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Approach Women & Get The Number




How to Approach Women

Direct approaches involve stopping a woman in the street and going in with high energy, high confidence.

You do this to let her know that you like the way she looks and you want to find out if her personality matches. This is a balls-out approach that requires serious commitment and rhinoceros thick skin.

There is nothing you can do that will allow you to learn, develop and get better at this shit than direct cold approach.

Back when I first started in Game I would approach 20 women a day and get 20 straight rejections in a row. I would fall into bed a destroy tiny mouse of a man and get up in the morning and go do it all over again.

Man, my soul is scarred to the core by the torture I put myself through.

But unless it hurts you are not developing.

Remember, your comfort zone is a beautiful place but NOTHING grows there!

The Hard Truths of Approach


So here are some hard truths about making direct cold approaches: they are formidable and terrifying.

Particularly if you’re attempting to hook up with a girl that evening.

When you approach women. You are essentially approaching a total stranger and trying to persuade them that they should be interested in pursuing a relationship with you in a matter of hours.

Sounds impossible right?

It’s not and as with everything else in life, it’s 80% about your level of confidence.

Indirect approaches still involve talking to strangers. But you open with an innocent conversation and slowly let her know you are interested.

The temptation for all guys new to ‘game’ is to go straight to indirect.

Because it is a lot less scary.

But I strongly advise that you do not take the path of least resistance. I am only good at indirect approaches today because for years I put my sack in the firing line and invited women to stab them with blunt instruments.

Please don’t think I have gone prisoner level kink on you, I am speaking completely metaphorically!

Warm approaches, on the other hand, involve meeting women you at least have some connection to, which can speed up building rapport and lessen the chances of getting turned down or rejected right from the get-go.

They’re demonstrably easier, but the downside is you are not in control of when these easy opportunities turn up in your life.

So you could reasonably ask: why even do cold approaches at all?

Well to start with: you’re not always going to have a social circle at the ready. If you’ve just moved to a new town, you’re not necessarily going to have that network of friends and friends-of-friends to introduce you to the girls they know.

In addition, your social circle may not be all that sizable or well connected. Not everybody’s group of friends is going to be filled by super friendly extroverts who know dozens of people for you to get to know.

If you are over the age of 30 you may find that your network of friends all seems to be in long-term relationships.

You don’t want to end up with there average looking single friend. Just because they feel sorry for you both.

This situation is a compromise that fails for everyone involved.

There will be lots of times when you will stumble across some hot stranger with no link to your real life.

The girl who sits across from you in your Conversational French lesson.

Or maybe the stunning woman with the amazing eyes you see weekly at the Mall. Or the adorable bookworm scanning the Personal Development section of Barnes And Noble.

Do you have the confidence to approach anywhere?

Having the ability, skill, and confidence to go up and strike up a conversation. This means fewer missed opportunities to meet the girl of your dreams.

Additionally, cold approaches have to do with more than just getting dates or trying to get more sex.

Being able to build relationships with complete strangers is a critical component of ‘Game’ in general.

When you become a master of cold approaching you will find you can also nail job interviews with ease.

Your unusually high self-confidence and self-esteem will ooze through every answer you offer to their questions.

If you become skilled at building relationships with people you’ve never met before.

Envision how much easier it’s going to be to charm the pants off the hot new girl at work!

If you want to approach women and come away with a date or her number then my Seduction University is the number one how to attract women course online today.


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