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First Date Tips For Men: Most Women have a tendency to be their own worst assailant when it comes to killing attraction. If a girl had a really good time with you, she will call you constantly, but it’s your job as the male to control the relationship.

You don’t have to pick up the telephone every time she calls you know.
Speaking to one another constantly will ruin the seduction when you first begin dating.

Here is what I do after a good date …

Call her the following day, tell her you had a great time and you hope she did as well, make an amusing feedback and go. Don’t ask for a second date straightaway the bat. You want her wondering about you for a while, developing anticipation. You don’t want to come across as clingy and desperate.

Don’t text her, don’t e-mail her, don’t talk to her on What’s App, Facebook Messenger and don’t call her for a couple of days, then out of the blue, ask her for a second date.

If she calls you, you can pick up and go I’m kinda busy at the moment, and can’t talk, so why don’t we meet up, Tuesday next week at this venue. She essentially did the asking out for you by calling up and you don’t come off as clingy and desperate because you make it appear like it was her suggestion!

Never see a woman more than 2 times a week when you are first dating for the initial few months and you should be dating other girls.

Date Various Girls

Most men think that dating several girls at the same time is a wrong thing to do and it’s cheating. They couldn’t be farther from the reality. I’m not talking about sleeping with countless girls each week, I’m talking about going out and having a good time and meeting new people in a sociable environment.

If a girl says after a couple of dates, I think we should date exclusively, you have to ask yourself if that’s what you really want, do you want a relationship, because that is basically what she is asking.

Just be honest with everyone you date from the beginning and there will be no problems what so ever if you want to date several women simultaneously.

First Date Tips For Men: Just don’t cheat on someone if you said you would date them solely, don’t be an idiot and treat women poorly, just be truthful and have a good time and they will respect you for it.

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