous volume documenting the masterful– and often manipulative– methods of pick up artists.

Regardless if the world desired it or not, The Game lifted the shade on a realm of men who alleged to have cracked the code of human attraction. These would-be Casanovas, united by years of dissatisfaction and embarrassment at the hands of females, said they could approach and seduce even the most powerful women on the planet by merely following a series of steps– a typically complicated, but repetitive formula.

Critics at the time were not pleased.

“The Game is really a book about the frailty of male ego,” the Guardian’s Rafael Behr wrote in 2005, “and how it seeks sanctuary from the intricacy of individual relations in a puerile cult of sexual invasion.” The Telegraph panned the publication as well, calling Strauss and his compatriots “intensely humorless,” while his previous employer, the New York Times, dismissed the pickup artists he referred to as “frightened little boys.”

In 2016 the sensuous secrets of Strauss and others seem progressively out of date. Picking up women at bars with unique one-liners remains in many ways as plebeian as your grandparents’ love letters. The publication itself has also rather fallen away.

It currently sits cozily in the 3000s among e-books sales on Amazon and in March, a New York City Barnes and Noble worker said only 6 copies sold in the in 2015.

Today, Strauss himself has washed hands of his outdated methods.

” Absolutely fucking not,” was the blunt reply of Jamie, the 20-something operations manager for Venusian Arts, who declined to provide a last name. He quickly denounced the title of “pickup artist.” Venusian Arts clients, he said, are simply wanting to network.

” What we do is we provide a presentation tool,” Jamie said in a phone conversation. “Most of our customers these days are looking for a comprehensive way to present themselves in an empowering way.”

Mystery Pickup Artist – Forget About Pick Up!

Venusian Arts is the brainchild of Erik Horvat-Markovic– aka Eric von Markovik aka Mystery pickup artist. Whose lead role in The Game and the VH1 program. The Pickup Artist has made him the face of the market. Markovik is recognized for codifying many of the now-infamous strategies of seduction. Including techniques like negging, or delivering a backhanded compliment to the person of interest.

” The function of a neg,” Strauss wrote, “is to lower a female’s self-confidence while proactively displaying a lack of interest.”

A lot of guys end up pursuing an interest in Game because of Straus & Mystery. The Powerfully Confident man is not a pickup artist. The whole concept of Game & Pick Up is the routine of a shallow or weak character. The goal of Seduction University is to grow your self-worth and confidence. This is the most attractive elements you can have when it comes to attracting hot women!

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