How to Get Any Girl to Like You Using Psychology

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NLP Seduction – How to Get Any Girl You Like

Want to use the science of psychology to connect with her on a deeper level?

These tips are the best place to look for advice on how to get any girl.

Let Your Body Do The Talking

According to a recent study, it takes about one hour to make a real first impression on a woman.

This is great news for you, as it takes the pressure off of having to pull out all the stops within the first five minutes of meeting someone new.

While this means you’ll have time for conversation, (which you should pepper with the all-important humor) also watch your body language. Women aren’t attracted to men who smile too much, as it’s seen as a sign of neediness. Instead, go for a brooding, Heathcliffe-style attitude.

One of the most tried and true tips on how to get any girl? Don’t be overly available. If you’re with a group of guys, be the one that steps outside a few times during the night.

It will project an air of mystery, and she’ll want to learn more.

How To Get Any Girl? Make Her See Red

If you want to know how to get any girl, though, how you look matters – but that doesn’t mean you have to be a model.

Instead, it’s all about how you choose to present yourself: your look and style will help broadcast what type of man you are.

A good look also projects confidence. And, according to research showing that teams who wear red are more likely to win games, red is the color that communicates that to others on a psychological level – they’ll associate you with a winner.

Show Her You’re A Leader

Women are attracted to powerful, successful men.

This means that, whether they’re aware of it or not, when you’re in a roomful of other men, women are scanning the crowd to figure out who is the real leader in the mix.

To get her attention, show her your an alpha male – it’s not just about proving that you’re a good “caretaker,” it’s showing that you’re the most dominant of all the other men in the room.

It doesn’t matter how much money you actually have in your bank account when it comes to how to get any girl – what matters is how well you can pull off a suave, confident attitude.

To accomplish this, we recommend:

  • Being the one in your group to order for the table and the one who asks for the check
  • Picking out exactly where you want to sit and then staking your claim out at the table
  • Suggesting places to go next (showing that you know your way around your city)
  • Bringing up your accomplishments (in a subtle way) at the table

Keep Working On Your Game

If you really want to perfect how to get any girl, you know it’s not going to happen overnight.

Like in any other facet of life, the right seduction techniques require consistent practice – and great, proven advice.

For more of all that, check out our blog and website, and feel free to get in touch to ask us any questions.

The girl of your dreams is within your reach – you just have to know how to make her tick.


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