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How You Attract Money

How You Attract Money: Wealth mentality, is rooted in pure self-confidence and positivity. Through this, you strongly assume that resources are limitless for you.

Everything you need to accomplish the important things you desire in life are freely available. That life needs absolutely no anxiety about whether you will have enough or not.

Such worries about the availability of resources are pointless in this state of mind.

You can get this state by first understanding and then believe firmly that money is plentiful in this world. You know that if an opportunity doesn’t turn out as you wanted, there are still plenty of other opportunities out there waiting for you to discover.

Different outcomes that you hoped for will never affect you in such negative manner.

Those who are living with an abundance mentality or those who have the correct frame of mind do not fear challenging situations or obstacles.

They know that even if things don’t come out according to what they want or what they intended, there are still lots of possibilities open before them. Ever opening windows of opportunity that can help them attain wealth in a different aspect of their life.

Everyone has this special ability to manifest all the things they desire at will – everyone! All you have to do is equip yourself with the appropriate perspective and the right mindset. Here are some traits that you really should have to attract abundance in life.


There are lots of things that you should be grateful for no matter your circumstances in life. Be grateful and appreciate all the little things, being grateful will attract more things into your life.


Believe in yourself as well as in your ability to manifest your own fate and reality through your actions and thoughts. These are the keys to unlocking your inner self and inner divine power. Self-doubt can be harmful; it can even stop you from achieving abundance and success in life.

Take action:

As Woody Allen says ‘80% of success in life is just showing up’. The universe always presents you with a lot of opportunities that will lead you directly towards accomplishing your aspirations.

Once opportunities are presented, you have a choice – most people ignore them. The truth is that most people who see this book assume it’s too good to be true and they walk on by.

This assumption is the default position of all people living in the scarcity mindset.

If you are serious about attracting wealth don’t be like them, take action!

Don’t wait for luck to do miracles for you, rather do your thing and let the universe apply an equal or even greater push in the same direction.

Never force something to happen: Learn how to let go of things and stop trying to push the river back up the hill. Forcing things to happen will always make matters worse.

When the ego declares we need something external to be happy and then we try and force life to give it to us we just end up become depressed, agitated and upset. There is always a reason why things happen.

Getting the right mindset to obtain genuine wealth in life is the best choice you will ever make, trust me on this. Life is supposed to be happy and joyful. You should love what you’re doing; see to it that your real passion is essentially and continuously expressed.

Many skeptical people ask me ‘if you are so wealthy why do you keep writing books’. The answer is simple – I love it. I don’t write to make money, don’t stand for hours in a sound booth recording audio books for money – I do it all because I would miss it terribly if I stopped.

I love what I do!

I adore what I do on a daily basis and the universe keeps on rewarding my endeavors. Please keep in mind, that the power of attracting wealth is buried within; it’s always been there – you just never chose to use it.

Make a commitment that today that habit is going to change.

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