How To Get A Girls Number Every Time

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How To Get A Girls Number: Your primary goal is always to get the number but you must not get obsessed with the phone number being what dictates whether you feel like a success or a failure. Approaching at all is the success and anything that happens after that is just the outcome. If you get blinded by the overwhelming urge to get the number you will mess it up and scare her off.

Remember you attitude should always be ‘I want you but I don’t need you’. If you are demanding her cell number after thirty seconds of idle chat you are going to come across as a desperate weirdo.

Do not ask for her number until the conversation starts to fade because as soon as that number is in your phone you are going to end the interaction. Under no circumstances allow the conversation to fade out or give the girl the power to end your chat.

You are always busy and you always have somewhere important to go. If she says no to your request for her number and instead offers her email address or a Facebook add, you should see this as a clear sign that you went in for the number close too early.

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When I say ‘ask’ for her number, I really mean ‘tell’ her to give it to you. You need to take a dominant lead at this point. Because most women will feel nervous about handing over their contact number to a strange man they just met. If you give her the slightest opportunity to go with her gut feeling she will flake on you.

Avoid questions like ‘do you think I could get your number’ or ‘do you fancy swapping numbers’. Such statements are weak and make it too easy for her to reject your request. When you go for the number, hold strong eye contact and without breaking that contact. Say ‘you seem like someone I need to know better, give me your number and we can meet up sometime’. If she hesitates you may need to assert your dominance further.

How To Get A Girls Number

When girls have ummed and erred with me. I have cut them off before they had a chance to say anything by firmly saying ‘stop, just put your number in there now’. If she still refuses, don’t push it and certainly don’t beg. Withdraw the offer with something like ‘jeez and I thought you were cool’ and end the interaction.

Leave her feeling like she messed it up. Rather than give her the opportunity to fob you off with an excuse and steal your power. Remember, “I want you but I don’t need you’.

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