Law of Attraction Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Law of Attraction FAQ

law of attraction faqI consider myself a relatively intelligent guy with enough street smarts to successfully dodge all scams and scammers that have so far taken me on as a potential mug.

I do not believe in fairies, leprechauns, the tooth fairy or Father Christmas. I find most conspiracy theories somewhat tedious and as such I do not believe 9/11 was anything but a terrorist attack and that the white lines you see in the skies (dubbed chemtrails) are the government attempting surreptitiously to poison the everyday people but instead that they are the simple result of high-temperature exhaust fumes hitting super cold air.

My father was a butcher from the North East of England, and I consider my heritage to be from a no-nonsense working-class family background. I do not write this sort of material lightly or without pure and total conviction that what I am telling you is true.

If my parents were old hippies called Tarquin and Jeminah and we loved nothing more than to spend our summers in the woods dancing around a campfire naked, then I would advise you to take my words with extreme caution.

Blind Faith?

I do not believe in blind faith. If I am told something, I expect to be able to replicate the results I have been informed about, or I will discard the notion. The law of attraction has changed my life beyond all recognition, and I want you to experience the state of bliss that I feel right now.

This post designed to answer the (quite logical) questions of naturally skeptical people everywhere. Sensible, grounded people who really want to believe, but for whom there is just a smattering of ‘too good to be true’ still lingering.

I have tried to answer the most frequent questions I am asked on this subject, but if I miss the element that is most causing you puzzlement, please do email me from the website, and I will do my very best to give you a comprehensive answer.

Q1. If the law of attraction is real, why don’t I see it happening around me all the time?

You do, but you probably don’t currently identify it as the law of attraction at work. There is a perfect example of the universe delivering dreams happening here in England at this very moment.

I am writing this post in the business lounge of Manchester Airport on Sunday 1st of May 2016. The city of Manchester is preparing for big crowds to descend on it later this afternoon when the players and fans of Leicester City football club arrive to play a crucial soccer match against the world-famous Manchester United.

If you are not a follower of British soccer, let me explain that the Leicester City squad of players have an estimated value of around £31,000,000, a lot of money but peanuts by the standards of some clubs.

They will be playing the Manchester United team, whose value is thought to be over £340,000,000. If this were Formula One, it would be like racing Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004 against a Ford Fiesta.

If Leicester beat Man United today (and I believe they will), they will win the league, if they lose they will still win the league but it will take another week. Regardless of what happens today, Leicester City will end the season significantly higher up the table than the likes of Manchester United, a team worth over ten times more than them.

If you had placed a bet at the start of the soccer season on this outcome, the bookmakers would have laughed you out of the shop. Odds available for this bet were 5000/1.

Giant Killing

If you are not familiar with sports gambling, allow me to explain. When odds get over 1000/1, it is the bookmaker quite clearly saying this is not going to happen.

leicester cityFor instance, you can probably get odds of 10000/1 that Elvis will be found alive and well and running a fish and chip shop in London. Leicester doesn’t have the best players, they don’t have the best coaching staff, they don’t have the best training facilities, and they don’t have anywhere near the financial resources of the other clubs, and yet they will beat every other team in the league this year.

I suppose you could claim that Leicester City got lucky and perhaps you could point to two or three games and label it good fortune, but the Premiership season is long and hard. You would have to be pretty convinced of the power of luck to claim that this team was just lucky in all 38 games that they played to reach this point.

Our thoughts have energy, and when we sincerely believe and focus on our desires, we send out immense and powerful waves of this energy. What do you think happens when 100,000 fans all believe the same thing?

This is what we call the collective will, and it can move mountains. David killed Goliath because he believed, he saw the victory before it happened and sent the corresponding wave of energy into the ether (or if you want the dumbed down explanation, a miracle occurred —thank the Lord).

It is worth being aware that the collective will of society can also create devastatingly bad outcomes. Consider World War II for instance; it is a little too easy to point the entire finger of blame at Adolf Hitler.

Realistically, one man could not do that much damage on his own. Most of the German people were mostly unaware of the true horrific extent of the atrocities being committed in their names, but there were still enough people willing to build, run or just plain ignore the concentration camps on their doorsteps.

Camps similar to Auschwitz, where millions of men, women, and children were systematically starved, tortured and murdered.

Adolf Hitler wasn’t initially a dictator imposing his will on a helpless nation; the people of the time voted him into power. His hard-line resonated with the feelings of the downtrodden majority in the country. Germany had been utterly humiliated in the First World War and the punishment handed down by the allied nations brought the Germans to their knees.

The country was rendered bankrupt, and all hope of recovery was pointless due to hefty fines and debts imposed on the country by the rest of Europe. If the situation hadn’t changed dramatically, Germany would have been still paying their obligations to the allies well into 1987.

