How To Hear The Universe Speaking To You 

 April 3, 2018

By  Craig Beck

Do You Hear The Universe Speaking?

I am blessed with two beautiful and amazing children. They are both perfectly healthy and happy with excellent eyesight and hearing. I refer to their auditory health because something strange happens at certain times of the day.

When I shout upstairs and tell my kids to turn off the television and get some sleep their hearing is worryingly weak, in fact, I would describe them as being entirely and profoundly deaf. I am pretty sure it’s nothing to do with the acoustics of our home because when I whisper to my wife that we should maybe order in pizza for the night, they are downstairs and salivating like Pavlov’s dogs before I have finished the sentence.

Selective Hearing?

hear the voice of your soulMy kids are not the only ones with this selective hearing. We are all incredibly talented and diligent information cherry pickers. Within us is a clear path to happiness, but more often than not we just choose not to listen.

An excellent physical world analogy would be like carrying around the winning lottery numbers in your handbag but making the decision never to play them. Then having opted out of the competition getting annoyed and upset because you are still not as wealthy as you want to be.

By choosing to listen to the insane demands of our ego and by ignoring the voice of our soul we all make happiness preventing decisions on a daily basis. The ego makes predictions of the future, based on events of the past; it speculates that what has gone before is likely to happen again.

Ego Vs Soul

If you were brought up in a family that believed that money was hard to come by and that wealth was the trappings of the evil rich (other people) and not the everyday man, then your ego will predict that there will be more of the same in the future.

Life becomes one significant self-fulfilling prophecy, is it not true that overweight parents often bring up obese children, who go on to struggle with their weight for the rest of their lives?

Because everything created by the ego will have been born out of the raw emotion of fear, it will have significant aspects to it that are incorrect.

For example, you may believe that your friend James is tight with money and never pays his fair share when you are socializing together. This is a subjective opinion of your ego based on your own attachment to and fear of losing material possessions.

Your ego worries that if you are spending more than your fair share on other people, there might not be enough left for you; after all, money is hard to come by, right?

Secondary Thought Event

You are making judgments without having access to the full facts. The reality of James’ spending habits are unknown, he could be saving money to pay for his old mum’s operation, or he could indeed just have an ego equally pessimistic about money as you do. Who knows, or cares? The truth is irrelevant and makes no difference to the point I am making here.

This opinion of the ego is always a “Secondary Thought Event’, in other words, while you come to these judgments in the blink of an eye, faster than any modern day computer, they still cross the finishing line into your mind in a clear second place. There is a thought that comes half a second before these opinions, and this is what I call ‘The Primary Thought Event (PTE).’

Primary Thought Event

Normally PTE’s happen around questions of integrity, and so you are unlikely to feel their presence while trying to decide what flavor ice cream to buy at the movie theatre, or which pair of shoes to wear on a night out at an expensive restaurant. However, in circumstances of merit, this voice resonates throughout your body with clear direction as to what you should do.

Actually, it is never a voice but rather a feeling, and they are easy to identify. But the problem is you never get much chance to analyze the sensation and be fully aware of what it is. The ego is in high pursuit behind the PTE and will arrive in your mind within half a second.

In most cases, the first thing your ego will do is to try and prevent you taking any action based on that primary thought. It powerfully and convincingly argues that you should ignore the primary thought event completely.

Why does the conscious fear this voice so much? Because it shatters the illusion that the ego has spent a lifetime trying to convince you is real. The ego hates any reminder that it is not in control of your destiny.

Hearing The Voice Of Your Soul

The Primary Thought Event is the voice of your soul. It comes from a position of pure love and is blessed with the knowledge and understanding of what this life is all about. It knows that you have nothing to lose and it knows there is no such thing as death. It knew what is best for you and given half the chance it would steer you on the path that serves you best.

However, the ego will fight hard to prevent this disaster from happening because it knows this source has no attachment to anything material. It is highly likely to suggest you give away a raft of things your ego has spent many years persuading you to acquire.

Your conscious mind will tell you that your home is your castle and nobody can take it off you. It will tell you that you have a better car than your neighbor and as such must be more successful.

The Ego Is Insane

The ego will tell you that your marriage will last forever and a million other things that hint at permanency being possible. It does this not for your benefit but out of an insane drive to defy the unbreakable law of mortality. It tries to build a world where things can last forever in the hope that if it can make that concept right then it will one day also be able to avoid the inevitable.

Let me paint a picture for you, a typical example of the PTE being ignored…

A city worker pushed open the thick glass door of his air-conditioned office and walked out into the warm, muggy air of the busy street. His expensive suit cuts him a fine and respectable figure as he walks to the nearby deli to pick up a sandwich and orange juice for his lunch.

On route, no more than fifty meters from his office door, he spots a young man slumped on the floor begging for loose change. He must be no more than 19 years old, his clothes are dirty and torn, and he has an expression of hopelessness etched into his young face. He is not bothering people, just simply holding out a scrawny, limp and defeated hand for any coins.


BANG! A PTE happens that clearly says ‘give the man money, give him lots of money,’ it says to the city gent ‘you have plenty, even if you emptied all the notes from your wallet it wouldn’t make any difference you would just refill the wallet from the abundance that you have.’

This opinion represents who you are at a divine level, it is the voice of your soul, or if you want a more grandiose statement, this is the voice of God. Less than half a second later his ego goes into panic at the thought that he might actually be considering ‘giving this person all our money.’

The ego, with a scarcity mindset, has alarm bells ringing all over the place and it begins to argue that it would be ridiculous to give all the money to this man because then there wouldn’t be enough left to buy lunch. As he gets closer to the homeless man, his mind is in turmoil.

He feels that he should give the man money but can’t argue against the strong position of the conscious mind. The ego suggests a compromise; maybe just a few coins would be better and more appropriate than the folding stuff. Desperately the man hunts in his pocket for loose change. He can’t find any, and his ego advises to avoid looking bad he simply crosses the road to skip the situation altogether.

So the man crosses the road and continues his journey to the sandwich shop, the down and out who really needed the money got nothing, and the gentleman who was talked out of responding to the PTE lost the opportunity to experience the joy of giving to another and flowing in the same direction as his soul.

Good & Bad Don’t Exist

Did the city worker do a bad thing? No. As we have previously stated, good and bad are always subjective, the homeless man may have used that money to clean himself up and eat a decent meal, or he could just have likely spent it on alcohol or hard drugs. No act is either good or bad, but rather it is a decision that either serves us or it doesn’t serve us.

When you follow the PTE you allow perfection to flow into your life; it’s the gift that keeps giving. The person you helped benefits (although this is almost irrelevant), you also benefit by doing something that ‘serves you’ and your act of selecting to permit divinity to act in defiance of the ego causes disruption to the power of the conscious mind.


using the law of attraction universityFlowing With Divinity

Every time the ego is prevented from controlling your response to life’s events, it gets a fraction of a percent weaker as a result.

Do this often enough, and the effect on your ego is compounded; slowly you start trusting your thoughts less and start acting in flow with God more.

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Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

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Craig Beck