What to Do When a Girl is Playing Hard to Get! 

 May 3, 2017

By  Craig Beck

Is she playing hard to get?

Dating is complicated. It’s more or less like a game, no matter how much we want to romanticize it.

At times, even if you feel well prepared, thinking you’ve got all the best advice under your sleeves to ensure a smooth date, you might just come across a woman that seems a bit too hard to get.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re into a girl who clearly shows interest in you, but somehow she’s making it quite a challenge for you to win over her over.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel like giving up for fear of rejection. But there’s no need to feel negative. Here’s what you should do when a girl is playing hard to get.

1. Make sure she’s genuinely playing hard to get, not just really busy

This might sound like a no-brainer advice. However, it’s easy to mistake being busy for “playing hard to get”.

If the girl of your attention is working 12 hours a day, you’ll have a hard time making dinner plans with her.

Not to mention, if she’s a career-oriented type, there’s a good chance that she’s into her job more than her romantic relationship.

2. Start giving some more effort

Want to take her out this weekend? Don’t wait until Friday morning to send her a text.

Though surprises or last-minute events can be fun, girls usually need a bit of time to buffer. Plus, if she’s really playing hard to get, she won’t accept a last-minute invitation.

You’re in the beginning stage of dating, show some effort. Women want to be courted and to feel special. Sincere effort and a little extra planning can go a long way.

3. Play hard to get too!

Let me reiterate: dating is a game. So why not play her game?

Sometimes the only solution a woman who plays hard to get is to play her back a little. As if you’re in a basketball game, keep the ball bouncing and forth.

Give her all the attention: the likes, the calls, the smiley texts. Then little by little reduce the attention.

This makes her feel like losing you and the next thing you know, she’ll start giving you all the attention you deserve.

4. If all else fails, confront her with grace

Sometimes the best thing to do is to be honest and open. If you’ve been dating for a few months and you still receive the “playing hard to get” treatment, it’s time to have a sincere conversation about where your relationship is heading.

Keep in mind that timing is crucial. Be careful not to spoil the mood and give her the wrong idea about your intention.

This might sound like a daunting task, but it’s worth the try. Be confident and sincere — she’ll appreciate it.

The Bottom Line

There’s no one right answer when it comes to unpacking the mystery of dating. Dating is not black or white — it’s the gray area in-between.

So while you are at it, why not try to have a little fun. Even if things don’t work out between you two, at least you get to the experience the joy and thrill of dating.

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Craig Beck

Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the author of several bestselling personal development books and audiobooks. 

Including Unleashed: How to love yourself more and unlock your full potential, available on Amazon, Audible and in all good bookstores.  

Craig is also a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and a highly in-demand international motivational speaker.

Craig Beck