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You should trust me on this: Understanding what makes people tick is perhaps the most under appreciated super skill that it is possible to have.

If you are serious about moving above the vast majority of people at the bottom of the mountain and joining the elite 20% at the top, this information is essential.

It’s impossible to get to the top without using the power and the help of others. The ability to motivate, inspire and teach people how to buy into your vision is beyond priceless.

Influence People At Work

Your career requires you to influence people all the time. Whether it's getting buy-in from fellow staff members, getting a pay rise or promotion or persuading your manager that your idea is the best one, you need to be able to convince other individuals.

That's why you can't afford to pass up my Persuasion University course on how to Influence People.

If you're tired of battling with the ego's of your colleagues and would like to start getting the support and outcomes you need immediately, then do not hesitate. Decide now and get started today, a world of better results and relationships is waiting.

You have a vision, and you recognize your work is crucial, get other people to not only see it too! But also follow you on the journey and help you deliver your goals.

Powerfully Effective

If you wish to be powerfully effective at your job, if you would like to see rapid progress in all aspects of your life, then one of the most essential skill-sets you can have is the ability to influence others. But you're not a natural born salesperson?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Persuasion and influence are formidable skills to master and one that very few people are born with. And that's why we've created Persuasion University... the how to influence people course. 

Just as soon as you get started on this complete mastery level course you will get all the tools you need to start bringing others around to your way of thinking.

Make Friends & Influence People Socially

Human beings are complex but predictable. What if you knew how to make people like you? To even ask such a question might sound manipulative and underhand, but the fact is; we are often our own worst enemies.

Because we don't really understand what makes people tick we inadvertently make severe mistakes in our communication. We accidentally become masters of blocking friendship.

The great news is, there is a blueprint for all human behavior. If you want to make friends, in this course, you will discover all about my Law of Likability. A checklist that we subconsciously require checked before we can declare someone to be a 'nice' person.

In Persuasion University - How to Influence People you will learn how to develop rapid rapport, how to attract people, how respect and significance are built and how to have other people help you hit your goals, desires, and objectives in life.

The Dangerous Side Benefit

There is another benefit to this how to influence people course, but it is only dangerous to you if you don't learn about it.

The fact remains that this powerful knowledge is being used on you every minute of every day by compliance professionals around the world. 

You can’t avoid it!

If you don't know about dangerously efficient compliance techniques such as the Law of Scarcity, The Decoy Principle and The Law of Association, you are exposed to being manipulated and coerced by marketers and PR professionals everywhere.

Why not decide now and get started on possibly the most important course you ever discover?

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Kirsty Y, USA

"This Is Very Powerful Stuff"

This is very powerful stuff. I have been listening in the car but I recommend that you really need to have pen and paper to hand there are so many techniques to learn. 

I'm not a sales person and as Craig says you don't have to be to use these techniques. We all have to sell ideas from getting the kids to do the dishwasher to getting projects done on time. 

A must for all who want to be master communicators!


If you can decide now you will get Instant Access To My ultimate, Persuasion & Influence Coaching Program.

A hypnotist and compliance expert is finally ready to show you, step by step how to influence people in all walks of life. Make friends, close deals, read people and much more.

law of association

Secret One - The Law of Association: how to use the automatic linking behavior of the subconscious mind to connect yourself and your product to highly positive emotions in your prospect.

Secret Two - The Law of Authority: The white coat of the doctor is enough to garner our trust, this is because our childhood programmes us to bow to authority. We can use this universal trait to our advantage.

law of authority

Secret Three - The Law of Likability: People are most likely to comply when dealing with people they like. What if there were secret tricks you could use to make people like you... well there absolutely is and in this section I will show you!

Secret Four - Making An Impression: Magnolia paint and vanilla ice-cream sell by the bucket load but you are very unlikely to remember them or crave them. Let me show you how you become more significant in this world of the beige. 

make an impact

Secret Five - Laying The Decoy: This is one of the most powerful persuasion skills you will ever learn. It gives you the power to get exactly what you want while giving the impression that you have accepted much less than you set out for.

Secret Six - The Law of Reciprocity: Human being are programmed to repay acts of generosity, we can't help it. When you know how to pull on this automatic response, it can be used to help people say yes to your requests. 


Secret Seven - The Law of Scarcity: We all want what we can't have - boys want sports cars and girls want diamonds for this very reason. The recent Bitcoin boom and bust is a perfect example of what people will do when they think they are about to miss out.

Secret Eight - The Law of Social Proof: Whether we like it or not, we have an inbuilt belief that there is safety in numbers. We believe that if other people are doing something then it validates our involvement. Compliance professional can use this to devastating impact.

millionaire mind

Secret Nine - The Law of Personal Bias: Have you ever diagnosed yourself with an illness by Googling your symptoms? Did you notice the more you read the more convinced you became that you have the disease. Let me show you why!

Secrets Ten Plus: The Law of Curiosity, Unstoppable Power Technique, The Power of Words, Lie Detection Secrets, Pulling On Emotions, Pacing & Mirroring, Conflict resolution and How to Make Friends the easy way.


D. Cardona, Kentucky USA

"For those looking to create success"

I've read and listened to numerous titles on persuasion, influence and communication and would recommend you add this comprehensive course to your learning library.

New and well seasoned students will find valuable info here. The author/narrator is English and quite charismatic in his presentation. He presents as someone who knows what he's talking about and uses many of the techniques during the audio to keep it interesting and memorable. The info here is presented for the purposes of positively influencing others to get what you want.

If you're interested in creating success in yourself and those you interact with through "enhanced communication skills," buy this one!


Frank F, Berlin Germany

"I watched the first lesson 5 times in a row - it shook me so hard!"

Firstly please excuse my English. I have bought a LOT of personal development courses over the years. Make no mistake this is the best course I ever invested in.

I watched the first lesson five times in a row - it shook me so hard!

His personality is amazing. Video and Audio presentation are very professional. Craig is the best motivational speaker I ever heard and the wisdom he teaches is powerful and deep...

When I say that you must also know that I am a coach myself. Craig ! I say Thank You! Such a Great Course!

Yes, Show Me How to Become a Master of Persuasion & Influence!

"Persuasion University The #1, Step by Step How To Influence People Coaching Program " 



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​Persuasion university

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  • Complete course online (value $1000)
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  • Inner circle upgrade (value $500)
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"I am passionate about giving people the tools to make massive positive change in their lives. I know if you follow my step by step process you will be thrilled with the results. If after trying this program for 30 days you don't feel it has made a difference in your life... I want to hear from you! If I can't help you personally I will refund your investment in full", Craig Beck

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P.s.: "I understand you maybe sceptical, I would be! There is so much BS online today - but let's be clear. You should trust me on this. I have dedicated my life to studying and understanding what makes people tick!

The ability to influence the actions of other people is perhaps the most powerful skill you can have. All of the world's most successful people have harnessed the energy and power of other to deliver their objectives. Decide now and give it a go, it may end up being the most important decision you ever make. If you have any questions, just ask", Craig Beck ABNLP, ABHYP ([email protected])


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