If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there…

If a tree falls in the woods

If a tree falls in the forestIf a tree falls in the forest… and there is nobody there to observe it, does it make any sound? Until very recently my answer to this age-old question would have been of course it does, don’t be so silly.

Only recently as I have searched for scientific evidence to back up the theories of the law of attraction has my position changed on this. My answer to the question ‘If a tree falls in the forest‘ has not just changed but completely reversed, I am now more likely to believe that unobserved trees fall in silence. The reasons why are extremely important elements behind the theory of manifestation, I will explain in detail shortly.

Over the centuries we have become more and more sophisticated as a species. We used to believe the earth was flat because it looked that way. We used to believe the sun revolved around the earth again because from our earthly point of view that seems to be the most logical conclusion and so we made an assumption.

Go back to Roman times or even the ancient Greeks and multiple Gods was the common belief. Today that is roundly considered a laughably flawed theory and the single deity has become the default position of western religions. However, increasingly even this point of view seems too childish a concept for many to accept and agnosticism and atheism are rapidly growing as the only logical assumption to the facts we are offered. Science is becoming our yardstick, faith is declining and evidence based belief systems are becoming the main stream. Seems sensible right? But where this logic falls over is when look beyond the surface and start to examine life on a particle by particle level.

In quantum physics we are discovering that the elements don’t obey logic and our assumptions are making and ass of you and me. Perhaps the most famous research study that you will hear mentioned is what was called the ‘twin split experiment’.

To describe the twin slit experiment, consider a Ping-Pong ball firing device that shoots out ping pong balls that travels across a space and hit the wall behind.

Now think of the ball-firing machine being compressed down to the size of the quantum level where rather than shooting out Ping-Pong balls, it now shoots out extremely tiny particles called electrons. Those electrons pass through a vacuum and hit the wall, which marks their positions.

Picture another small screen with single vertical slit in the center that is positioned between the particle launcher and the rear wall. Many of the electrons will travel through the slit and hit the wall behind it and many will be blocked.

What we will see on the wall is a straight-up column clearly noting the area where the electrons have hit it (directly behind the slit).

Next, rather than a single slit we use double slits. So now the electrons can travel through either one of those slits to strike the wide screen behind.

What we expect to see is 2 vertical columns marking the region where the electrons will pass through either slit and make impact with the wall. But the peculiar and amazing thing is we do not witness what we assumed would happen. Instead what we see are several vertical columns a small distance apart from one another appearing on the wide screen.

If a tree falls in the forest – an age-old question and now it has a new answer

Imagine a swimming pool partitioned by a screen. This screen has two slits in the center exactly the same as I just described in our lab-based experiment. When an object is dropped into the pool in front of the twin slit partition, it causes a circular wave to that ripples outwards in all trajectories. The surge travels through the twin slits and divides into two smaller waves. As the two ripples continue to travel, they simultaneously reinforce and counteract each other at certain angles.

What you observe on the wall at the end are numerous vertical columns each being a minimal spread apart from the other. The columns show the part where the waves bolster one another while the spaces demonstrate where they cancel each other out.

double split

So the question is why does the electron act like a wave when it passes through double apertures?

The theory is that the electron splits into two when it reaches the 1st screen and travels through both holes at the same time. It then disrupts itself consequently causing a wave effect that creates the multiple lines on the rear wall. In quantum physics, this is called the theory of non-locality where an element exists in two locations at one time. It is not limited to one place in time and space but it becomes universal.

The scientists were fairly certain in their assumption that the multiple lines were being created by the particles creating a wave. So to confirm their hypothesis a tiny device was positioned in front of the double splits screen so that they could observe what occurs when the electron penetrates it.

The outcome they got was unusual beyond ordinary explanation. This time what they saw on the rear wall was just 2 vertical rows instead of the multiple ones that they witnessed initially.

This was a complete head scratcher for the logically minded scientists because what it showed is that when they were watching a particle acts like a particle. When they are not looking, particles act as like a wave. Scientists struggled to accept this because it appeared that 2+2=9.

This is very confusing for scientists but it is a beautiful thing for authors like me. I have witnessed my life being completely turned around by something I know to be real. It is my unwavering belief in the law of attraction that makes it work so well for me.

Bully for me, but if I want to use this knowledge to help other people then it is unrealistic to simply demand that they believe 100% in what I am saying. I appreciate that no matter how much you may want to believe me there is always going to be an eyebrow raised here or there to certain parts of this phenomenon. At time you are going to think ‘this is too good to be true’.

I am excited because the double slit experiment allows me to apply logic to something entirely illogical.

If a tree falls in the woodsQuantum physicists talk about electrons, or events being potential, rather than real physical entities. Nothing is solid it is but a liquid of various potentialities, essentially until somebody looks, and then it sort of forces the universe to make a determination about which possibility is going to be realized. All of reality is effectively a limitless quantum field of energy, an ocean of boundless opportunities waiting to transpire.

It sounds impossible but what I am saying to you is the tree makes no sound when it falls unless you are there to make the measurement. Your thoughts are the energy that makes the sound; if you are not present there is no energy. When you observe life you automatically generate thoughts and your thoughts create waves of energy that alter reality.

Consciousness is the fuel that alters energy. All energy is actually consciousness; therefore it is consciousness guiding itself. The observer is not apart from the observation. The experimenter is not apart from the experiment.

Everything is energy and energy is everything. What this experiment proves is that you are the universe and the universe is you. Without your thoughts and corresponding interaction the universe does not exist.

Essentially you have a limited but beautiful choice to make. You can sit back and observe life and thereby send out your submissive observational energy waves and accept what comes back (living a reactionary life – like the vast majority of human beings) or you decide now to take control of the energy that you are emitting into the universe and start designing the outcome you receive back. The only choice you can’t decide to take is to opt out of this process, whatever thoughts you create are going to have an impact on your life, so why not be in the driving seat rather than live like most do as a blindfolded passenger.

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