Kingsteel: The Dragonkin Trilogy, Book 3 

 June 17, 2016

By  Craig Beck

KingsteelRowen Locke has won the battle. But from the shadows comes an ancient enemy – a calculating and merciless foe who has been waiting centuries for the chance to strike. Despite all he has already suffered and sacrificed, Rowen finds himself mired in a war bigger and more terrible than anything he could have imagined.

The world’s only hope lies in Knightswrath, whose hard-won powers he has only begun to understand, let alone control. Calling upon unlikely new allies, Rowen must raise an army to defeat the vengeful Dragonkin before everything he loves becomes a smoldering ruin.

“Although I wished more had been explained regarding Knightswrath’s powers, this was a very satisfying conclusion to the Dragonkin trilogy. The protagonists are spread across Ruun and facing the newly revealed Dragonkin who has been hiding and gathering power for centuries and believes himself to be a god. Each alone, they seem destined for defeat–especially Rowan, who fears Knightswrath’s seductive power and its hold on him. With the Dragonkin revealed and the fabled Jolym terrorizing the land, new and unprecedented alliances are forged of desperation. Even then, the future of all of Ruun may lie in Darkness.”, Emily Jo Scalzo

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Craig Beck

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Craig Beck