Discover The Unusual Way A 43-Year-Old Family Man Got Rich Using The Secret Millionaire Mindset Blueprint

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Let me tell you about the strange way I went from earning $20 an hour to $10,000 an hour...

My name is Craig Beck. I was one of those guys who had a decent job and worked hard but couldn't catch a break.

It seemed that no matter how much I earned I was always in debt.

I had $50,000 in personal debt and it would infuriate me that the harder I worked the richer somebody else got. My salary didn't budge!

The daily 3-hour commute the office was sucking the life out of me and the bills waiting for me at the end of a long day had driven me to drink.

I was fat, tired and broke. At yet by a lot of people's standards, I was a success.


Finally, I snapped

Enough was enough. I refused to spend the rest of my life playing the game like a good little slave.

So, I made a decision that I wanted the house, car, and lifestyle of my dreams.

It became an obsession of mine to study and model the millionaire mindset shared by the worlds top self-made men and women. 

Next I stopped making the same mistakes as poor people the world over do every day.

  • Selling my time for money (DUMPED).
  • Paying the taxman before I pay myself (DUMPED).
  • Spending thousands of mind-numbing alcohol (DUMPED).
  • Using credit cards and loans to make ends meet (DUMPED).
  • Getting ripped off by the system and fat cats (DUMPED).

I dumped the excuses, all of them!

I learned how to create automatic revenue streams. Money that flowed into my life whether I turned up at night.

Don't misunderstand, this wasn't an overnight eureka moment. I spent months and years trying and failing. Sometimes I made such huge mistakes that I was nearly beaten.

I started to understand that money is just an idea. Most filthy rich people didn't get where they are through luck or good timing.

Wealth has a blueprint:

Wealth has a recipe, just like baking a cake. If you follow the instructions for a chocolate cake you get exactly what you wanted.

My millionaire mindset is the same - it's a step by step recipe for wealth and abundance.

When I perfected the method money began to flow into my life 24 hours a day, even while I was sleeping.

My boss laughed at me when I said I was going to quit and go make millions doing what I love. He stopped laughing six months later when he saw the sort of lifestyle I was living...

The old days

the commute



Debt free living

One by one the credit cards got paid off and debt became a part of my distant past.

Free at last, I packed up and left gloomy, rain-soaked England and moved 2000 miles to a sun-drenched Mediterranean island.

These days life is very different: 

  • I never go to 'the office'.
  • It's been 7 years since I was last stuck in a commute.
  • Every month I travel, staying in luxury hotels around the world.
  • I have more money than I know what to do with.
  • Plus I have never worked so little in my whole life.

This is the Millionaire Mindset

This is how to get rich! People sometimes come to my website and leap to the assumption that this has to be too good to be true. 

I get that, there is a lot of false promises out there. However, this is not a get rich quick scheme. I am not saying you can sit on your ass and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Here's the truth if you want to rich it's going to take action, effort and passion... all from you.

Pure scarcity thinking!

A lot of people ask me 'hey, if you are so wealthy why do you have to sell this program'. I don't do anything because I 'need' to, only ever because I 'want' to. These people still believe that earning money has to involve doing things you don't enjoy.

Doing what you love and becoming rich are linked. Because when you only do things you are passionate about success comes easy.

  1. Success buys money.
  2. Money buys freedom.
  3. Freedom buys happiness.

Start living the Millionaire Mindset

I don't teach people this stuff because I need the money. Those days are long gone. I do this because I LOVE it!

I bounce out of bed every morning to teach this life transforming information. I will never retire because I never do anything that I consider to be 'work'.

This is the dream I am offering a select few with Millionaire Mindset Coaching Program.

Craig Beck

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how to become rich

Joey T, New Jersey USA

"He teaches you how to think like a millionaire"

I haven't listened to all the audio courses or done the exercises yet. However, I wanted to write and tell you how amazing this is!

I finished up watching the first ten lectures vert quickly because it's an amazing, enlightening and a really fun course. Much more so than I expected.

It really opened up my eyes. The way we are taught to think about wealth is all wrong... it's almost criminal!

In the first ten lectures, Craig teaches how to think and live like millionaires by changing one's bad habits, taking responsibilities and taking positive action.

"Money is only the byproduct of doing what you love to do and providing a service to help as many people as possible."

