Abundance & The Fear of Loss

The Fear of Loss, attachment, and desire are a few of the major culprits/blockages that slow down. Or completely stop the flow of wealth.

So, don’t view this as giving up anything. Because you’re not. You are just letting go of the emotional attachment to those things. That’s actually about opening the abundance flow more, so that more of it can circulate into all parts of your daily life.

You need to know that the only way to get in touch with the spirit of true wealth and embrace the abundance consciousness is to do it right now.

It can only be done here and now. You can’t wait for it to happen next year, next month, next week, tomorrow, or even in the next hour. It can only be accomplished, touched, and experienced now – in the present moment.

It’s a practice; it’s a new habit and perspective that you should develop.

The Fear of Loss

And yes, a little effort is needed to get it set up. But, only because you’re not used to being and living this way.

So, it’s not so much about work… it’s more about feeling a little uneasy or unfamiliar at first. But, that tends to happen anytime you try to master something new (whether it’s riding a bicycle, learning how to type, swimming, or hell, even walking).

It’s normal. And it’s definitely worth doing… considering what you are getting back: a life of true abundance … and opportunity. Or you could keep doing things the way you have been doing for years. If that way of life is serving you, then great.

Perhaps now is the time to try it a different way.

If the above Millionaire Mindset practice seems too hippie of your comfort zone of present belief system, if you truly don’t believe that you’re ready for this degree of release right now, that’s okay.

Absolutely nothing that I suggest in this book is about forcing something on yourself. That takes too much effort … and hardly ever works in a favorable way.

You can simply begin with one of the other process (and obstacles) that I go over in the rest of the report.

When you feel like you’re ready for this one, just return for it then. (Of course, I would highly recommend that you begin practicing this one. Even if in small amounts, while you work with the other procedures shared below.

One of the most powerful things you can do in your life is to look mortality right in the eyes and make peace with it.

You need to fully acknowledge the truth. The undeniable truth – that everything and everybody that is in your life today will inevitably die. They will all cease to exist on this planet.

It’s hard because there is that inbuilt fear of loss to conquer.

Then, you must fully accept and come to terms with your own extinction, and make peace with the undeniable truth that you too will someday pass away. That could be within the next few decades, years, or it could be tomorrow.

When that happens, all the money that’s in your savings account at this moment, all of your assets and material possessions, all of your results and accomplishments, honors and praises, merits and social standing … will mean absolutely nothing.

Because you will be dead, and all of that stuff will be forgotten – much sooner than you assume.

I’m not telling you this to make you sad or to scare you. Quite the opposite, when you fully acknowledge your own mortality, and the fatality of all things (and beings) around you, you actually start to release fear.

Many people who have near-death experiences, who come extremely close to the edge of death, and for some reason manage to survive, go through a radical metamorphosis – either instantly after the experience or in the following days and weeks after the incident.

After the experience, the most crucial realization that stays with them for life is that they can die anytime, on any given day.

A lot of them become totally different people from that day out. Because they looked death right in the eyes and survived to tell.

They no longer have the fear of loss.

They believe that they have been offered a second chance at life. And, they start making every moment of their “new” life count.

They become more enthusiastic about life, they start taking more chances and risks (because they stop concentrating on fear or remorse,) they have/develop a zest for life.

In other words, they dump the fear of loss and start living fearlessly. Because they understand that tomorrow is not guaranteed to anybody, so you might as well start living now.

And, somewhere during that experience, they quit fretting or even caring about what others think about them, or whether others will view them as wealthy, prosperous, visually appealing etc.

Frequently, they even let go of the need to obtain more things, whether it be more money, a bigger home, a newer car, or whatever.

The surprising thing is when they start living that way … without being attached to labels, titles, material possessions, etc., they literally start drawing in and experiencing more of those things in their life!

In other words, they begin to experience more abundance flowing into their life instead of less. So, embracing your own mortality – and the mortality of everything and everybody in your life, allows you to let go of fear.

You are already naked, there is nothing to lose.

The other thing that takes place is, you let go of your attachment to everything as well as everybody. (Attachment is just another kind of fear anyhow. It’s a fear of loss, where you only concentrate on the fact that you will someday lose what you have at the moment.).

Letting go of attachment – and fear of loss – does not mean that you will be loving your family and friends any less. Not at all, if anything, you will start to love and appreciate their presence and existence in your life even more!

And you don’t stop taking pleasure in material possessions either. In fact, you start savoring them more, and you’re able to enjoy them more completely than the majority of people out there do.

You understand that now may be all you have.

So, you make today – and now – the most important part of your life. Once again, a major shift begins to take place in your life the instant you start living in the present moment.

Your sadness, impatience, and regrets of the past lose ground. Your worries, fears, and apprehensions of the future don’t exist any longer. So, the popular phrase that says, “Live every day as if it were your last”. This does not have anything to do with living in fear that you may die tonight.

Rather, it’s about making right now the most valuable aspect of your life. It’s about staying in the present moment – completely – and enjoying every single second that follows, for the rest of the day. Then, tomorrow, you will do the same thing all over again. Because it would once again be “today.”.

The above words is also not about scrambling to check everything off your list either, being motivated by the notion that you may die tomorrow.

No, it’s really about slowing down. And, again, it’s about making this moment, and the present company your top consideration.

The instant you do that, you remove another huge blockage, and you release the flow once more. You expand energy. Well, this all sounds fantastic.

” What about the future?” you may be wondering.

What about making plans, and pursuing your goals and all that stuff that does not have to do with today?

Yes … for our pragmatic objectives. We still need to plan for another day, for next few days, and perhaps even for next year. That doesn’t have to consume your whole day. Not with the genuine preparation nor with the feelings of worry or apprehension about what’s going to happen in the future.

You can simply take an hour from your day to deal with “future planning.” Deal with your calendar or whatever. And, then carry on. Return to right now. Get back to living.

This realization – and transformation – is just one piece of the “effortless wealth” method. It addresses just a few of the emotional obstacles that prevent the circulation of wealth – and of life.

It kicks off the process for many of us and gets things moving a lot more. And the effects start to seep into other things and other areas. You will also feel incredibly lighter, stress-free and extremely relaxed. Immediately after you experience the “embracing dying” process (and in fact, any of the blockage-removing measures.)

The majority of the worries and cares of the planet – that would have typically kept you up at night, or consumed your thoughts throughout the day – often just disappear.

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