Unleashed: How to Love Yourself More and Unlock Your Full Potential


Unleashed: How to Love Yourself More and Unlock Your Full Potential

Learn to love yourself moreFor over a decade I have been coaching everyday amazing people. The problem has always been that they rarely see themselves as powerfully full of potential as I see them.

I wish I could let them see themselves through my eyes for a few seconds; it would change everything. It would be like discovering that you have been driving the entire journey with the handbrake still engaged.

We are just far too hard on ourselves. We are so focused on what we perceive to be the weaknesses that we fail to appreciate and utilize the powerful gifts and abilities we uniquely hold inside ourselves.

Lots of people are dreaming of squeezing more out of life. They want to climb the ladder at work, live without debt, treat their families to the more exceptional things in life. Many want to quit the rat race altogether and set up their own business.

Learn to love yourself more

In my Unleashed live workshops, I take people through a life-changing experience to change all this sort of stinking thinking. In one fantastic day, they get breakthrough after breakthrough. Stripping away all self-limiting beliefs, building unbreakable self-confidence and destroying the fear that keeps them trapped in their comfort zone.

This book will take you through the same journey that my live seminar clients go through. It will show you how to embrace and then permanently release your inner demons – the lousy programming that has always held you back and prevented you living the life of your dreams. The secrets of this book will once and for all show you how to love yourself more and start living life like you mean it.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome self-doubt and grow your self-confidence
  • Find your purpose and true calling
  • Accelerate your success and wealth
  • Destroy fear and get more out of life
  • Remove negative influences from your life
  • Love yourself more
  • Live with passion and unleash your full potential
  • And much more


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love yourself more

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