Is It Possible to Escape the Rat Race?

escape the rat race

Is it time to escape the rat race?

There are over 150,000,000 people in the American labor force. Of those 150,000,000, the vast majority are card punching, nine to fivers.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are too.

Working a 9 am to 5 pm job seems like an inescapable reality of life. If you’re not working in an office for a big company, you can’t eat, you cant save for retirement, you can’t be successful…

What if I were to tell you that your seemingly inescapable reliance on being a participant in the cooperate rat race was in fact, absolutely escapable?

The truth is that thousands of people do it every year and that there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t too. To help you escape the rat race and move towards the free life you’re dreaming of, here are some practical tips and mindset alterations you need to start moving towards.

what do you want out of life

What do you want out of life

1. Save Up Some Money

The first practical tip I can give you to escape the rat race is saving money. There are a million blogs out there that will tell you to walk into your boss’ office today, tell him/her to suck eggs and quit your job.

Unfortunately, bold attitudes don’t pay mortgages.

Because of that reality, if you really want to find financial freedom, you’ll want to make sure that you have a cushion of money saved up. Preferably a year worth of expenses or more.

I know, I know… when your back is up against the wall and you despise your job, the thought of saving up and sticking it out can be tough. Still, if you quit your job too early, you won’t give yourself the opportunity you need to get momentum in your new life. That may mean you having to limp back into the life you left behind prematurely.

2. Get Frugal

Saving up a years worth of expenses to forge a path to financial freedom can be difficult if you have lavish tastes. To get you out of your current job fast and give yourself more time to find the next big thing, you’ll want to cut back on unnecessary things.

I’m talking stuff like premium cable, expensive car leases, and lavish Starbucks drinks. All of that needs to move to the back burner so you can focus your resources on building your new foundation (and don’t worry, once you’ve established yourself you’ll be making more than enough to splurge again).

You’ll find that removing unnecessary things from your life not only gives you more financial flexibility, it also reduces distractions. Your life’s newfound simplicity will help pave the way for you to get creative and your creativity is what’s going to keep you out of the rat race indefinitely.

3. Have Purpose Every Morning

You’ve saved up, you’ve quit your job, you’ve cut unnecessary expenses from your life… Now what?

You have (for example’s sake) one year to find a way to make a livable income for yourself.

You could spend that year trying new business ideas, growing your skills, and revolutionizing your life… You could also spend that year waking up at noon, watching movies all day on your friend’s Netflix account.

I’m going to challenge you to be in the former party and make precious use of the time you have to reinvent yourself.

If you misuse your time and end up back at a job you hate, you’ll forever regret not taking advantage of the opportunity you had. So set goals for yourself and spend each day taking small steps towards their achievement. If you do, I promise you you’ll find success.

Living with zero limits

Living with zero limits

4. Work 10x Harder For Yourself Than You Did For Your Boss

If you put all of the hours you give to your employer into following your dreams, what would you achieve? I’m willing to bet the answer is a whole lot.

In order to escape the rat race, you need to be willing to invest more in yourself than you’ve ever invested in anybody you’ve worked for. You need to be willing to go beyond 8 hours a day, expand your skill set, learn new things and not be afraid of failure.

Being self-motivated is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face outside of the corporate machine. If you feel yourself wanting to slack off while building your dream life, take a step back, visualize the person you want to become and let that image propel you forward.

5. Find a Mentor

A ton of people who have escaped the rat race will tell you how integral a mentor was to their success. Nothing can fast forward your ambition of getting rich working for yourself, untethered from a cubicle than by working with somebody who has done it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re you’re interested in building an online brand, selling products over the internet from your bedroom or doing anything else. Out there is somebody with incredible expertise that can help you navigate through every hurdle standing between you and your dreams.

I highly recommend that you find that person.

unlock your full potential

Unlock your full potential

Wrapping Up How to Escape the Rat Race

People who are burned out on their 9 am – 5 pm redundant jobs ask me this question all the time, “Is it possible to escape the rat race.”

The answer is a resounding yes.

Doing so takes courage though. It takes getting organized. It takes being self-motivated.

Do you think you have what it takes? I hope you answered yes because I 100% believe that you do.

Are you ready?

People who find the courage to jump head first into their dreams often summon from within themselves incredible qualities they never knew they possessed.

So what are you waiting for? Find out what you’re really made of and start taking steps to escape the rat race and follow your dreams today!

If you’re serious about achieving financial freedom fast, let’s work together to make that dream your reality.

My name is Scott Oldford and I specialize in helping get dreamers like you to the places they’re meant to go. I do this by helping them build businesses they’re passionate about.

Get started on your journey to success by checking out my course on how you can start making 7 figures working for yourself. If you have any questions or need more guidance, reach out to me today.

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