The country was in a bitter depression with no jobs and no opportunities, and hyperinflation had made the currency next to worthless. In 1922, a loaf of bread in Germany would have cost you 160 marks. One year later, the same loaf of bread cost 200,000,000,000 marks. You literally couldn’t carry all the money to the baker that you would need to buy the food.

The collective mindset of the people was that of a deep inner resentment that they were being bullied and harshly treated and it was time to stand up and fight back against the bullies. The result of this miserable national state of mind is written in blood in our history books.

Q2. Why can’t I do something simple to prove it works, like placing a winning bet on a sports event?

The problem with this concept as a test is that there are too many unknown variables.

Let’s take a horse race as an example. Imagine there are six runners and you have put a small bet on horse number five, just to test this law of attraction business. What you don’t know is how many other people are betting on the other horses and how many of them are also firing their own rockets of intention into the universe.

There might be a guy across town wagering his last penny on horse number 2.

He is on his knees begging for a result because anything less than a win is going to mean he can’t pay his rent and will lose his home. In this situation, your success would cause him significant harm (and you would never know anything about it).

You can’t ask the universe to manifest damage to other people because divinity is love and love has nothing to do with the array of negative emotions we experience as a part of the human condition.

The second thing I have noticed is that the universe ignores your insistence on when something arrives. Time as we know it is an irrelevant concept to the cosmos. I have found the universe is very similar to Cypriots; it is not in a rush to do anything—tomorrow is just fine thank you very much.

The Elements Of The Universe

manifestation raygunMost of the time when you ask for something, you are completely unaware of all the elements that have to come together to make it happen. I could state my intention that I want to see the earth from space just once in my lifetime. I am sure you can see how this could be possible if the right events happen in the correct order.

If I demand that I become an astronaut by this afternoon, I am backing the universe into a corner—it doesn’t have the material to work with to give me what I want. Remember, your intentions need to be for amazing things that are beneficial (or at the very least, that do not harm) to everyone involved.

Finally, I believe you are communicating via a divine fragment of your eternal being. This part of you knows why you are here and what you really should be doing with your life. If you won one horse race, the chances are good you would place another larger bet, and before long this trivial activity would become your obsession.

I am reasonably confident that your purpose in life is not just to teach the bookmaker a lesson or two. Giving you what you want in this case could cause a domino effect that destroys your life.

The universe will ignore you if you try to cause harm, even if the injury is only to yourself. Remember, the illusion of separation means that it is not possible to contain the harm only to yourself. The damage you inflict on yourself will create a ripple of negative energy that impacts others far and wide.

Q3. If we are as powerful and divine as you say, then why do so many bad things happen and why can’t we stop them?

The hitch with this question is that it comes from within the illusion of God. It assumes we are silly children and we need to be supervised for our own good. The problem is that there is no greater power that can be asked to keep an eye on us, we are God—you can’t go any higher.

How would you feel if I said to you that you couldn’t be trusted to drive a car safely and I am going to have someone else supervise all your future driving?

Most people would be highly insulted and offended at the very suggestion. But only because mostly we all think we are excellent drivers—it’s the guy in the car in front of us who is a bloody idiot.

When you become experienced at tapping into the power of the universe and you reach the point where I am.

When you believe with 100% conviction that the rockets you launch into the universe will hit their target, and while you may not know exactly how the intention will be delivered, but you do know with certainty that something beautiful is on the way. Then you will feel the confidence and self-belief in your own free will that you already feel about your ability to drive a car.

Q4. I asked the universe to let me find my soulmate, but I keep ending up in bad relationships with the wrong people—what gives?

Here we have another question phrased from within the illusion of time. So you want to meet your soulmate? But, presumably, you don’t want to meet them and then completely mess it up and scare them away?

Of course not, so maybe you need to learn a few lessons first? Do not place timescales on your intentions; trust the universe to deliver your dreams when it is perfect for you and your soulmate and not a moment too early or too late.

Maybe you are ready, but your partner needs a few more lessons or vice versa. If I had met Daniela five years ago, I would have still fallen instantly head over heels in love with her, but I know for a fact that I was not the man she needed me to be at that point. Our relationship would have been short, dramatic and very painful.

Just like your future relationship with your soulmate, your relationship with the universe should be built on a rock-solid foundation of trust and love.

Q5. If I worry about negative things, will I manifest them into my life?

using the law of attraction universityYou don’t need to worry; your fleeting predictions of doom and gloom won’t be manifested unless you go to great effort to apply your focus on them in a dedicated manner.

If you spend four hours a day visualizing a terrible car crash, then you are likely to be operating at a deficient vibrational state and pulling negativity towards you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will crash your car that week.

If we only had to think of something and it would magically appear, we would have aircraft diving all over the place, lions escaping from zoos every day and bosses dropping down dead every time they chastised an employee who was late for work.

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