Increasing Success And Abundance In Your Life

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Increasing The Flow Of Success And Abundance In Your Life

Success And Abundance sounds like something for the lucky few, but it’s not! The human mind is powerful beyond our wildest imagination.

We still haven’t found a way to even use more than 20% of it’s potential. We still don’t really understand how it works. However, there is one action of the mind that both protects and limits us at the same time.

Our tendency to see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear is a huge problem.

When I first moved to the island of Cyprus I couldn’t believe how rude and impolite the Greek Cypriots were. I couldn’t even drive to the supermarket without getting cut off on the highway or being aggressively tailgated all the way to the store. People were constantly cutting in line and the people serving me in stores would never smile or offer any politeness.

The illusions are not real

For quite a while I firmly held the belief that the Cypriots were a very rude bunch of people indeed.

Then I made a couple of friends who were born and bred in Cyprus. I became good friends with the owner of the local pharmacy, a very wise and friendly guy called Savvas.

Shortly after meeting him he took me out to lunch and for three hours we shared good food and conversation. For most of the time he sang the praises of Cyprus and it’s people.

He told me that I was a very lucky guy because I had the good fortune to live in Cyprus, home to very loving and compassionate people.

Savvas insisted that I could spend the rest of my days traveling the world and I would never find more caring people than the Cypriots. Of course I didn’t challenge his beliefs, but let’s just say I wasn’t entirely on board with what he was saying.

But then something strange happened. Over the next few weeks I noticed a dramatic change in the Cypriots. They became better drivers, shop assistants started smiling, strangers in the street started to wish me a good morning as I walked passed them.

There are only two explanations for this paradigm shift, either the whole country of Cyprus had a secret meeting and agreed to be a bit more hospitable or more likely the change I was witnessing wasn’t out there but rather it was inside me.

The Change is Inside You… Always.

how to be wealthyThe huge challenge we face is to recognize when we are thinking negatively or just plain ignoring the reality.

We have seen this delusion quite clearly in the United Kingdom with the vote to leave Europe. Social media is awash with racist and xenophobic comments that all begin with “I am not a racist but…’. Most people are blind to the state of mind they are operating from within.

Poor people look out at the world from within a scarcity state of mind. All they can see is what they need to see to justify their own position. They see greed, corruption, and injustice everywhere.

Millionaires look out at the same world and all they can see is possibility and opportunity. It’s the same world and yet two people can see it entirely differently and consequently experience life in starkly different ways.

Did you know a survey was carried out to compare the opinions of the rich with the poor? What it revealed is 57% of people without wealth believes that you need a great deal of good luck to become wealthy. Yet, only 3% of millionaires agreed!

Who is correct?

I don’t know about you but I would rather ask the fit and slender person how to become slim that the morbidly obese man, chowing down on a box of donuts!

Taking the blinkers off is an important next step. Becoming painfully aware of all your limiting beliefs, negative outlooks, and bad habits. Awareness is the key and with it you’ll be able to strip yourself away from all the things that are currently preventing abundance from flowing into your life.

Along with that, developing your positive outlooks such as seeking peace, harmony, and happiness will further and better diffuse the more negative thoughts and will strengthen and enrich your connection to your real self (the divine power within).

Your ‘Real Self’ knows exactly how you can be successful in life!

Free yourself from the burden that you must come up with the plan and map your journey out every step of the way. The fragment of God embedded within you knows where to take you.

If you would just pause and listen for a moment you would discover wonderful things are ready and waiting to appear. Once you’re directly reconnected and reunited with your higher self.

This divine part of you will unerringly support and direct you ever step of the way. All the abundance and prosperity you ever wanted with start appearing automatically, the rewards of allowing divinity to flow.

This also includes leading you to the fulfillment of your life’s objective and purpose, which will offer you even greater fulfillment and will give you a much more meaningful life.

Are you living a meaningful life?

As you go on with your true journey, getting rid of those constricting beliefs. You’ll find an entire new life ahead of you. An enhanced and improved life in so many wonderful ways!

Yes, you are here to do a lot of things. There is a lot of work to do, but not the sort of work you are used to. This is the work that your heart desires. By taking the correct step at the correct time the universe will reward you with consistent prosperity, success, and wealth!

Remember, real wealth, success and abundance does not just relate to your current financial predicament. Real abundance always incorporates a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude for the genuine riches and opportunities in life.

We will come back to this point in much more detail but what I need you to know is that you can’t just be grateful for the stuff that you label good. You also must be thankful for the stuff that you decide is bad. There are no mistakes, everything is there to teach you something significant.

Getting In The Success And Abundance Mindset, Now!

The most important step that you must take in order for you to reach your absolute potential and realize true abundance in life actually begins with the right mindset for the world around you right now in this moment.

There are lots of positive mindsets that you can use, but among the most recommended and greatest is known to be the abundant mentality. This mentality is the precise opposite of scarcity mentality.

Scarcity mentally is primarily generated from fear of having not enough, and or the fear of losing things. It is entirely generated by the ego and it is entirely erroneous.

Having a Success And Abundance of state of mind. You are living your life under a misleading belief that money, resources, loving relationships and even friends are restricted.

This is the ultimate identification with the insecurity of the ego and serves no good purpose in your life.

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