How to Attract What You Want in Life

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How to Attract What You Want

How to Attract What You WantOf course, but it may seem like an impossible dream. However, things are not quite a solid as they first seem. Everything in this world is essentially made up of energy, including you.

The initial step that you should take when attempting to use the law of attraction to attract the things you dream of, is to dramatically shift or at least improve your own energy vibration.

People really pick up your energy, whether consciously or now. If it is high frequency or positive, you will draw in only positive things and positive individuals in your life. But if it is low frequency or negative energy, you will constantly attract only detrimental situations and negative people into your daily life.

How do you feel about your life at the moment?

If you think that you’re getting the things that you don’t like or perhaps worse than that – life sucks ass right now. Then there is a great possibility that you are simply sending off wrong energy and drawing towards you all the things that are making you unhappy.

How to Attract What You Want

To put it simply, you automatically attract things that correspond and match you’re the vibrational frequency of your energy. Positive energy attracts positive circumstances and vice versa. It really is that simple.

Normally when people are unhappy with their life they look externally. They point at other people who appear to be getting more than their fair share. They point at the system that appears to be stacked against them.

This is the reason why there is a steady 80/20 split in the world (80% poverty 20% wealth). The solution to everything is to look inward. What externally arrives in your life is a mirror image of the energy inside you.

But what actually is this energy?

Well, your energy is something that is generated from your beliefs and thoughts. Your own unconscious mind does pick up on the beliefs and thoughts you have in your mind. It creates predicaments corresponding to the frequency of your beliefs and thoughts. In addition to that, other people also pick up on your energy as well.

Indicating they are not generally and consciously aware about your energy yet they develop these feelings about you based from your energy.

If you really have negative energy, chances are you will attract negative situations and negative people. And of course, you will repel all the positive situations and positive people that you want so badly.

For example:

Have you ever got trapped into a loop of short, dramatic relationships with the ‘wrong people’? Many people get into this routine and logically come to conclusion that there are no good men left or all women are bitches etc. The truth that most fail to realize is the quality of their relationships is a reflection of the quality of their beliefs.

How It Works?

How to Find Your PurposeIf you think of worst things, if you’re always negative, if you do not believe that you can achieve anything, if you regularly complain, if you see factors in worst situations, if you constantly put other people down, if you are a completely negative man or woman you will create a negative energy.

At the end of the day, you will draw in more negativity in life, allowing more negative people and situations in your life. This is not How to Attract What You Want!

Your negative beliefs are not there because you are a bad person or you have a dark heart. Don’t beat yourself up because you have attracted negative things into your life. Your intentions were good but your ego created erroneous programs to try and protect you.

Let’s return to the example of getting into a series of poor relationships. Of course this is not the situation you want in life. But, perhaps in the past you were hurt or let down by a significant other.

Your ego wants to protect you from feeling that pain again and so it creates a negative belief about the opposite sex. In the same way as you have learnt to accept as true that a hot pan on the stove is dangerous to touch. You now accept as true the belief than men will be cheat on you or women will look down on you etc.

The vibrational frequency of your thoughts about relationships is low. Ergo you attract correspondingly low quality men and women into your life.

How Can You Turn Things The Other Way Around?

If you wish to turn your negativity into a great deal of positivity in life, you must improve how you see and perceive things. Stop applying permanency to temporary things. Just because you had one bad relationship does not mean you will always have bad relationships etc.

Start getting rid of your negative opinions and negative thoughts. This will definitely alter the energy frequency inside you. With this, you will begin to attract the important things you want the most.

This only means that you have to concentrate more on the favorable situations, understand and believe that everything will turn out fine, look for solutions to your problems and quit complaining, transform yourself into a more understanding individual, accept the reality and the essence of change, and look for the opportunities and stop concentrating on your problems.

Stop believing the worst things will happen.

My kids are grown up now, my son is nearly 20 and off in the big wide world on his own. Occasionally he will call me in a state and tell me about some disaster that has happened to him. Perhaps he didn’t get the grade he wanted for an exam for example. He is always distraught and you would think the world was about to end.

I am pretty sure that in those moments he really does feel that way.

Every time he does this I always say to him ‘you know it’s going to be ok in the end don’t you’. For a while he fights me and insists that it won’t be ok this time.

However, he has never ever succeeded in answering my next question:

“Tell me one time where the problem didn’t resolve itself’?

Advantages And Disadvantages

Despite how is appears wealth is not something that you acquire; it is something that appears as a byproduct of doing positive things.

One of the most fantastic gifts that you can give yourself is the awareness and consciousness about the abundance and beauty in your life right now.

This recognition will lead to a higher level of gratitude, think of it as natural progression. Conscious awareness about abundance and gratitude are linked together inextricably. This is How to Attract What You Want!

The Benefits Of Getting An Abundant Life.

How to Attract What You WantThe more you will attract and accomplish things to be grateful for in your life.

The more you will become conscious or aware of how abundant your life actually is. The greater your gratitude will become, making your chakras, energy bodies, and therefore, your physical body healthier.

The drawback is that, some individuals by being prosperous, they tend to focus more on their own happiness and have the tendency to boast about their success.

A lot of people struggle with the concept of mean spirited and dishonest people getting rich. They wonder how the law of attraction can allow such an injustice. I am sure you can think of a famous businessman or even wealthy political leader who appears to have reached the top by crushing other people underneath him along the way.

The reason they have become wealthy is because they believe that’s how they should be. Because their beliefs are powerfully positive around this area of their lives the law of attraction kicks in and delivers the outcome they want. But, wealth does not automatically make people happy or at peace.

A lot of these people spend the whole of their lives feeding their ego under the misguided belief that they can avoid the same fate that will meet us all one day.

I can tell you from experience that the best thing in my life is not the money, it is the sense of peace I have. The money is my bank account is nice to have but it doesn’t give meaning to my life or put a smile on my face.

The love and peace that fills my home and heart are the true elements that make me the richest man alive.

cardsPeople who profit by taking because they believe they deserve it are living with hollow abundance. They always feed their hungry ego, and this is one of the downsides of getting an abundant life.

Thankfully this is not true with all the people who succeed. Yes, Some are arrogant, instead of being thankful for what they have in life; they tend to seek for more. All the time not considering if they are affecting another person in a negative way.

Now, here is a challenge for everyone:

Stop thinking and focusing about yourself, why not focus more on the interest and well being of other living things? Isn’t this a ways of being grateful for all the things you have in life, for achieving wealth and being prosperous?

Remember, being self centered, having self-pity, and all the other form of selfishness will lead you to the path of misery.

If you truly want a lasting happy and satisfying life, then you should find out how to love and care for your fellow beings. Focusing on trying to make other people joyful and happy, you will become happier. Give and it will return to you. It is in fact an infinite and endless circle.

How to Attract What You Want? Give and receive, it is a way of life.

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