The Law of Attraction Works Whether You Believe it or Not 

 September 27, 2017

By  Craig Beck

Law of Attraction – The Secret

law of attractionThe Law of Attraction works for millions of people around the world. It’s just that most of them are unaware that it’s there at all.

It’s a bit like gravity, you know it’s in effect because someone told you it is. But you can’t feel it or point to it.

Equally the Law of Attraction is also similar to the law of gravity because it doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not.

Gravity doesn’t stop working when people refuse to believe in it and neither does the Law of Attraction.

While most highly successful people rarely attribute their success to the law of attraction there can be no doubt it is at play.

When you get focused on something you want. When you get super passionate and committed to your goal, most of the time you get the outcome you desire.

You could argue that it was hard work alone that delivered the success, but to do so is to fail to acknowledge the divine power at our core.

The Divine Power At Our Core

Human beings are endowed with the seeds of greatness. We are capable of creating miracles when we really want to!

Getting started with the law of attraction is all about understanding that the solutions and outcomes that we seek are not out there somewhere. Rather everything comes from within, from the place inside us that is connected with a higher power.

Even scientists admit that on an atomic level, everything is energy. We are all just particles of energy vibrating at a frequency that dictates how me look, feel and think.

That Rolex watch or diamond ring you desire is also just a collection of vibrating particles of energy.

To attract the watch or the ring you just have to alter your own vibrational state to match that of the things you desire.

You may wonder how on earth you even become aware of the vibrational frequency of a luxury watch. The good news is, you don’t have to. It’s so much simpler than that!

Just as soon as you get started in my Law of Attraction University I will show you step by step how to start manifesting the life of your dreams.

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Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores.  

Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

Craig Beck