Very well said, albeit some what philosophical :-)

Overall, it's a really great course for anyone who want to improve one's life and start dramatically increasing their personal wealth and success.

If you can decide now you will get Instant Access To My ultimate, proven effective how to become rich Coaching Program.


A serial digital entrepreneur is finally ready to show you, step by step how he built a fortune online. More importantly... how you can do it too!

Hint... It's got nothing to do with working harder, longer or any investment system.

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Part One: Learn the critical 'wealth preventing' mistake that 80% of people make. Plus, how you get rich even in a bad economy, unstable political climate... or even both!

Part Two: Virtually all millionaires share 7 powerful habits - find out what they are and how you implement them today.

millionaire course 2

Part Three: The shocking truth about luck. Why I am calling you out on your own BS and how you create a killer wealth routine that never stop generating cash!

Part Four: Understanding the millionaire mindset of the filthy rich - what does it feel like to have extreme wealth? Get clear on how you focus on wealth creation like a laser beam!

rich courses

Part Five: Discover the secret behind ALL human motivation, with this knowledge you can control any situation. Use this secret to live a fearless life.

Part Six: All millionaires pay themselves first, the tax man and everyone else has to wait in line. People in the 80% do thing things the other way around - coincidence? 

how to be rich

Part Seven: The power of Ask, Believe, Receive. Let me show you the secret of how I used this trick to double my income every year for 5 years.

Part Eight: This will blow your mind... Why you have to get clear about the difference between short term pleasure and lifelong happiness, peace and purpose.

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Part Nine: The biggest deception of life that 80% of people fall for and fail to recover from for an entire lifetime. They never discover how to become rich - ever!

Part Ten: Avoiding the victim trap and the Millionaire Miracle Maker principle that took me from flat broke to filthy rich within 5 years.


  • 1
    So many people live trapped in the rat race. Never quite having the amount of money they want but feeling too dependant on the next pay-check to do anything about it. I will show you the secrets and tricks of the super rich.
  • 2
    Ever get the feeling that there is something missing and there must be more to life than 'this'? Listen to this! It's an important signal that you are not living your true potential. So much more is possible - let me show you!
  • 3
    Imagine if you could step inside the mind of a bestselling success author, a serial digital entrepreneur who has launched countless six and seven-figure websites. Project Freedom gives you that very opportunity.
  • 4
    Most people are aiming so far short of their real potential it's almost laughable. This executive mentoring program will have you setting and smashing through goals so big that you currently can't even imagine them.
  • 5
    This life-transforming program has been designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and mindset to take your passion and turn it into your livelihood (and then some).
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I am not just going to show you the mindset and habits you need to become crazy rich.

Much more than that.

Decide now and get started with Millionaire University today and I will upgrade your membership to include Project Freedom.

I will show you how to create a business online doing what you love!

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Mark U, Sydney Australia

"Exponential financial growth is within reach"

This course is a stellar piece of work, with authentic information presented by an authentic instructor.

The steps listed throughout each day's lecture work to help expand thought capacity, and to precipitate positive, large-scale change within the student's life.

"A life changing course that should be compulsive learning."

When the information from this course is approached with a consistent effort, and open mind, exponential financial growth is within the reach of the student.

Hats off to Mr. Beck, with sincere thanks for sharing this motivational gem with the world!

If you are serious about living a better life, with more wealth and abundance then I can't recommend anything as passionately as The Millionaire University​

Thank you Craig!

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Frank F, Berlin Germany

"I watched the first lesson 5 times in a row, it shook me so hard!"

Firstly please excuse my English. I have bought a LOT of personal development courses over the years. Make no mistake this is the best course I ever invested in.

I watched the first lesson five times in a row - it shook me so hard!

His personality is amazing. Video and Audio presentation are very professional. Craig is the best motivational speaker I ever heard and the wisdom he teaches is powerful and deep...

When I say that you must also know that I am a coach myself. Craig ! I say Thank You! Such a Great Course!


Yes, Show Me The Money!

"Millionaire Mindset - How To Become Rich Coaching Program " 

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Disclaimer: This millionaire mindset mentoring program reflects the personal experience of the author only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional financial advice, but describes a program to be undertaken only at the personal risk of the individual. Individual result may vary.

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