How to Be An Alpha Male For Good

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How to Be An Alpha Male: Bond, James Bond… the epitome of the Powerfully Confident man. An alpha male who has an unapologetic approach to everything in life. He achieves this state of confidence without the need to lower himself to insults or nastiness.

You have never seen 007 ask a woman for anything, he always tells her what he wants. Of course, if you do this from a position of disrespect then you may get the same compliance but you are not acting as a socially evolved man.

There are three stages of development for most men who set out on this journey. Virtually every guy who buys this or any of the other amazing life-changing products available from (wink) started out as a ‘nice guy’. Perhaps you are still at the nice guy stage?

How to Be An Alpha Male

This is the point where you are being super nice and kind to girls and you are quite frankly getting nowhere. Don’t feel bad if this is where you are because you are a victim of your good upbringing. Your mother probably brought you up well and told you to be polite to girls and treat them well.

One or more of the most influential people in your life has told you to be the knight in shining armor. Am I correct in saying that this approach is a complete failure? I already know the answer because I have been there. The nice guy phase is the most likely cause of your condoms expiring before you get a chance to use them.

Sadly things are going to get worse before they get better because the next phase is what I call the ‘Confident Dickhead’ phase. This is the point where you realize that you never had anything to be afraid of when it comes to women and you subconsciously get angry that you spent so much of your life being terrified to even approach them. To your surprise the more of a dick you become the more girls want you.

You mistake this success for believing that you have arrived at your rightful throne as king of the studs. While it is true that you are now getting lots of attention and sex you can’t get away from the reality that you are still acting out of slavery to your own selfish needs. You are still lingering after the approval of other people, especially women.

Seduction University Teaches How to Be An Alpha Male

Of one thing I am sure, on your journey through life you will meet an awful lot of nice guys and nearly as many ‘Confident Dickheads’. But very few guys who have made it all the way to the third phase. What I call, for want of a better description ‘Peacefully, Powerfully Confident’. The final stage is difficult to achieve. To get there you have to ignore the success you are experiencing as a ‘Dickhead’ and see the deeper reality.

Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with spending five to ten years of your life playing the field as a ‘bad boy’. But don’t get trapped in this window or you will just become a bitter and lonely old man. This is not really how to be an alpha male, it just looks like it for a while.

At some point you are going to be sitting in the middle of what you once would have described as being heaven, perhaps in bed with two Swedish blondes and suddenly you will be aware how hollow and empty the whole experience feels.

Eighty percent of the guys you know will never experience this sexual feast. Because they will always be stuck at the nice guy stage of life. What happens to most guys is they never really conquer their fear of women. After they go through the utter devastation of being painfully rejected by girls a few times they lower their standards. By way of protecting themselves from further rejection, they settle for the first safe ride that comes along.

Walk through the mall on a Saturday and you will see these guys everywhere. Walking hand in hand with a woman three times the size of them. Their heads bowed in defeat, their face a picture of resignation.

Raise Your Game – Don’t Lower Your Standards

You may see nice, sweet guys be ordered about and lambasted by angry looking women and wonder ‘why does he put up with it’?

For these men the pain of being rejected by a beautiful woman is actually far worse than the tedium of a long term relationship with someone they don’t feel threatened by. Of course, it works both ways. There are just as many women punching under their weight through low self-esteem or previous relationship traumas.

Fifteen percent of guys out there have the perseverance and drive. They finally push themselves off ‘nice guy’ planet and make it to the promised land of ‘Dickheadium’. What a beautiful moment this is as a previously supplicating nice guy realizes that the social deck is actually stacked in his favor and not the other way around, as it had always appeared.

Life changes overnight as he suddenly realizes that the guys don’t have to earn the attention of women, it is the women who must work to get a little of our precious time.

Don’t Get Lost In Dickheadium

They start laying down the law and making girls beg and do little tricks. Just to win a little of their attention and of course while they are busy having an amazing time they are unaware of the fact that they have become a grade A twat in the process.  Half the guys in this phase will eventually find a positive way out. While the remainder will sadly remain Confident Dickheads for the rest of their life. Only to eventually become someone’s slightly creepy and pervy old uncle. There is one in every family!

Only five percent of men will eventually become peacefully, powerfully confident individuals. These guys are completely comfortable in their own skin. They know how to be an alpha male.

They know and understand what their strengths are and they leverage them to maximum effect. Perhaps, more importantly, they have accepted and made peace with their weaknesses. They are not threatened by other males. And do not need the approval or validation of any other human being including women.

Lots of magical things start to happen when a man grows into this mature phase. Perhaps most significantly they start to operate altruistically. Instead of constantly looking for what they are going to get out of an interaction with another person. They start to look for ways to enhance the life of that other person instead, however brief that encounter may be.

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