A Notebook That Changes Your Life? A Look at How Journaling Can Increase Success


Mindfulness. Understanding. Self-improvement. These three tenets can offer a firm foundation for success. But oftentimes, developing even one of these life-changing traits can require an exhausting amount of physical and mental exercises. What if I told you there’s one simple habit that can transform your life? That secret habit is journaling. Writing in a journal […]

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8 Positive Thinking Strategies That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Positive Thinking Strategies

8 Positive Thinking Strategies Are you happy with your current situation? Or, are you like the more than two-thirds of Americans who consider themselves to be unhappy? If you are unhappy, what’s holding you back? Do you lack a sense of purpose? Are you having a hard time accomplishing all that you want to accomplish? […]

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Self Confidence Boost: 7 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence

how to be confident

How to be Confident: We live in a competitive world. There are 7.7 billion people on this Earth. You’re bound to run into one or two that do something better than you do. It’s a complicated situation, too. Good or bad? No, it’s a little of both. Competition can drive you to be a better version of yourself. Or, it […]

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Limiting Beliefs Explained And Mastered

limiting beliefs

Limiting Beliefs Explained During your lifespan, you gather facts, information, and references that help you create your concept of reality. Gradually, you develop more endorsements via the use of your creativity, through the information you obtain, by means of individual experiences, and through the effect of your friends and colleagues. These references help you develop […]

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