Drinking alcohol gives me confidence!

The Alcohol Illusion

stop drinking helpThe Alcohol Illusion

Alcohol resolutely obeys the laws of the universe and provides a ‘yang’ to every ‘ying’. No matter how stunning the illusion you must always remember that an illusion is all it is!

When people say that they drink to feel confident or to help them be more sociable they are falling for just another trick of the drug.

In reality alcohol is just an anaesthetic pretending to be something more glamorous. Every aspect of our personality has perfectly evolved to serve a purpose. Interfering with this divine design and changing an element of your character with a chemical can be nothing but a bad idea.

Sure, everyone feels slightly uneasy when they walk into a room full of strangers but understanding that this sensation is not a weakness but rather an automatic response to our evolution from more hazardous times is key to being comfortable with it.

Social anxiety and shyness are simply the brain over exaggerating certain risks and creating character traits to protect us that don’t serve us in the modern age. It’s only the timing that makes this function of the mind feel like a limitation.

Back when we were hunter-gatherers and we had to hunt down and kill our food we lived in a much more dangerous environment. Today it is highly unlikely, that as you walk through the mall a savage beast is going to jump out and attack you and so the uncomfortable flight or fight state that the sociophobe constantly experiences feels unwelcome and unhelpful.

However, thousands of years ago this very same state of mind would have been a life saving character trait.

Alcohol cannot claim to have self-confidence as a side effect of its consumption. It simply interferes with an important part of the brain chemistry that is designed to keep you safe. It reduces your inhibitions and slows down your ability to judge and assess risk.

People may say they feel more confident when they drink but in reality they are just more stupid.

It feels like confidence because of the environment but if I teleported that person out of the bar and placed them in the central reservation of an eight-lane motorway and told them to dodge the speeding cars and cross the road to safety would they still describe it as confidence?

Probably not, because they would be dead!

To give you another example of how ridiculous it is to claim alcohol gives people confidence: Imagine for me that you are admitted to hospital for a major operation and the surgeon comes up to the ward to see you before you are taken down to the operating theater.

As he talks you though the procedure you notice that his hands are trembling in fear and nervousness. Aware that his lack of confidence is unmistakable and not wanting you to panic he reassures you by saying ‘Oh don’t worry I am going to have a good drink before we start’!


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