Mind Into Matter: 12 Money Making Mindsets to Live By

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Money Making 101

Is there anybody in America that wouldn’t want to see more money in their bank accounts after the bills are paid?

Tax reform to increase revenue is one the biggest concerns on American minds.

More are worried about stagnating wages not having enough money to retire, buy a house, or even have children.

It’s pretty clear that money making is a top priority for a lot of Americans, but plenty struggle with it.

Do you switch jobs, get another degree, or do something else to get you money?

A new job or different degree could be helpful, but there’s something everyone can do that help up their ability to make money.

If you want to make money, be in the right mindset.

Money Making Through Positive Thinking

We know what half of the people reading this are thinking right now. “How can thinking differently ever affect my bank account?”

There’s a definite link between improvements in mood and even life quality when it comes to positive thinking. If thinking the right thoughts can turn your day around, why can’t it impact your bank account?

Do you want to know how the right mantras and thoughts can help with money making? If you start your day off in these mindsets, the link will be proven to you soon enough.

Stop Dwelling On the Past

You weren’t good with money before. Maybe you spent too much and refused to save, or you could have been constantly falling behind on your credit and loan due dates. Regardless of what you did in the past, you need to forget it to succeed in the future.

So many people are held back because of who they were, and now they can’t focus on who they are. You aren’t irresponsible with money anymore. You’re someone that wants to make money and is ready to make a difference in their lives!

Play To Win

When you’re thinking about money making, vague ideas aren’t going to help. Wanting more money is good, but what do you want to do with it?

Do you want more money so you can retire early and travel the world? Are you looking forward to making sure your children and grandchildren will be taken care of?

It doesn’t matter what you want to do with your money. If you have clear goals in mind, money making is much easier.

Stay Cool

Think about the last time you were extremely stressed, then think about having to take a multiple choice 100 question long test during that time. If that scenario were to happen, you wouldn’t expect to get an A.

Things may be stressful right now, but stress can be distracting and can keep you from reaching your goals. Regardless of how tough things may be now, stay calm and focus on how to reach your financial goals.

Embrace Your Budget

So many people view budgeting as a sign that they aren’t wealthy, but a budget is necessary for any kind of financial freedom. Don’t view a budget as a restriction, see it as a game plan.

If you need money to start your own business, spend time-saving each month so you can get started. If you need to get out of debt, see how much you can set aside every month.

Tear Down Barriers To Success

What is keeping you from making money right now? Once you have an answer to that question, you’ll be able to find a way to have the money you need.

Are you paying too much for the place you’re renting? It’s time to find somewhere cheaper for the time being.

Do you lack the people and connections you need to make it in your industry? Go to a networking event and make new friends.

Know You Can Make Money

You may not be pulling down 6+ figures now, but you clearly have the ability to make money. Whether you’re pulling down a paycheck or have important skills, you’re essentially a money-making machine.

There’s already something inside of you that can help you make the money you want. Just focus on that to start seeing your bank account grow.

Focus on What You Can Do RIGHT Now

Your five-year plan involves building a hefty stock portfolio, going back to school and getting an MA, and going into business on your own. These are big goals and may seem overwhelming to think about them all, that’s why you need to focus on what you can do now to get you to the goal finish line.

You aren’t in school yet, but you can spend time researching the best online MA programs so you can find one that works with your schedule. You may not have money to invest in stocks now, but you can keep up with stock news and learn investment tips so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

Have a Good Relationship With Money

If you want to make money you’re essentially in a relationship with money. If you want that relationship to grow and be nurtured, it has to be healthy.

Think about how many times you use money throughout the day. Even if you haven’t pulled out cash or your card, the gas that gets you to work and the electricity that keeps your home lit costs money.  Appreciate money’s role in your life and how it can get you the things you need.

Think About Wealth

You’re focused on money making, but you shouldn’t be set on a short-term goal. You don’t want to have money for a few key things, you want to have money for the rest of your life.

This is why being wealthy and having money are two different things. Someone with money can make a few big purchases every once in awhile, but someone with wealth will have that ability for life.

Be Open To Learning

Innovation is the key to money making in the 21st century. People shouldn’t focus on the small things they have now, they should be thinking about the future and how to make things better.

If you want to make money and be wealthy, you need to be open to new ideas. A new way of thinking or a different way of doing things could be exactly what you need to make your fortune.

Live In Your Own Reality

Things may not be going well for you now, but it’s important to keep in mind that what you’re experiencing now isn’t something you’ll be experiencing forever. Whatever circumstance or environment you’re living in now is temporary, and keeping that in mind is the key to being able to make money.

This is important to keep in mind even when things are going well. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, that’s why we should do what we can do to help make tomorrow better.

Have Fun

Money making doesn’t have to a chore or endless sacrifice. Remember that making money is fun and that you’re doing this to have a better life.

Be happy with every penny you save at the supermarket. Be grateful for the extra $50 from this month. Every dollar is one that gets you closer to your goal!

Your Turn

Is there a mantra that helps you make every day a success? Let our readers know about it in the comments section. And if you need any advice or tips, sign up today so you can get started on your money making journey.

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