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Forever Alone Guy

Forever Alone Guy

Forever Alone GuyNarrated by Craig Beck


What is a ladies man? The best answer I could find from the Internet goes like this:

I believe “Ladies man” typically implies that you are a man that is comfortable with the ladies, full of self belief.

It is not typically a negative thing but there are some negative connotations to the phrase. some women might think that a ladies man could be a player and some girls won’t like that.

When girls call you a ladies man it does not mean that they would necessarily like you in a romantic way, I don’t think that. But for that crush of yours, if you truly liked her, you should concentrate more on her, than the other women, so she gets an idea.

Are you a forever alone guy?

Whether you’re a forever-alone guy who’s never had any luck with women or just an average guy trying to master the art of attracting women, you need to know that attraction isn’t a choice at all. It’s a feeling, an emotion that is created by the overall presentation of a guy to a girl.

Attraction isn’t all about “types”. I will show you how every type of guy could get a beautiful woman to go out with him at least once, and from that point on it’s game on – maybe even more so if the guy has game and he knows how to apply the secret of emotional fluctuation.

Forget what you think you know about ‘what women want in a man’. In Forever Alone Guy you will discover that your attitude and behavior around hot girls is the secret to getting more respect, fun and sex in your life.

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