How To Lock ‘n Load Your Law of Attraction Manifestation Weapon 

 April 2, 2018

By  Craig Beck


A Manifestation Weapon Of Mass Construction

I have a friend on Facebook who if I cut and paste all her status updates here for you to read you would think ‘the poor girl, what a terrible life she has.’ At first glance, I would admit she does appear to have extraordinarily bad luck but when you take into consideration the boomerang law it all becomes entirely understandable and entirely predictable.

If she has to visit the doctor her status will be along the lines of “Wish me luck I am going back to the doctor this afternoon. It will be just my luck that the test results are not even ready yet LOL”.

Can you guess what her next status update says? I will give you a clue, delete the LOL and replace it with FFS and you will be getting close to the theme of the status.

The Pure Power Of The Positive

manifestation raygunIf you expect the doctor to mess up your consultation, you send a manifestation rocket into the universe that this is what you want. If you concentrate on how crappy your marriage is and what a terrible wife or husband you have, can you see how that becomes more and more the reality?

Rarely do you wake up and suddenly your marriage is beautiful again.

We have a machine in our head with the power of creation; it’s like a manifestation raygun and whatever you point it at comes into your life.

Point it at misery, and it traps a load of miserable events in its tractor beam and drags them all closer to you. Point the gun at success or happiness and your life changes in the very best way.

So we are all given at birth this magical weapon, but it comes with no instruction manual and no safety switch. When you point it at the bad stuff it doesn’t say ‘are you sure master?’ and ask you to click ‘ok’ or ‘cancel.’

The Big Question

So here is a question for you… what happens if you point your ray gun at nothing?

You might leap to the conclusion that nothing happens but that is not quite right. Remember this ray gun gives you more of what its beam focuses on. The nothingness in the spotlight expands and grows. It turns a small cavity into a giant chasm.

This is what Nazi concentration camp survivor Victor Frankl refers to as the existential vacuum or to give it a less fancy name ‘human emptiness.’ When we create this void inside ourselves, it causes us pain and misery. So we try to fill the hole with stuff, anything that will take away the emptiness.

Obsessed With Wanting

rolexHow many people do you know seem obsessed with having luxury in their lives?

They want an expensive car to impress the neighbors; they take grand vacations and tell all their friends about how amazing it was, they want a bigger house, designer clothes and all the visible trappings of success that the world can offer. This is all stuff they are desperately trying to plug the emptiness inside with.

Throwing possessions and ‘stuff’ into the void doesn’t make any difference because the ray gun is still pointed firmly at nothing and the black hole keeps expanding and expanding. Acquiring ‘stuff’ is the strategy for happiness that is likely to be as effective as trying to fill a volcano by throwing in one grain of sand a day.

Other people try to close the chasm inside themselves with drugs, alcohol, and sex. They become obsessed with either one of these pursuits or sometimes all of them and more, all in the incorrect belief that these things and stuff can stop the pain.

Manifestation & Rock ‘n Roll

How many Hollywood actors and rock stars have you heard of that appear to have the whole world on a plate, and yet they end up killing themselves either by suicide, drugs or a combination of the two? But how can this happen in lives that are apparently so full?

There probably isn’t an answer that can be applied to all situations. Everyone comes into the world with his or her own mission, their own raison d’etre and failing to hit the mark will create an equally unique vacuum.

When you stick in a job you hate, stay in a broken relationship or believe that all you have is the maximum you can ever achieve then the ray gun is pointed at nothing. When you follow your heart and trust your subconscious (or gut feeling if you prefer) the beam shines onto what you are passionate about.

Rock stars become multimillionaire superstar performers because they follow their passion and do what they love. Then they become bored with churning out the same material year after year, but they are now trapped in a lifestyle.

The Sausage Factory

The fans want to hear the big songs they love and the concert promoters demand that the band give the paying audience what they want. Rock stars change from following their heart and creating what they like to nothing more than a glamorous and adored jukebox.

They tour the world playing stadiums, going through the same list of songs, in the same order. Night after night, month after month and year after year.

In the beginning, nobody expected anything of him or her other than to do the thing they love. Fast forward past the peak of their success, and now they have an agent, PR person, concert promoter, ex-wife, girlfriend and a drug dealer who all demand that the money flows at the same rate it always did.

They can’t stop working at the sausage factory or to even slow down, and so they lose their life purpose. The cavity appears and grows so big, so quick that it can’t be filled and life becomes pointless and painful.

One magic ray gun per person! But with no training, no manual and no safety switch. This is the situation we have to deal with; you can choose to see it as a blessing or a curse – regardless the gun will just do what it does.

One Manifestation Weapon Each

Because we only have one of these guns, it can only be pointed at one thing at a time, and so it is not possible to manifest more money if you are busy pointing the gun at the belief that money is scarce and difficult to come by.

You can’t become an excellent public speaker as long as the beam is currently pointed at being a poor performer in this area. If you want more confidence, then become tunnel visioned about being in that state and always be aware when you have started thinking about the opposite position to what you want.

Obviously for me to tell you not to think about your crummy relationship with your husband is as effective a solution as telling you not to think about how your right foot feels. Until I said ‘right foot’ you were probably not even aware of it at all, then despite me telling you not to think about it, you instantly became aware of it and are probably still aware of it right now.

Becoming Aware

using the law of attraction universityI accept that you will still worry about that failing relationship, that is natural and to be expected.

However, what I want you to change is how long you allow the thought to remain. Become adept at spotting the negative view, acknowledging it happened and then deliberately visualizing the opposite.

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Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

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Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

Craig Beck