Fear of Small Spaces: Claustrophobia Hypnosis

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Fear of Small Spaces: Claustrophobia Hypnosis

Fear of small spaces : Claustrophobia is a type of situational phobia (anxiety of certain situations) where an individual struggling with great fear of small or fear of small spaces closed spaces.

A person suffering from Claustrophobia may be afraid of going in elevators. Many claustrophobic individuals are also understood to be afraid being inside tunnels, mines, airplanes, or caves. They generally report seeing images of being trapped or unable to escape from such places and are known to go to fantastic lengths to avoid them.

Sources of anxiety of small and claustrophobic spaces.
Claustrophobia is a prevalent social anxiety impacting nearly 4 % individuals worldwide. Scientists believe that the following reasons may lead to this fear:

People with spatial distortion are more likely to be afraid small and enclosed spaces. They tend to have an exaggerated feeling of their private space.

Fear of Small Spaces aka Claustrophobia

Generally, people with greater tendency towards stress and anxiety conditions are also likelier to be claustrophobic.

People with a record of panic attack or susceptible to panic attacks are likelier to have the fear of small and restricted spaces.

Traumatic past experiences are also understood to contribute in the growth of the fear of small spaces. Children that have been accidentally trapped in closets or punished are at higher risks for developing Claustrophobia

Some theories also suggest that it could be an evolutionary phobia, which means that the dread of small spaces could have some evolutionary advantage.
Thus, the creation of this social phobia is complex but the treatment for it often concentrates on reducing the sufferer’s stress and anxiety.

Symptoms of Claustrophobia.

The spirit of this fear is the anxiety of being caught or unable to escape or that of “being buried alive”. Hence, a sufferer may encounter both psychological and physical signs and symptoms.

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